Sjaani van den Berg
Adobe Education Trainer

Creative Cloud for Education - Where is Presenter and Captivate

Can we as a collective and active Adobe Education Exchange community push to have an alternative collection of software in a Creative Cloud geared towards Education.

I see that the photography user base has been strong enough to get a cheaper alternative which offers only Photoshop & Lightroom.

My thoughts are that the education community could benefit from an alternative collection of tools which included Presenter and Captivate.

If we had the ability to convince Adobe to have an Educators CC which Apps would you like to see added and which ones do you think we could leave out? How can we put this idea to Adobe?

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Richard Kaer

Posted on 12/20/18 7:54:31 PM Permalink

​I don't know how I would separate things just for education. Just this semester I taught 3 programs and I will be adding at least 4 more next semester. At that point it is just more cost effective for me to just have everything.

Margaret Purvis

Posted on 4/10/18 4:52:12 PM Permalink

Now thats a very good idea at the moment I have got illustrator as extra very expensive per month I have had the photographers plan since it became available ​it would be great to be able to chop and change what you want to use. I am a home tutor so I cant even get it at teachers rate it would be great if you could get a video package or illustrator package or character animator, animation and such all in a package lets promote !!!!

Spencer L Lewis

Posted on 4/10/18 2:34:19 PM Permalink

​I have been using Adobe Lightroom since the first beta in 2006 and was glad that they offered a package with Photoshop which I use frequently. I began using Premiere and now as a pre educator, would like to see a deal that we can purchase more a special price. I think an advantage would be to pick your apps. Let's promote this idea to Adobe.

margaret purvis

Posted on 12/29/17 11:49:51 PM Permalink

​Now that is a great idea

will milne

Posted on 6/27/16 5:02:26 PM Permalink

I know I'm a couple years late to the conversation on this, but I, too, would love to see Captivate and Presenter (at the bare minimum) added to the education package. That kind of seems like almost an oversight that they aren't already included as both of those programs are geared towards educators. I would even be willing to pay a bit more per month for the inclusion of those programs.

Wendy Sandstrom

Posted on 5/27/15 5:58:14 PM Permalink

How is this going? I too think this is a great idea? Wondering what the reason was for not including them in the first place? Knowing that might help us promote more effectively and win this "battle"!

Any other ideas for building momentum on this?

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 5/28/15 10:42:24 AM Permalink

Hi Wendy,

I think the only way to build momentum is with numbers, and based on the number of comments received. I don't think there are enough teachers on the EdEx interested in having Presenter and Captivate added into an Educational CC.

MJ Raatz

Posted on 3/7/15 2:57:00 AM Permalink

I've had a quick search around. Is there any licenses for Adobe Presenter 9 or 10 that we can use as a teacher. Amazing product that can help students achieve great results with minimal effort. I read below that Presenter 9 was given out to AELs. Awesome idea. Is there a link for me to find where this is still the case that I haven't discovered yet?

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 3/7/15 3:56:59 AM Permalink

Hi MJ,

Can't help you with the free access for AEL's. I would think if you are an AEL you'd have all the documentation you'd need on how to get it and other software for free if that is one of the perks of being an AEL.

There was a free for everyone link a while back but I think that offer has gone.

Links to download the products themselves I can help with.
Presenter 10
Captivate 8

MJ Raatz

Posted on 3/7/15 4:03:34 AM Permalink

Awesome mate. I'll keep an eye out for any further developments here. I'm happy to buy if needed, however with budgets being tight in schools, and such excellent products available, it makes it difficult. I've downloaded the trials this afternoon so will have a play. I've purchased versions of captivate since 2006 I think (or at least from when it first came out). I've made interactive software testing modules, etc. It worked easy back then, but the new versions seem so much easier to use than when I first used it - which is a good thing!

Thanks for the quick reply and will do some investigation here and see what outcomes I can produce to justify the cost.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 10/1/14 1:06:52 AM Permalink

I have just discovered another item I'd like added to the Educational CC package.

Business Catalyst publishes that CC subscribers can have up to five free webBasics accounts.

This is not the case if you're a student/teacher CC subscriber. We get none.

