Andrew On Yi Lai
Multimedia Educator

Most engaging ways to motivate staff during Professional Learning?

Hello Educators!

I am sure everyone has sat in a boring meeting or professional learning session in the past where the presenters would just talk and read off the slides they have up on the screen for hours on end.. 

I was hoping to seek exciting strategies and ideas to engage staff during professional learning sessions. What successful strategies have you used in the past to engage with staff? How did you measure their engagement? 

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Cortez William

Posted on 5/18/19 11:06:51 AM Permalink

​In my experience to get engage with the staff during professional learning sessions is to keep them involved. It should be interactive so that they will be able to absorb the session.

Emily Zabcik

Posted on 2/17/16 7:21:50 PM Permalink

The role of professional development and keeping faculty engaged is always at the top of the list. We have reviewed ideas to make the professional development more interactive. Such as a scavenger hunt around the halls, receiving an item with each session attended (if multiple items being offered), or have staff teach what they are experts at.

David Sharpe

Posted on 1/28/16 9:24:32 AM Permalink

My experience would be to reference real world situations. I think the best way is to have participants share work situations and create a dialog with each other. Basically, get participants involved.

Michelle Dennis

Posted on 12/21/15 9:09:22 AM Permalink

I look at Ted talks for inspiration on engaging ways to grab my audiences' attention. When I use slides, they only have a few words on them and I try to use infographics rather than numbers and figures to support my point of view.

Staff appreciate something that they can take away and apply in the classroom, so make it relevant and easy to use. If its a technical session, I'll introduce with some inspiration, do a quick demo, and then let them work in subject or year level pairs to develop a lesson plan around it. I'd finish by showing them where it could go to next and where to get addition help to develop their skills. Most importantly, show that you value their time by starting on time and finishing on time. (If anyone wants to stick around to keep on playing, that's great.)

Izyan Mahmod

Posted on 9/2/15 7:32:14 AM Permalink

Hello :)

Ussually we can always ask one of the participants to discuss a topic given by us with his/her friend beside.

Give them a time to came out with an idea that they discuss together.

Next we can choose another group to enhance or comment the first group idea's.

Measure their engagement by asking them to write a summary of what knowledge they get in class and give their comment/ opinion/idea about the course. :)

Andrew Lai

Posted on 9/5/15 8:26:32 AM Permalink

Thank you for your input Izyan. Asking another participant at random to summarise the previous audience comment or elaborating on it is a good way to keep everyone on their toes : )