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XR - VR/AR/MR - impact on learning

I'm currently working on a learning and teaching event poster on VR and empathy - both in designing the experience with empathy for the user and to have empathy as a learning outcome. I thought I'd start a discussion on the impact of these immersive technologies on learning.

First, to define the terms in basic terms

  • VR - Virtual Reality - an immersive experience that is all in a computer simulated reality.
  • AR - Augmented Reality - a live overlay of digital to a real-world environment.
  • MR - Mixed Reality - hybrid reality - mixing of real and virtual worlds to create new environments that co-exist in real-time.
  • XR - eXtended Reality - the umbrella term for VR, AR and MR.

The questions for this discussion is:

  • What learning outcomes that are best facilitated through XR, what is the impact and what are the best practices to achieve them?

To start the discussion, I have found some articles worth looking at:

Updated 2019

Here are some more recent links:

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Craig Daalmeijer-Power

Posted on 8/14/19 12:34:17 PM Permalink

​Thanks for starting this discussion - there are some great links and the updates are good on the changing environment.

Dean Utian

Posted on 8/14/19 1:32:05 PM Permalink

Hi Craig,
​Good to hear you've found them useful.​

Henni Stalknecht

Posted on 7/8/19 5:10:12 AM Permalink

​Thank you Dean,

Interessting information.

Although this info is in Dutch, I'll think with a little Google Translate you're able to see that there is a beautiful learning portal for basic training in progress.

( Virtual Skillslab ) And a major player in the interactive video creation (market leader) HiHaHo.

Not directly theme bound but certainly workable to integrate with the XR. We don't have to invent everything ourselves, there are plenty of big players in the business who provide us with good ideas.

Henni Stalknecht

Posted on 7/5/19 5:19:59 AM Permalink

Hi Dean,
Certainly a nice subject, I am also concerned with this and would like to connect my issues with yours.
I am certainly curious what insights and answers you will get on this theme.

Dean Utian

Posted on 7/5/19 6:46:31 AM Permalink