Frank Vandenburg

Posted on 8/31/14 4:50:54 PM Permalink

I think this is a good idea for the simple fact that if a teacher can demonstrate the benefits of teaching with Connect and/or Captivate, schools and districts are much more likely to consider "buying in" than if they have to purchase based on theoretical benefits. Allowing access to Connect in CC would permit these "proofs of concept" by teachers, that could create demand for use by an entire school or district-a missed opportunity, I think.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 9/1/14 4:44:40 AM Permalink

Frank, I was thinking of it from an individual teacher perspective, but you're so right that an active experience with the product could easily have the usage expanded across the whole school.

Gareth Harle

Posted on 8/31/14 10:43:33 AM Permalink

I'd love to see Captivate included with CC for Education.

Thomas Lerch

Posted on 8/31/14 5:29:16 AM Permalink

Dear Sjaani,

I am new to Adobe products, but I also agree. I am considering Creative Cloud and yes you are right that it should also have a collection of software particularly useful for people working in Education.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 9/1/14 4:45:55 AM Permalink

Try before you buy Thomas, sign in for the 30 day CC trial and see what you think. I'd have to say I'm a convert, now.

Mats Soderberg

Posted on 8/30/14 8:38:40 PM Permalink

Yes, I agree, Adobe Connect is a good idea, I also would like to add Adobe Media Server, for live-tv events, broadcasted from schools

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/30/14 10:38:15 PM Permalink

I've never heard of Adobe Media Server Mats. Sounds like a useful tool, I'm going to have to do some research on that one now.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/30/14 5:39:14 AM Permalink

I think I'd like to see Adobe Connect added to an Educational CC as well as Captivate and Presenter.

Jesse Cole

Posted on 8/4/14 1:58:57 PM Permalink

I would really like to see another level of apps that we could purchase as an educator. I would love to leave out some software to replace with something like Presenter and/or Captivate. Mix and match for a school district labs or station would be great.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/4/14 11:21:57 PM Permalink

We can pretty much mix and match already, we don't have to download everything.

I think the idea of different pricing for different mix and match packages would get out of hand so maybe if we go for a single Education package which included Presenter and Captivate then let each school decide what they want to install that would probably give us a better chance of success.

uma ravi

Posted on 8/2/14 4:31:20 PM Permalink

I agree with sjaani that adobe tools are good and easy to use.if only we are able to download adobe elements like acrobat pro,photoshop, illustrator ect for free so as to enable our students to work on them.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/4/14 11:13:12 AM Permalink

Actually that is more complicated. I'd love a system, like Autocad's, where students can use for free. Although we as educators can use CC it costs a lot for it to be installed onto machines in school. I wish that Adobe could have student 3 year licences that are carried over with the student. That way we could also deal with the BYOD issue that schools have (or will soon be having). BYOD is great as the school does not have to buy the PCs, but the software is not as easy to deal with. I don't think many companies have woken up to the change in IT provisioning that is taking place.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/4/14 11:22:07 AM Permalink

I've heard that in Australia we now have two options within the schools. Either license by device or by student I think it was. I'll have to track down the slides from the webinar to check that though.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/4/14 11:46:56 AM Permalink

That would be useful. I wonder whether, if it is per student, that the software could be installed on that student's device. If that was the case it might begin to address the BYOD problem.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/4/14 12:39:37 PM Permalink

Can't find the original slides but Schools and Universities tab on this link will give you the info I was talking about.

Clint Balsar

Posted on 8/2/14 1:55:31 PM Permalink

I submitted a feature request (thanks María Salud Carmona) and also requested that they add a simple link to my personal page in the edexchange. The new user splash-screen (where your user badge and name appear) shows you "community" links, but only Behance and my Prosite appear as part of my community. I mentioned that this is far more my community that anywhere else in Adobe.

As for the Captivate and Presenter offer. I would love to see it added, but only if it were included for free and nothing else was taken away. I really enjoy learning and using all their software.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/4/14 10:49:14 AM Permalink

Completely agree about the adding for free and not taking anything away. What they should do is have a check to make sure the user is in education, then freeing up the sofware. That way Adobe would not lose revenue to companies using Captivate and Presenter to make training materials for business use.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/4/14 11:03:26 AM Permalink

There is already a check in order to give us the educational pricing. This should be an easy split between corporate and education.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/4/14 11:09:46 AM Permalink

Yes, definitely. But it might be that someone connected with Captivate and Presenter are not seeing the bigger picture or are kept out of the loop as the programs are not part of the main vehicle, CC.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/4/14 11:23:19 AM Permalink

True there does seem to be many arms and few know what the others are doing.

