How do I let my students under 13 use Spark? Your documentation says to use a teacher account but is there a class account that can be made?

I'm excited to use Spark, only to find that my students in grade 45 cannot access or create their own account because they are younger than 13. Your documentation says that we can use a teacher account but do you suggest we share our teacher account? That would not be possible in our school board because we use google and it would be impossible to let my students use my account. Is there not a way to make a class account? We can change the age but those who tried before we knew the age of 13 are now locked out. What can we do for them now? Awaiting your suggestions.


Nelson Chan

Teacher, Convent Glen Catholic School

Ottawa, On, Canada

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Ben Forta

Posted on 10/17/17 4:14:41 PM Permalink

​As per the EDU Guide, for now a teacher should create a shared classroom account and all students (including minors) can use that.

--- Ben

Cassandra OBrien

Posted on 10/16/17 3:40:03 PM Permalink

​I am wondering the same thing, and not seeing any solutions posted. I have a lot of teachers and students who would love to create with Adobe Spark, but are under 13, therefore, signing in with their school Google accounts is not an option. I'd love to hear how schools are using this with 13 & under students. (Sign-in requires entering DOB)

Derek Dorsett

Posted on 7/1/17 5:01:18 AM Permalink

Can you get a waiver signed by all the guardians of the parents and have them sign up their children for the account?

Adobe Education

Posted on 5/1/17 5:55:37 PM Permalink