Tom Green
Professor, Interactive Multimedia

Deal With It

I wrote this thought piece a few months back :

In this piece I explain why I stepped away from Flash and embraced Edge. I also suggest that instead of talking about change that we embrace it and deal with it. I would be most interested in your take on this issue because it is one that seems to rippling through this forum.

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Jon Perera

Posted on 8/1/12 6:46:46 PM Permalink

This was such an important discussion at the AEL conference. The net is that Adobe recommends that students use *both* web standards as well as Flash.

Flash is used on a billion devices WW; it's the platform being used by the BBC and NBC this week for their mobile Olympics apps; and there are millions of developers that love and use Flash. Adobe's focus with the Flash Professional tool is around a.) video game development and b.) rich broadcast-quality TV experiences. Many of the most-used games on the iPad (e.g. Machinarium) as well as on the Facebook platform (e.g. Angry Birds) are done in Flash. We're also making it easier to build HTML5 content from within Flash Pro!

Separately, Adobe is leading major innovations and contributions to web standards in the HTML5 arena. And we've built an entirely new web animation tool from the ground-up that centers on HTML5: Adobe Edge.

Thus it's important for Adobe to do a better job of sharing our vision and direction here, as there's a terrific approach for the industry here!