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Points in the Adobe Education Exchange

I am hoping someone can explain to me how different members of the exchange can have such varied points accumulated.  I have been very active in the exchange, and yet I have found several other members with far less activity (less comments, resources, followers, etc.) have far more points. For example I found a couple that had over 3,000 points, yet almost no activity in the exchange. In addition, it looks like some have badges that should have be earned for a quantity of posts, yet it appears they don't have that many yet.  Could anyone clarify this for me?

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Alper Ciftci

Posted on 8/18/19 12:53:20 PM Permalink

​I found that points don't add up instantly, but they eventually appear on your profile.

Dean Utian

Posted on 8/18/19 1:09:34 PM Permalink

I find points appear not too long after completing something that awards points - maybe a minute or so.​

Dean Utian

Posted on 8/18/19 1:12:35 PM Permalink

I did a quick test and the points appeared after 2 minutes 10 seconds.​

Adobe Education

Posted on 8/19/19 8:11:28 PM Permalink

Thank you, Dean! We appreciate your response and helpful insight.​

Dean Utian

Posted on 8/8/19 9:36:03 AM Permalink

I think the points given for some things have changed over time. I recall that getting someone else to join the exchange use to give a lot more points (50 if I remember correctly).

Danelle Johnston

Posted on 8/3/19 5:17:45 AM Permalink

I am interested in this as well and would like to know how to become an education leader. Some people who are education leaders have less activity than me. How does that work?​

Dean Utian

Posted on 8/8/19 9:38:57 AM Permalink

Hi Danelle,

To become an Adobe Education Leader (AEL), you first need to become an Adobe Campus Leader (ACL). ​You need 300 points in here, which you have. More details can be found at:

Dean Utian

Posted on 8/8/19 9:41:50 AM Permalink

Adobe Education

Posted on 8/19/19 8:10:02 PM Permalink

Hello Danelle,

Please apply to the ​Adobe Campus Leader program if you have not already done so. ​Once you achieve Adobe Campus Leader level, you will automatically receive an email to invite you to apply for the Adobe Education Leader program, once the annual call for applications opens in the spring.

Shelly Gooden

Posted on 6/15/16 12:50:52 AM Permalink

This is a great question and response. This thread has me thinking about ways to measure learner engagement. This social network monitors active content creation pretty well. I am not sure about the "lurkers". The ones who observe but don't engage. I like the model used here.

Theresa Ellenwood

Posted on 3/3/16 2:44:37 AM Permalink

I understand that we earn points for certain activities, but do they accumulate for some end purpose? Can I cash them in for big bucks when I retire? ;-)

Adobe Education

Posted on 3/3/16 3:57:14 PM Permalink

Hi Theresa,

We wish you could cash them in for big bucks ;)- The goal of the points is to show that you are a contributing member of the AEE and through your contributions to the community you receive recognition for your participation via badges and points.

  • Badges (select the “Badges” tab) are awarded for completing specific activities in the community. Learn what it takes to earn each badge and challenge yourself to pick up badges to display on your profile for all community members to see.
  • Points (select the "How to Earn Points” tab) are awarded for sharing resources, adding comments and many more activities. As you accumulate points, you can level up through five status levels. When you reach a new level, you'll earn a new status badge that appears on your profile page.

The overall goal is to show other members the status you hold in the community and that you are an engaged and valued member.
Hope this makes sense - and sorry we can't help you retire monetarily - but you can retire knowing what a great AEE Community member you are!!!!

Phil Feain

Posted on 8/20/15 6:30:10 AM Permalink

I am not overly concerned about the points, not that it's not important, but I am interested in seeing how many people have viewed my resources and feedback if any. I have found making resources and linking to other resources does help you with your learning. Getting some points for sharing, discussing and giving feedback is pretty cool too. I do especially like the workshops.

Adobe Education

Posted on 12/10/15 2:56:22 PM Permalink

Hi Phil,

This is great to hear in terms of how the AEE works for you! And just FYI incase you don't know you can see how many members have viewed your resources - go to your recourse list in "My Exchange" and the number under the eyeball is the number of members who have viewed that resources. And obviously you can track the comments and feedback offered for each resources as well.

