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Have you tried Adobe Premiere Clip?

Describe your experience of using Adobe Premiere Clip to share a story. What did you like? What was challenging? How might you use Adobe Premiere Clip as an on-the-go video production tool in your practice? 

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Craig Gundlach

Posted on 6/22/15 4:04:47 AM Permalink

If only there were an Android version!

Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 2/18/15 5:30:42 PM Permalink

We have a very short video course that lasts just two weeks. I needed to kickstart students (higher ed) into digital storytelling, so first lesson I grouped them so that there was at least one iPhone per group and sent them off to follow one of the built in story boards. Our morning lessons are from 8:30-11:30 so I had them all meet up at 10:30, and we reviewed how far they had come with just two hours…and that includes downloading the software, and publishing to youtube! It was great laugh and the students learned much.

We had PremierePro for the rest of the course, but this was a great way for them to get used to telling stories in film. Some groups used PremiereClip to rough out story board. It is very agile and a great way to test ideas. Strongly recommend it!