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Linked Learning 2.0: Custom Career Pathways

We—the students and I—have finally received the green light from the superintendent to formally roll out Linked Learning 2.0 in our district next year and he wants it scaled. Several teachers and admins have already asked to sit down and explore that possibility.

Specifics are briefly summarized in this Google Doc. I've begun tweeting with the #LinkedLearning20 hashtag and am hoping the powers that be, @IrvineFdn, @linked_learning, @ConnectEdOrg@CADeptEd, @TomTorlakson, @CaliforniaCTE, among others will get behind the concept. 

I'm not sure how it will work in other states but in California, the Local Control Funding Formula gives us the freedom to implement innovative programs, even at comprehensive public high schools like ours (with built-in accountability, of course).

And for the record, we—the students and I—have been testing this program for the past few years. It's not really all that daring. To quote a recent tweet: Why should schools decide which pathway to offer? Allow students to construct custom pathways.

So, I ask you: Why should schools decide which pathway to offer? Do we really know better?

Please see this Google Doc for details. If you like the idea, tweet it to your followers using the #LinkedLearning20 hashtag and add your feedback—pro or con—below. Thanks!

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