Mark DuBois
Professor Emeritus

Web Apps vs. Native Apps

It appears there is a growing movement towards web apps (instead of native apps). The former have the appearance of an app, but are custom web pages with a specific purpose. The latter are distributed via stores (such as the AppStore). More details on the differences and emerging trend can be found at: Obviously Dreamweaver can be used as a starting point (as can Edge Code and Brackets). For development of an actual app, PhoneGap is most tightly integrated with Dreamweaver. However, one can always upload files created with Brackets to the PhoneGap site... I am curious if anyone is teaching web app development at this point in time (other than me). I look forward to your thoughts.

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Aaron Roberts

Posted on 2/20/14 5:16:07 PM Permalink

Sorry, Mark... I have nothing to add. I'm just tagging in so I can get notices on updates to your question. I'm curious about this as well.