Courtney Crabtree
Secondary IT/Business Teacher

Character Animator Puppets

I was wondering if anyone had/knows where to find some cool Character Animator Puppets that I can use to animate to help assist in teaching my students content? I am looking at creating a few different videos to add to my work to have students engaged in learning through video/animation format. My students love video and through it might be a interesting why of providing this video to them but based on content that I have created.

Any help would be great! Thanks.

  • After Effects

    Create motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and web.

  • Character Animator

    Turn 2D artwork into live, animated characters.

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Nancy Raskauskas

Posted on 4/18/19 6:52:22 PM Permalink

Kevin Cummins

Posted on 10/23/18 3:00:11 AM Permalink

​I bought some through these guys

Amanda Tapley

Posted on 3/16/18 2:58:07 PM Permalink


has some great Character Animator puppets, some nice FREE puppets downloads and some for a cost.

I love her stuff!


Posted on 7/7/17 12:41:29 AM Permalink