Mike Hazlip

How to Set Up a Space for a Class

I've been looking for ways to create a collaboration space where my students can upload their work from home and we can view and discuss in class. What is the best way to do this?

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Gary Hill

Posted on 3/14/18 12:28:46 AM Permalink

Has anyone used Adobe Spark? It is very quick and easy to use but I am not sure how to set it up collaboratively. If anyone has any suggestions or has used Spark I would love to get some advice and hear about your experiences..​

Karl Mortimer

Posted on 9/21/16 8:31:25 AM Permalink

​Our teachers often use MS Office 365 for collaboration. Seems to be quite popular with both staff and students.

Rhitt Growl

Posted on 9/20/16 9:28:13 PM Permalink

​One of my colleagues has been using ​Slack with his students and they seem to love it. Another colleague created a ​Google Plus community for her two classes to use to collaborate on a project together and they loved it too.

Mindy Fulcher

Posted on 9/20/16 8:08:56 PM Permalink

I also use Dropbox for uploading of big files. Everyone in the class can have access to those files, or you can show them during a live video chat, too.

Mindy Fulcher

Posted on 9/20/16 8:07:28 PM Permalink

​I have used free Basecamp for student collaboration and project management. Not so much for video collaboration, but it may be possible with Basecamp, too. My institution is currently looking into Zoom to see if they have features to make student online collaboration possible as well.

dennis wilson

Posted on 9/20/16 7:56:50 PM Permalink

​Google Spaces has promise unless you're and educator using Google Apps for education. It only works with personal account. Worth a check + send Google a note if your like but are dissapointed that not available for edu collaboration spaces. I have already

Kathleen Dunne

Posted on 9/12/16 4:50:33 AM Permalink

​I have not yet used it but have heard Seesaw is fantastic. It can be used as an app on phone or webpage on a laptop. It can also include parents if set up properly. Students and teacher can comment and like things that have been uploaded. It is basically a safe, education version of social media. Use of Seesaw would have to be approved by the Principal I think. Hope that helps!
Go you for striving to create a collaborative learning environment and encourage peer feedback/support.

Fred Benitez

Posted on 8/22/16 5:50:20 PM Permalink

In the past I have used Behance, but I've also used Google slides to allow students to upload their images in small groups. Then each student can comment on other student's projects or work collaboratively.