Charles Van Winkle
Sr. Computer Scientist

Adobe Audition Team

Hello, from the Adobe Audition Team.

I'm one of the lead programmers for Adobe Audition, and am exploring Adobe's Education Exchange to see who's teaching Audition as part of their curriculum.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you are, or are interested in doing so.

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Tim Butler

Posted on 4/10/18 8:02:40 PM Permalink

​I am teaching Audition at a small high school. I have been using a couple of sources: "Adobe Audtion: Classroom in a Book" and a Udemy Audition class I purchased. But I really need some projects for my students to do with good instructions. Can you help me? 9th - 12th graders. Thanks!!!

David Bannerman

Posted on 3/9/17 10:04:27 PM Permalink

Hi Charles,

I have been using Audition for many years. My history with the program goes back to Syntrillium days when AA was Cool Edit Pro. I use Adobe Audition extensively within the Radio section of the Radio TV Journalism program at the Nova Scotia Community College in Dartmouth NS, Canada. I would like to see more instructional resources or tutorials that quickly and easily allow teachers to explore within Audition, in particular within the areas of Batch Scripting ( creating shortcuts to process multiple effects), working with video files and also working more to simplify the teaching of Dynamic Compression or as I refer to it ... "The post production effect that is the most used, the most abused and the least understood of all the audio post production processes." I have to admit that as the newer versions of AA have progressed, student feedback on the difficulty of using the effects windows has grown. I signed up for this educational service as I'm always looking to sharpen all skills in as many areas of this program as possible.


David Bannerman
Radio TV Journalism Program, Nova Scotia Community College

Charles Van Winkle

Posted on 3/10/17 4:46:42 PM Permalink

Hi David,

The quick and dirty way to process multiple effects (in the Waveform Editor) is to use Favorites. With any effect window open, there is a little button with a start in it which will create a favorite of the current effect's settings. You can also record new favorites and see some of the details in the Favorites panel. This feature was basically a stop-gap when we rewrote Audition for CS5.5 (4.0) and we didn't have the old scripting engine that CoolEdit and Audition <= 3.0 had. Now, the emphasis is on the common ExtendScript engine, and you can script a lot of stuff in Audition using the ExtendScript Toolkit (which has syntax similar to JavaScript).

Charles Van Winkle

Posted on 3/10/17 5:06:48 PM Permalink

Also, on the Dynamics Processing effect, are you familiar with the Dynamics effect in Premiere Pro? Does that UI offer something more friendly for your students? I'd like to see us make the effects between the two applications more consistent for better timeline sharing.

Jeffrey M Diamond

Posted on 9/27/16 4:14:31 PM Permalink

​Hi Charles,

I have been using Audition for several years in my Introduction to Digital Media class. I would like to see more instructional resources that quickly and easily allow teachers to explore the Audition workspace; both Waveform and Spectral Frequency Display, as well as the Multi-Track editor. I have developed some on my own but professional quality files would be great.


Jeff Diamond

Santa Rosa Junior College

Charles Van Winkle

Posted on 3/10/17 4:43:15 PM Permalink

Hi Jeffrey, sorry for the delay in response.

The CC 2017 release of Audition (around November 2016) had a new panel for on-boarding which had some beginner-level instructional exercises. Have you tried that yet? If so, I'd love your feedback. Getting good training resources for Audition has been a perpetual problem that the audio team is actively working on.