Kenneth Shinabery
Writer / Journalist / Illustrator

Share your online portfolio with me!

I love seeing how other artists release their creative energy! So share links to your portfolios with me!

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Vishwas Gagrani

Posted on 5/26/17 6:55:16 AM Permalink

Hi Kenneth,
This is a link to my portfolio:

I am a full-time freelancer and my work is all about coding for apps and games using Adobe Animate CC and HTML5. :)

Tammy Moore

Posted on 4/11/17 12:27:44 AM Permalink

​Here is a group from my Behance page - Most of what I have been doing lately is e-learning course design work, so I linked to a group for that type of work. You can click to the main page of my Behance profile from there. Before focusing on e-learning design and development, I did a lot of children's portrait work in watercolor, pencil, and near the end of that concentration I began branching into digital which led to my current web-based illustration work in e-learning. I also teach online and run an online course co-operative, so the e-learning has been a natural. Most of my work is full e-learning experiences (interactive activities, animation, sound, games, etc.) not just images. Eventually, I will code up my own portfolio site with lots of opportunities to play what I have made. I am content with Behance to have a place for sharing static images for now though.

Mark Schwindt

Posted on 3/21/17 12:17:26 PM Permalink

Kenneth Shinabery

Posted on 3/21/17 1:19:31 PM Permalink

Really well executed Behance page. Have you started to test out Adobe Portfolio as well? Super easy and even more customizable as compared to Behance! You can build Bio pages and more on the Adobe Portfolio page. And the great thing is all your Behance projects can transfer over in 2 seconds!

Also great to see an Instagram friend here as well!

Mark Schwindt

Posted on 3/21/17 1:44:25 PM Permalink

​Thanks Kenn!

I've tested Adobe Portfolio a while back. It is a sweet simple option to sync with all the Behance projects, but it is still less customizable than a very own server. So I am back to duplicating some of the projects to my webpage ​ manually.