Mark DuBois
Professor Emeritus

Adobe Apps in the Classroom

I am thinking about having students use more tablet based apps to develop supporting materials for assignments.

I am curious how others are using various Adobe iPad apps in their classrooms. Examples would include Adobe Voice, Photoshop Touch, Lightroom Mobile, Adobe Revel, and Adobe Ideas. Do you have specific assignments or do you see students using some of these apps in a more organic manner to complete assignments?

If not yet, do you have specific plans for the next semester? It would be great to know how others are using these apps for education.

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Sylvan Adams

Posted on 5/25/16 3:50:30 AM Permalink

I recommend for ideas and brilliant teaching....Cathy Hunt is a Distinguished Apple Educator

Dawnette Brenner

Posted on 7/14/14 8:43:46 PM Permalink

I would love to see Adobe create a CMS that incorporates all of it's apps, this would bring more K-12 and higher users. I know that Google will have a Classroom management System in the Fall to compete with Edmodo and Moodle. I suspect being able to use the product to create assignments listed on the CMS would be amazing! Is this in the works?

Mark DuBois

Posted on 6/18/14 7:29:51 PM Permalink

With the announcements of Photoshop Mix, Adobe Live, and Adobe Sketch today (and their immediate availability for the iPad), I am wondering what people are planning for these tools as well...

Mark DuBois

Posted on 6/18/14 3:36:37 PM Permalink


Many thanks for your insights. I am most appreciative. Have you tried Adobe Voice yet? I find I am using that tool more and more.

Best always,