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Telling the Story of you Institution: Case Study - Start / Stop Activity

Get Inspired - Step 2

Once you have watched and read the Case Study about Locke High School, add to the discussion thread below.

What are you currently thinking about your institution and how it’s perceived in the community? What shifts are taking place in your thinking about this topic, based on your review of this workshop so far?

      • Start: What are you inspired to start doing to tell your institution’s story?
      • Stop: What activities are you thinking about stopping?
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Darlene Bowman

Posted on 1/17/18 3:14:23 AM Permalink

​Oddly enough I can't help but think about how teachers in my own organization are not always aware of the wonderful things that are going on in each other's classrooms and vocational training sites. I intend to create a website that houses all of the accomplishments from my class and any other that wishes to share their success stories. Doing this online gives parents, students and the public access to what's going well in our schools.

Ari Vega

Posted on 8/21/17 12:53:35 AM Permalink

I think my university can do a better job in promoting itself by becoming a true reflection of the community it serves.

Chantelle Thompson

Posted on 4/25/17 9:38:27 PM Permalink

Start​: The college where I work will close in the near future. As a result, I would like to start a project to chronicle its legacy and the stories of the faculty, students, and staff that have contributed to its success over the years. I would like the project to include an online microsite for stories (print/audio/video), a physical exhibit of artifacts, and a coffee table book chronicling our history and key stories.

Stop: Nothing. Messaging about the closure has been disseminated and dialogs with our stakholders are ongoing.

Cheryll Holley

Posted on 8/3/16 6:10:37 PM Permalink

There are misconceptions about our community/institution that should be corrected or rephrased.

Gary Tucker

Posted on 6/29/16 7:56:58 PM Permalink

Times are changing. How we teach should changing as quickly as our lives are changing due to rapid emerging technologies. These technologies are increasingly able to implement human-human interactions in online learning once only possible in f2f classrooms and f2f educators are finding technologies readily available, easy to use and more acceptable giving students the ability to interact asynchronously with electronic resources. The merging paradigms are allowing new modalities to emerge called blended, hybrid, or flipped where at least part of the instruction is online and part occurs F2F in a classroom creating an integrated learning experience. I want to tell the story of our innovative faculty who are leading this kind of change.

I am thinking about stopping teacher-centered instruction.

Dennis Price

Posted on 4/15/16 3:55:11 PM Permalink

  • Start: What are you inspired to start doing to tell your institution’s story?

I'm trying to introduce student blogging (it's a muddy mess, but we're only in the third week) in some of my classes, which is all part of my personal initiaitive to kickstart a digital media/media creation program (dmc) to my school. When kids create, they learn. We've tried a media literacy approach, but kids balked at analyzing media messages all the time and it has gone by the wayside. My vision with the "dmc" class is to give the kids a chance to tell our story, and their stories, themselves. I will model the process by creating various media myself, which begins by my participation here.
  • Stop: drill and kill, endless lecture, mountains of meaningless homework.

Scott Winland

Posted on 3/13/16 8:49:27 PM Permalink

We are currently expanding our media program, and over the last few years have accomplished much in the way of increased enrollment, completion, job placement, service learning, articulation, recruitment, etc. that I'm not confident the institutional leadership, though happy with the numbers, truly understands our program, or what specifically how we've taken steps to improve our program from within. As we grow, the need for increased efforts in most of these areas needs to be defined. I feel telling the story in a creative and appealing/marketable way will help. As to what we should be stopping, I'm not sure if that calls for as much analysis, as our instructional team is currently focused on what needs to be done to move forward.

Karla Rivera

Posted on 2/2/16 3:56:13 PM Permalink

  • Start: What are you inspired to start doing to tell your institution’s story? I'm inspired to really highlight the different layers of the district, as well as how the non-profit organization that manages our schools leverages resources to help students and families.
  • Stop: What activities are you thinking about stopping? I don't have an answer for this.

Deirdre Cerkanowicz

Posted on 2/1/16 11:52:48 PM Permalink

I want to create a series of short videos to share on Facebook, Twitter and through our enewsletters. We need out own You-tube channel that tells the compelling story of what goes on in the library, in classes, lectures, story times and more. I can also see creating short videos and other training material so that all our employees are on the same page and have useful and rewarding professional development.

