Phil Schuyler
Digital Multimedia Teacher

Adobe CC for the classroom

Has anyone come across the problem of having to choose from the 2 Adobe CC bundles that don't seem to be fully compatible to the CS6 master collection? 

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Phil Schuyler

Posted on 12/14/18 3:32:43 PM Permalink

Does anyone know when the Adobe CC Package for site licenses will be available for the new 2019 update? Thanks

Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/3/14 3:07:16 PM Permalink

I'm not happy with the move to CC and this is another reason to add to that growing list of disappointments,

Mark Finlayson

Posted on 4/16/14 6:40:26 AM Permalink

I have seen recent info indicating the in NSW Aust DET (Govt) schools, staff can access CC for about $12 per annum, and that students can download CS6 software (Design Premium???) for free. I'd love to see that type of set up extended to ALL schools...after all, getting kids into your software is a way to ensure that as adults they continue to use/recommend it. If my Photo students could access CC for a nominal fee, it could be included in their subject levy and wed be accessing the current versions rather than our older site licences.

Mark Finlayson

Posted on 4/10/14 8:47:01 AM Permalink

Meantime, we've stayed with out site license for CS5

Mark Finlayson

Posted on 4/10/14 8:45:42 AM Permalink

Premiere Pro is a steep learning curve that discourages many students, however with the enterprise version of CC that was available to schools in Australia did not include Premiere or After Effects, they were an extra cost. Our question was, that seeing we are moving our 1 to 1 laptop system over to Macbook Airs iMovie would do the job for many students.

Bob Gustafson

Posted on 2/23/14 3:04:41 AM Permalink

We've moved from CS6 to CC, and besides expected changes (improvements), we've not had issues. What we do desire though is that Premiere Elements is part of the bundle. Introductory students do fine with Photoshop and InDesign, but Premiere Pro is of a complexity level that discourages many emerging digital storytellers.

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 2/14/14 3:52:12 PM Permalink

The EEA includes what they call the "Design and Web K-12 Collection." The "Video Collection," which includes Premier, After Effects, etc. seems to be sold separately as a tack-on, not necessarily a completely different product. There's no "Master Collection" like CS6 has or like a regular CC subscription has.

Is this what you're talking about? Are you looking at the EEA for your institution? Or are you looking at using CC for Teams?

Phil Schuyler

Posted on 2/14/14 5:13:22 PM Permalink

Yes..what i'm saying is that its too bad I have to now buy 2 "collections" if I want to upgrade my school to CC to have parity to what we teach now in the master collection CS6.

Phil Schuyler

Posted on 1/13/14 5:41:40 PM Permalink

What I'm saying is..I'm trying to purchase the classroom upgrade (CC) from our current Mater collection subscription..I am finding out I cant upgrade because they dont offer and educational CC subscription that mirrors the Master Collection...So to upgrade what I use in the classroom for the last 6 years, they say I have to purchase 2 different subscription bundles. 2x the price... Kinda makes no sense to me..

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 1/13/14 2:47:30 PM Permalink

Hi. What do you mean by CC bundles (CC subscriptions?) and how does this relate to CS6 MC?