We'll have to teach them how to work together! ;-)

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/4/14 11:33:21 AM Permalink

Brilliant answer :-)

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/2/14 5:49:32 AM Permalink

I would just add presenter and captivate to the normal CC membership.

With Presenter, the full version is windows only. There is a version of Presenter for the Mac called Adobe Presenter Video Express which is free (but videos cost money per time used), but it does not have quite the same capability [Also- it appears to have gone from a number of countries app stores- only available at the moment from US stores].

Captivate is brilliant and fits the education criteria clearly.

I wouldn't want any other programs left out- they all can be used to create and enhance educational experiences.

Jason Webb

Posted on 8/20/14 2:07:31 PM Permalink

I agree with just adding both to the existing package, I utilize Captivate in the classroom to educate students on software and on my side business I use it to show clients/companies how to create videos and trainings. It would be a great resource that professionals on both sides of the spectrum would benefit from.

Tony Bolder

Posted on 8/1/14 10:05:12 PM Permalink

There was a point last year that Adobe gave a free licence of Presenter 9 to all Adobe Campus Leaders, however this was for a PC only, and it did not work on Windows 8. Now they have brought out Presenter 10 which apparently [does] work on the Windows 8 platform. However they are not giving this free.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/1/14 11:52:16 PM Permalink

Tony that opportunity was available for anyone who found the link not just Campus Leaders.
I have Windows 8 and Presenter 9 works fine for me.

Discussions back then suggested that Presenter was already available for free to Mac users.
Which may be this link, but I'm not 100% sure.

Paula Bright

Posted on 8/2/14 3:10:50 AM Permalink

Sjaani, it said (for me) not currently available in the U.S. store.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/2/14 3:30:02 AM Permalink

Darn that's disappointing Paula.

All the more reason for us to figure out how to get an Educational CC package happening! :-)

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/30/14 10:58:46 AM Permalink

I now get a message on my mac saying the AppStore version I was using is now withdrawn and I can pay $399 to redownload and use. Not going to happen, especially as it is not the same version as PC

Paula Bright

Posted on 8/1/14 5:16:53 PM Permalink

Maria, thank you for the feature request link. I wasn't aware it existed! I made my request. It can't hurt, right? So many people complain that Adobe doesn't listen anymore, and I agree, but hey. Worth a try.

María Salud Carmona

Posted on 8/1/14 11:36:47 AM Permalink

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/1/14 11:47:32 PM Permalink

Great links Maria, but as you've said people have been asking for it since 2012.

I think we need a more united front, as educators, than individuals posting on a forum or individually posting as a feature request.

Paula Bright

Posted on 8/1/14 5:14:34 AM Permalink

I would need Captivate, Presenter, and as Kimberly said, a place hosted through Adobe to upload and share my content.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/1/14 5:04:21 AM Permalink

Seems that not many agree with us though. Quite a few views but few comments or ideas as to how we could approach Adobe to get an Education specific package offered.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/4/14 10:52:18 AM Permalink

I find that people quite often view and not comment. There are posts that are quite interesting, with thousands of views but only 1 or 2 comments.

Trying to find who to speak to is the problem. When buying my Captivate license I went through quite a convoluted process, trying to find a monthly fee. The one the sites kept directing me down were non-educational and exorbitant.

it's not always clear who is in charge...

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/4/14 11:01:28 AM Permalink

I agree, it was hard to find how to buy Captivate, due to not wanting to get involved in multiple subscription models I went for a single purchase and will stick with that version unless we can get it included in an educational package.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/4/14 11:06:24 AM Permalink

Did you get it for a cheap cost? They seem to update each year, so I went for subscription (which was lucky because they upgraded 5 weeks after I started). The full price Captivate is scary.

I note that they have introduced a new course on Captivate in the AEE, which is a good start...