Dan Donovan

Posted on 12/27/15 6:17:15 AM Permalink

We have invested millions into making our school better, and in tangible ways it is. The building is updated, we have a robust elective program, we have dedicated faculty. We have told this story through our website, weekly video show, marketing at events, and through word of mouth. But I realize, we also need to highlight student and faculty accomplishments better, and have a variety of voices share the success of our school to the broad community. At this point, I am not sure what to stop, I am more focused on the potential of what is left to do.

Nirupama Narasimhan

Posted on 10/25/15 5:12:19 AM Permalink

Our institution first launched its website in 1998, but went through rough patches. Currently it showcases the institutional goals and activities but doesn't focus much on the faculty who have contributed to the growth of the institution. So we are currently adding information so that the expertise of the teachers is given due recognition.. Likewise, we want parents and aspiring students to know the details of the curriculum, course content and evaluation scheme and we are taking necessary steps to highlight these aspects as well.

I would like to stop any activity that rewards by rote learning and stifles creativity..

daniel Mullings

Posted on 9/21/15 5:19:41 AM Permalink

We have for several years been collaborating with other community groups and supporting a number of schools, colleges and universities. Now we have experienced some major changes within the structure of staffing and moving of the locations it's time to highlight the past and show how its reflected into future new project. I'm responsible for implementing these new projects during these changes, however, after viewing the video and following just to this point of the course I have decided to take time out to reflect what we have done and how we can reflect on what more we can bring to the table.

I want to stop being affected by negative people and to push on regardless.

Tom Lucero

Posted on 8/21/15 4:12:49 AM Permalink

We recently spent millions of dollars at our site upgrading, remodeling, building, building, and investing in a campus-wide technology initiative. I want to tell our story creatively and effectively so that all members of our school community will see our school as a beacon of learning in the 21st century. I also love the idea of spotlighting our staff and admin so that kids see them as real people - with hopes, dreams, family, interests, and challenges, just like them.

I want to stop putting off to tomorrow that which should be done today.

William Lambert

Posted on 6/29/15 10:26:28 AM Permalink

Start: I want to tell our story louder; there is so much good practice and great achievements.

Stop: Letting the drudgery of paperwork distract me and take the edge off my enthusiasm and creativity.

tunisha summers

Posted on 6/16/15 8:18:20 PM Permalink

Start: I let my student tell their stories through their work so that their voices will and can be heard

Allow the students to take more ownership of their learning

Stop: letting other people say they are going to do it and just do it myself

stuart murdoch

Posted on 5/18/15 1:10:29 AM Permalink

I want to start reaching out too the broader community about the services and skills we offer. I want to start and give the students a a bigger voice in their own learning.

I want to stop, blaming external forces for our misfortunes.

Julie Richard

Posted on 5/6/15 11:11:07 PM Permalink

I want to:

Let the students have a voice in how our school and our drama program is seen.

Be proactive in gaining support for our program.

Build a story through visuals and videos showing student involvement.

I want to stop:

Letting the district carry all of the load in creating an image for our district.

Clinton Walden

Posted on 12/31/14 5:25:23 PM Permalink

Start: What are you inspired to start doing to tell your institution's story?
  • I want to start looking for all the small stories that contribute to make our district a good place to learn and grow.
  • I don't want to limit myself to the usual focus on high achievers and big accomplishments. I want to look for the small victories and the stories that show persistence, resilience, creativity, and courage.
  • I want to show more and tell less- that is move away from print and me being the one who tells the story. I want to move toward video and pictures and have the students be the ones who tell the stories.
  • I want to be guided by a larger vision of where our district wants to go.

What activities are you thinking about stopping?

  • I want to decrease the amount of time and effort invested in print resources. Print ads have their place, but it should only be a piece of the larger puzzle.
  • I want to stop allowing whatever comes across my desk in e-mail or phone calls to control the day's agenda.
  • I want to stop telling and start showing.