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Create a professional headshot

See how to use a digital camera, Lightroom, and Photoshop to shoot and edit your own head shot.

5 minutes

Make an engaging infographic

Simplify complex information into an infographic that helps students grasp the main idea—by combining text, images, and data in InDesign.

11 minutes

Create a one-page newsletter

Easily create your own newsletter by customizing our professionally-designed sample file.

5 minutes

Create an image for social media

Learn how to combine a photo, text, and artwork in Photoshop for your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media posts. Use these skills to build your own social media images or any design you create in Photoshop.

5 minutes

Top tips to fix photos

Often, the photos that we take when we're out with our friends capture the fun of the moment, but are not perfect. This quick tutorial shows you how to fix flaws, fast.

5 minutes

Design a professional resume

Learn how to quickly create a high-impact resume starting with our sample file and then make it pop with color themes and professional-looking assets.

20 minutes

Create a simple website

Learn to create a simple website using Adobe Muse with this brief tutorial.

15 minutes

Quickly add handwritten text to Instagram Photos

Learn how to use Lightroom and Photoshop Mix to combine handwritten text with your photos.

6 minutes

Quotation Project

Combine meaningful quotations and simple pictures to create impactful images.

100 minutes

Service Learning News Story Project

Produce a short TV news story promoting a service-learning project.

150 minutes

Portrait Gallery Project

Fight stereotypes with a photography project that helps students show who they are on the inside.

150 minutes

Photo Restoration Project

Research the lives of Holocaust victims, and then restore a historic photograph of one of your research subjects to keep his or her memory alive.

100 minutes

Edit a short video sequence

See how Adobe Premiere Pro CC helps you create a video from different types of media.

35 minutes

Remove noise from audio recording

Learn how to use Adobe Audition CC to keep the sounds you want and remove the ones you don’t from your audio and video projects.

26 minutes

Create a postcard

Use basic tools and techniques in Adobe InDesign to create a professional-looking postcard that you can email, print, and share online.

15 minutes

Make a brochure

This video tutorial guides you through the process of making a brochure from scratch.

10 minutes

Create a business card

Use Illustrator and InDesign to create a professional-looking business card that's ready to print.

15 minutes

Make a web banner

Learn how to make a banner you can use for online headers for blogs, ads, or email.

5 minutes

Make a flyer

Promote your next activity or event with a flyer that grabs attention with colorful imagery, graphics, and attractive typography.

10 minutes

Draw basic shapes

Learn how to use drawing tools in InDesign, a useful skill for building infographics.

8 minutes

Check out great content to help you and your students get started.

If you don't find what you are looking for, search the 10,000+ resources on the Education

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