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3D in Photoshop

I'm trying to add more 3D skills to my repertoire. I'm specifically working with Photoshop this time around. That 3D panel has always scared me. Is anyone else working in Photoshop in 3D? Anyone have some easy to follow tutorials?

I found this one... will tackle it should I ever find free time again:

What have you used and found successful? The resource section of EdEx is a little light on 3D in Photoshop (some nice ones in there though). I want to help fill that out.

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Audrey Wrobel

Posted on 10/15/18 5:29:24 AM Permalink

I have used it a few times. It takes a while to render each time, but I found that upping the RAM dedicated to it can help some. ​I like that you can change multiple qualities about the light, such as the color and the direction of it, how near or far the light is from the subject. Also, you can change how the subject expands, its rotation, etc. Even once it renders, you can pivot it.

Pretty cool for text, too, and it doesn’t end up blurring but makes for a bigger file, after all. I also like how it ends up being a layer that you can still edit and apply blending effects.

Jorge De Jesus

Posted on 10/9/18 2:41:52 PM Permalink

​HI Aaron I use the 3D tool a bit on Ps and is really not that complicated at first maybe I can add some tutorials but one person that helped me with the 3D in Ps and has plenty of tutorial if you want to check him out is Corey Barker I added his youtube channel link below he has plenty of tips and tuts that are great. Hope that also helps.

Larissa Warren

Posted on 11/4/16 4:42:24 AM Permalink

​Shapeways has a great beginner tutorial on how to 3D extrude a simple line drawing.

Dhanaraj Keezhara

Posted on 3/30/15 9:26:35 AM Permalink

Very interesting link. thanks for sharing.

silvio nocilla

Posted on 3/4/14 8:14:24 AM Permalink

Hi Aron

I just saw your post and I think that this tutorial which I have done for my online course might give you some ideas to work with 3D in Photoshop. In the link below you can find the tutorial.


Aaron Roberts

Posted on 3/4/14 5:43:19 PM Permalink

Great! Thanks for your help, I'll check it out. Love that it's a PDF handout.