Dawn Bradley
Arts/AV Graphics Teacher

Do you have a great way to teach file types?

I am looking for a great way to teach graphic file types. I normally use some old lessons that created about 10 years ago, but I would love a fresh approach to teaching this content. If you have a fresh, new idea for this, please share with me. 

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Tommy Bonté

Posted on 2/14/15 8:41:22 PM Permalink

Hi Dawn,

I use references from Brett Malley's book Advanced Composition in Photoshop and from Graphical Print Production by Kaj Johansson, Peter Lundberg and Robert Ryberg. Great texts about graphic file formats, great books! With examples I like to play along with the class for example: "If we use JPEG half of us will go outside, the rest of the class will stay here trying to describe what the other half was like in a classroom". "If we use TIFF all of us would be piled up describing ourselves just who we are. Using LZW compression would put those of us coming from the same cities and having other similarities in our background next to each other to make a long story short".

With Best Regards Tommy Bonté

Rhitt Growl

Posted on 2/13/15 3:08:37 PM Permalink

I don't have a lesson for file types but, one of my colleagues recently shared this article with me regarding file types. In it, the author created a series of infographics for some common file types. Maybe you could get your students to do something similar, have a vote for the best looking set, and then print them out as posters that are hung in the classroom as reference.

Ydaliz Negron

Posted on 2/3/15 3:20:37 AM Permalink

Hi Dawn! When I teach graphic file types I like to write on the board the names of the files with a number. Then I put severals markers and call the student to pic their favorite. Latter they have to search the information and bring a mini presentation with samples of the topic and explain to the group. Usually students like my classes because they participate in a new way. I teach at the University maximum of 25 students! I don't know if your students can do the same! Hope this can help you in some way.