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Telling the Story of Your Institution: Example School Marketing Plan

Marketing Steps for School Leaders - Step 1

After reading and considering how the mock marketing plan might look in your classroom add you thoughts to the discussion point below

Share one aspect of this school plan that resonated with you. 

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Chantelle Thompson

Posted on 4/25/17 9:47:13 PM Permalink

​The SMART goals section of the mock plan resonates with me. Often, institutions have a hard time setting realistic, measurable goals. Having a section that specifically spells out the "recipe" of an appropriate goal is very helpful.

geoffrey orayo

Posted on 8/11/16 4:23:03 AM Permalink

The mock up plan resonates with my institution more on the SWOT analysis. this will help us set off in a clear direction.

daniel Mullings

Posted on 4/25/16 2:55:28 PM Permalink

The mock plan is very good as its highlights and gives examples of how a school looks like from a marketing prospective.

A view of which is sometimes allocated to HR and policy, you do the work we tell the world how well we're doing it.its good that you can do a SWOT without letting the world how the school is performing.

Scott Winland

Posted on 3/13/16 9:05:32 PM Permalink

This mock plan is a great launching pad for work we need to do in our program, and will definitely help when communicating our objectives to admissions and marketing departments, as well as institutional leadership. I liked how this mock-up included a "12 month' plan, and I thought theirs was realistic and concise.

Karla Rivera

Posted on 2/2/16 4:07:08 PM Permalink

The mock plan is really useful and will be a great way to add value to a process where not everyone is bought in. The marketing video was also helpful in dispelling the misconceptions of its definition.

Dan Donovan

Posted on 12/27/15 6:39:22 AM Permalink

I think the mock plan is really useful, for me it provides a jumping off point for creating a marketing plan for our school. Creating a plan feels a bit overwhelming because of the realization that actualizing a plan encompasses so many resources, people, etc. But as a designer and creator, I see that creating a plan is more than just actualizing, it is about developing the thinking required to make good choices, so even if we don't put into practice everything in the plan, we have a thought out process that takes into account the big picture, so even if we only put a portion of it into practice, it guarantees that at least it has been well rationalized.

Nirupama Narasimhan

Posted on 11/4/15 5:07:44 AM Permalink

our institution uses its web site and he social networking channels for marketing. Advertisements in magazines and newspapers work out to be very expensive and we have no budgetary provision for it.We do invite the media for all major events such as graduation and freshers' welcome and Parents' Day celebrations. What needs to be highlighted is the role of the dedicated team of teachers and the excellent lab and library facilities in a convincing manner.

William Lambert

Posted on 7/1/15 6:24:40 PM Permalink

Reflecting on the plan helped me identify particular areas that are not addressed well. In particular social media and the need to really sing the praises of our achievements.

tunisha summers

Posted on 6/16/15 8:28:00 PM Permalink

This plan looks great. My team and I recently discussed some of these issues and how to resolve them. Seeing this is helpful! It shows that we are on the right path and with all of us working together, things will get done.

stuart murdoch

Posted on 5/18/15 5:38:24 AM Permalink

To be honest it still all feels somewhat overwhelming, given that potentially there will only be one or two of us working on marketing all year round

Clinton Walden

Posted on 1/2/15 4:35:23 PM Permalink

One area of the Locke plan that resonated with me was The differences between awareness, comprehension, conviction, and awareness when you articulate the purposes that you behind the objectives of your marketing strategy. Also, it was good to be reminded that your strategy needs to account for different audiences, and that you may have different objectives for different audiences.