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Advanced Multimedia Instructor

Should you use Motion Blur in After Effects?

The answer isn't that "clear".

I was reading an interesting article this morning on the "School of Motion" blog today about the benefits and drawbacks of motion bur. Then, I became curious to as to how other instructors introduce it in their classrooms and what their thoughts are on it.

Here is the link to their article.

I am in no way affiliated with the School of Motion. Motion blur was introduced to help mimic the blur found in cameras when things moved to quickly. In televisions these day, all camera blur can eliminated with faster shutter speeds, frame rates, and refresh rates. However, I know our eyes still see natural blur as well like when we move our hand back in forth quickly in front of our eyes.

There are some nuances to motion blur though as sometimes we lose too much detail. There are some great examples in this article.

They also talk about some stylize blurs that I never knew about and am eager to try like a "smear frame" and the "multiples technique".


So my questions to you are

1) Do you teach Motion Blur? It's fast and easy so I definitely do.

2) Have you tried or taught other types of stylize blurs such as "smear frame" and the "multiples technique".
(please see linked article for examples on both).

I'd love to hear your feedback.

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