Dawn Bradley
Arts/AV Graphics Teacher

Teaching Photoshop or any Adobe progam to a child with special needs?

Hello. As a high school teacher I get a vast variety of students with different learning styles. Can anyone give me tips on teaching Photoshop to an autistic teen?

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Colin Byers

Posted on 9/8/14 3:52:12 AM Permalink

I've had many autistic teen students throughout my career. I suppose it depends entirely on the individual and their abilities. I have however, had the most success with video tutorials, so long as they are concise. What expectations do you have for your student, what do you want them to learn in Photoshop, what do you want them to take away from your course. I find that many autistic students obsess over details, so finding a project that provides them with focus, creativity and active use of tools is key. Perhaps a good start point would be opening multiple files, using selection tools and combining images into a collage.