Lisa Rudd
Information Technology/Business Teacher

Adobe Skills for Queensland Teachers

Discussion for Queensland Adobe Education Leaders in the "Adobe Skills for Queensland Teachers" group

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Lisa Rudd

Posted on 3/4/14 12:07:43 AM Permalink

We're still waiting for the updated software, but I imagine you are too. My students are currently using CS3 version to do their Illustrator and Indesign assignments.

Nola Schaumburg

Posted on 2/19/14 3:49:29 AM Permalink

Hi Lisa

How are things back at your school? I found Monday and Tuesday a bit of a brain strain, particularly since I have never used Adobe products and we don't even have a copy of the program at school yet. I will endeavour to view some tutorials as soon as I can.

Aaron Davis

Posted on 2/18/14 4:30:46 AM Permalink

Joining this valuable discussion.