Jessica Gauci
Head Teacher

Passion Project for High School Students

I have recently started a passion project with a Year 7 Technology Class once a week. So far, this project is going well and students are already coming up with great ideas.

Do you have experience or ideas when running a passion project with students? 

I would love to get feedback or further ideas.

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Bertha Kirschten

Posted on 2/2/16 6:13:39 PM Permalink

Hi Jessica

I just started a project with my 7th grade students. So far they are in the research and finding information stage. I am hoping to give them some more options for presenting their projects - so will be looking at Slate for Web. Our school currently doesn't have Adobe Apps for students at this point (we did in the past), so I am hoping to find many ways to integrate it into my curriculum to justify the cost again. I just started with CC 2015 after many years of using CS3 products so it has been a big adjustment for me.

But back to the project -so far my kids love the project and they all have great ideas. It has definitely been more than 1 class period a week because we all are having so much fun getting it started. As we get into the project more, I think I will dedicate 2 class periods per week to the project.

I am hoping to teach them various tech tools that they can use to present their projects - such as Slate, Prezi, etc. I will be looking hard to request licensing for CC for next school year though because I can see that there are many more valuable apps they can use and have more creative freedom than using other tools.

Pressure Cleaning

Posted on 1/5/16 5:42:07 AM Permalink

Gareth Harle

Posted on 11/16/15 9:47:20 PM Permalink

Hi Jessica,

I've never come across a 'Passion Project' before. What's it all about? It sounds inspiring!