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International Chatting

I have students in my ICT classes that would like to talk with other high schoolers around the world. I am wondering if there are other teachers who might have classes interested in having a virtual pen pal. The students can connect via Google hangouts.

We all need to follow safe protocols, ie, permissions from administration and parents, but I know it can be done. Please connect with me if you are interested.

Reaching out via Adobe Education Exchange seemed like a great place to start this venture because of the vast number of educators it reaches. I also think it might be fun for students to share their work, experiences and work on a project with someone who sees the world from another geographic location.

Stevens High School is located in Claremont, NH. Where is your school located?


Lori Stammer

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Derek Dorsett

Posted on 7/1/17 5:03:58 AM Permalink

I taught in Korea for a while and was able to set up a pen-pal thing with my students there. Here is a link to my website tutorial on how we did it and perhaps it will help you:

Also, you may explore the website:

There is a chance I might go back to Korea so if I do I will reach out to you. Good luck!


Lori Stammer

Posted on 5/23/17 11:53:26 PM Permalink

Hi Emily, We would use Google Hangouts. I actually have a client in Turkey whose 7-year-old chats with a 7-year-old in our school district. They connect via Google Hangouts and it works well. I set it up so when they connect, I am part of the group. That way I can slip in and out if I wish.

Since we are so different in time, it might be tricky with kids doing this on their own. We do need to be careful. What are your thoughts?

Emily Lewis

Posted on 5/24/17 12:13:22 AM Permalink

Hi Lori, I'm just talking with other staff at my school about the possibilities of this. I think it would be great for my students to chat and get different perspectives about school. What age group of students were you thinking?

Emily Lewis

Posted on 5/23/17 11:18:25 PM Permalink

​This sounds like a great idea! Can you monitor the conversation through Hangouts?

My school is located in Roxburgh Park, Victoria, Australia

Adobe Education

Posted on 5/23/17 3:03:41 PM Permalink

What a great idea Lori! We'll help you recruit some other educators to participate and please do let us know how the virtual collaboration goes. ​

Lori Stammer

Posted on 5/24/17 12:03:30 AM Permalink

Thanks, school will be out soon.I hope to connect a few for the summer.