We too think offering feedback and sharing resources is truly helpful in learning and developing your teaching and learning practice.

The AEE Team

Tyler Dockery

Posted on 5/13/15 9:30:59 PM Permalink

hmmmm.... I think this offers some fresh insight into the point system. I am also interested in becoming An Adobe Education Leader. As a community college teacher, I bring adobe product materials to hundreds of students and outside organizations. Wish there was a clearer path for some of this stuff. It might actually open this up to fiercer competition.

Adobe Education

Posted on 12/10/15 2:57:46 PM Permalink

Hi Tyler,

When you say cleared path can you explain a bit more? What is not clear? What would you like the path to be? We are constantly trying to improve our offerings so hearing your feedback is always welcomed and helpful.

The AEE Team

Jesse Cole

Posted on 7/8/14 5:34:17 PM Permalink

Thanks for starting this discussion, I found this very useful as well. I really would like to present at ISTE 2015 and be involve with the Adobe Booth as well. Currently, I am working with a partner to showcase Adobe Acrobat as an e-portfolio platform.

Adobe Education

Posted on 3/7/14 3:37:37 PM Permalink

Hi Clint - A few things to note regarding points and badges in the AEE:

  • You can find out how to earn points on the Leaderboard page: (click on the How to earn points tab). You can also find how to earn badges (click on the Badges tab)
  • Not every activity that earns points or badges is visible to other members. So, for example, you can mark a resource as a favorite, you can socially share (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus) a resource, or invite a member and earn points for those activities. But other members don't see the volume of that activity in the member profile.
  • There are some secret ways to earn points. So, certain activities earn points and you aren't always aware of what it was that you did to earn those points. We think this makes it more fun and encourages exploration.
  • Finally, and this is the biggest one, all private activity (activity in courses and in groups) earns points but does not show up in the member's profile. The reason for that, of course, is that it is private to the enrollees of the course or the members of a group. So, if a member starts a discussion topic in a course, they earn points for that, but that discussion won't show up in their profile, because it is private and only visible for the course enrollees within the course itself. Same idea with groups.
Hope this clears things up a bit. Let us know if you still have any questions.
Finally, let us ask a question - what other activities do you think should earn points and badges? Our main goal with the points and badge system is to recognize the activity and contributions of our active members. So, what are your ideas for earning points and badges?

Clint Balsar

Posted on 3/8/14 1:25:45 AM Permalink

This helps so much in understanding the mystery points. I think the "secret" ways and course work are what likely boost some members scores. I am currently in the Creativity in Today's Classroom class, so will that help with the private activity points?

As far as ideas for other points and/or badges, I will have to think more about that, but I will try come back and share ideas as I come up with them.

Clint Balsar

Posted on 3/23/14 2:45:54 AM Permalink

After thinking about the badges question a little more, I would suggest that you celebrate teachers that encourage their students to participate in contests such as the Adobe Youth Voices Awards. In addition, I would love to see a badge that rewards instructors for taking multiple PD courses offered here. Maybe a badge after 5 and 10 courses. I would also love a badge that shows the number of years you have been a member.

Also, this may not be the place to ask, but how could I become an Adobe Certified Educator and/or an Adobe Education Leader? I believe I would have the credentials, but I wasn't sure how to apply for them.

Adobe Education

Posted on 3/24/14 7:31:26 PM Permalink

Thanks for the thoughtful badge suggestions Clint. We'll consider those as we roll out new badges over the coming months.

Regarding the Adobe Certified Educator program, you can find out more information about that here:

Applications for the Adobe Education Leader program are accepted by invitation only. We see that you are already an Adobe Campus Leader, which is a great first step. The best way for you to be invited to apply to be an Adobe Education Leader is to continue to increase your contributions on the Adobe Education Exchange and expand your influence beyond your campus to a larger network of people. We're always keeping an eye on the Adobe Education Exchange members to find those who are going above and beyond and showcasing themselves as experts in their domain. Hope that makes sense.