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Will Adobe ever have a true 3d Animation software i.e. Maya, Blender?

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Darlene David

Posted on 7/24/17 3:02:23 PM Permalink

​I use Blender and Adobe CC...Blender is open source so it is free to any student who wants to learn 3D modelling, animation and a variety of other things. They are working on a new version of Blender that works in real time, I think it is version 2.8. It's not out yet but is very exciting for creatives around the world. I use Unreal Engine 4 as well, it is a game engine that is also free to use until you start making over $3,000 a quarter (or something like that). My point being, Adobe is a creative tool that I work into the workflow of all my projects. It plays nice and it is a product I feel good about teaching others.

Anthony Davis

Posted on 5/8/16 11:39:52 AM Permalink

Adobe AfterEffects has Cinema 4D lite included...

I've not spent any time with Maya but all the Autodesk software has free licenses available to educationalists...

Personally I use Trimble SketchUp for quick modelling (as well as it's massive 3D warehouse), free too, then add special effects with Cinema 4D...

Kristoffer Smith

Posted on 4/13/16 1:16:14 PM Permalink

I would rather pay for the Adobe product because I really enjoy keeping my entire project matriculating through the Adobe workflow. Also with the beta Adobe Fuse CC, the Creative Cloud is now giving you a great and easy human modeling tool.

Alain D

Posted on 4/12/16 11:07:55 PM Permalink

Why pay for the Adobe product while Blender is free and up for the task.