Brett Kent

Web host for student made websites?

Does anyone know of a web host that students under the age of 13 can legally use? I have many student created sites that need to be published, however everything I can find as a hosting service has a 13+ restriction in the terms and conditions...

  • Muse

    Website design without coding.

  • Business Catalyst

    Business Catalyst is an all-in-one hosted Content Management System built for Digital Agencies and Business Owners.

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Ares Hovhannesyan

Posted on 9/2/15 4:06:51 PM Permalink

Hi Brett,

Usually i ask my students to use Business catalyst domain. They can sign for free.


Brett Kent

Posted on 9/1/15 10:52:18 AM Permalink

Yes Anthonin I have this fear. Just one example shows the irony of it: I have a group of students that have made a site that explains the terms and conditions of social media sites. It is made by 11-12 year old students and is targeted at parents and children their age. The site is designed to inform and educate peers against breaking the laws around web media. Due to the fact that they are under 13 means that they can't publish it without breaking the laws that it is designed to highlight!