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/4/14 11:24:54 AM Permalink

Educational pricing was under AU$200, considering I'm not using it heavily at the moment or planning to upgrade regularly this was the better option at the time.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/4/14 11:34:21 AM Permalink

That's a good price. they wanted $749 from me, so monthly was better. An example of how potential buyers could be put off.

Damien Soukhavong

Posted on 8/30/14 9:48:40 PM Permalink

Presenter 9 in France used to be around €630, without any Educational pricing... now Presenter 10 is available for Education (under €180).

Captivate 8 is around €360 (and was much more expensive before at Educational prices).

We're getting slowly at lower prices (especially for Adobe CC), but it may not be low enough for most of potential users. Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate aren't as much as advertised than the main Adobe products, so I currently think that it's normal to not to have a software segregation (at this time). We might see changes in the future, though. I hope to have a software selection availability when subscribing to Adobe CC (with modular prices).

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/30/14 10:36:58 PM Permalink

I think part of the move away from the boxes was a move away from an increasing number of different collections of the software. So I don't think we'll see too many modular pricing options popping up.

The photography industry is a big client so it made sense to keep them happy with reduced app access at reduced pricing.

The question for me is, is the education industry big enough to get another alternative collection available at educational pricing. Which includes the additional software which we want to be able to use, but in many cases just can't afford as an additional cost.

Michael Timpano

Posted on 7/30/14 9:10:05 PM Permalink

It would be nice to have software like Captivate so that it would be easier to develop resources that then can be shared with students, educators and the Adobe community. I have to use a handful of on-line screencast recording software that doesn't cost anything (limited features) even though we have the CS6 license with our school board for all schools and teachers.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/1/14 5:02:25 AM Permalink

Michael, I've tried some of those free screen capture tools, and they don't really do enough do they.

For me though, I'm a Creative Cloud subscriber, if I can't get everything Adobe offeres and that we need through that then I too will use other companies free content.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/4/14 11:08:05 AM Permalink

Rather than trying the free content, I went down the route of buying full price products elsewhere. I have used Camtasia and Screenflow, but they are not as good (in my opinion) as Adobe ware.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/4/14 11:25:47 AM Permalink

Agreed Eliot, which is why I'd like to see it all available to us in one easy subscription. :-)

Paula Bright

Posted on 7/28/14 2:30:19 AM Permalink

I agree wholeheartedly. I am about to give up on Adobe, because I'm a certified teacher, but retired. I have a unique way of teaching reading to kids who fail to learn to read at school. It just works.

I am trying to learn Captivate and to use Adobe Connect to publish, since it's cheaper than most LMS's, and my kids can't chat and so on anyway...they can't read yet!

But to find that I can't get the education price, because I'm not with a district, and then to find that buying into the Cloud gives me nothing I need—DANG!

My teaching is at <--If that doesn't convince them that I'm truly still a teacher, then color me discouraged. Why isn't Captivate considered creative? I'm using my mind to come up with new ways to present than I ever have in my life!

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/1/14 5:00:26 AM Permalink

That's a shame Paula, definitely looks like your website is a teaching tool to me.

Kimberley Martin

Posted on 7/26/14 9:16:12 PM Permalink

Acrobat Pro, Forms Central, Presenter, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Muse (and/or Dreamweaver) would be the minimum Adobe applications that I would like to see being included in an Educator CC, as well as a site to host web content to share with students. InDesign and Premiere Pro would also be useful.
I think this is a brilliant idea! Thank you for starting this discussion, Sjaani. :-)

Bhuvana Sriram

Posted on 7/26/14 1:17:46 PM Permalink

I too agree with Sjaani. Educators would definitely be benefited by CC with Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Forms Central, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere elements and Illustrator.It would be great if we could get this to enhance our teaching, learning process.

Candie Witherspoon

Posted on 7/26/14 7:25:54 AM Permalink

I agree. I would love to see it added for educators. I think we could really benefit from Presenter, Captivate, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and Adobe Forms Central. As an Art Educator I would also like them to throw in Photoshop and Illustrator. This would make a fantastic Educator Package. Any other important ones I may have left out?

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 7/26/14 8:14:03 AM Permalink

As a bare minimum I would also add InDesign to your list Candie, but education is so broad, software required for web design, animation and video production are all used across curriculums as well.