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Adobe Captivate 7 Common Core Mathematics Collaboration

I would like to find other instructors or course designers working with Captivate 7 that would like to collaborate on the creation of a freely shared collection of math resources aligned to Common Core. I am finding way to many math text providers that say calmly that their material is Common Core and the are not aligned. The high stakes nature of Common Core for teachers and school districts means that the buck will stop with them instead of publishers. It would be nice if instructors could have a collection to draw from if they find their text falls short in an area. Captivate 7 is a perfect base to use for this library since it can easily create the types of interactions seen in the PARCC and Smarter Balance test and can do so in swf, HTML5 (for iPad classrooms), and in LMS score-able formats (SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can).

If you are interested, contact Tammy Moore at

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Colin Byers

Posted on 5/18/17 9:05:30 PM Permalink

​Wow, this is a fantastic resource! Thanks for sharing!!!

Tammy Moore

Posted on 7/7/14 1:57:23 PM Permalink

While the collection we have now is not specific to Common Core, we now have several hundred Captivate math lessons, most available with the Captivate file so you can customize the lesson, available in our shared resource file section at style="font-family: Arial , Helvetica , Verdana , Tahoma , sans-serif;font-size: 15.0px;">. The folders have a logical structure, Once in the topic, follow the Published/SWF_and_HTML/multiscreen.html path for the interactive itself. Also of interest in the published folder is the Study_Notes folder. The folder Labeled Captivate holds the raw Captivate file.

We add more weekly and revist our earlier ones to step them up as we develop our methods and interactive building skills, so stop in often. We have lessons from elementary through advanced math in place and going in to place.

We are also working on a Moodle quiz bank project where we are bringing together questions that we have built from our K to 12 math courses into one system level library.

Nancy Parker

Posted on 8/4/13 12:45:56 AM Permalink

I agree that will be outstanding, free digital resources for teachers will be so very helpful.