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Adobe Spark Video to teach individual science lessons

I am looking for primary grade educators (3rd or 4th grade) interested in collaborating with me to seek funding and use a series of short Adobe Spark Videos on environmental/science topics in their classrooms. I have ideas for 16 topics to develop. One on the water cycle is finished as a model. I can write script and develop the videos applying Common Core Standards. I want an educator partner who can work with me to get this funded and tested in the classroom.

I envision the videos to match activity books on the same topic I will also develop with more depth and activities students can do/observe in the classroom and outdoors. If interested, please comment.   thanks,

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Mary Puglia

Posted on 6/6/17 9:50:56 PM Permalink

​Do you only want primary grade educators? I am a full time instructor at a community college. We serve a rural community and the primary schools don't seem to be preparing students for advanced work. Not everyone wants to study science but they need to understand scientific principles. I have been teaching for 25 years and I know that the primary schools are not teaching what students need to know and the majority of students are under-prepared and need at least 2 years of math and English remediation before they are able to start taking college level courses.

I have taught environmental science and currently, I teach anatomy and physiology for pre-nursing students. A good majority of my students have very poor math skills, can't complete a sentence, can't write and have no self discipline. They require intensive support to complete the class and there is no way they will succeed in the nursing program.

Is it better to send a primary school student for remediation while they are still in primary school or do we just continue to pass them until they end up in my classes and I have to tell them that they need tutoring in math and English. Which approach hurts their self esteem more and sets them up for life long failure?

L Wolf

Posted on 5/5/17 11:28:10 PM Permalink

​What an awesome idea! I hope that you post some of your video products.