Adobe Certified Associate - Certification Options

Prepare Students

The Adobe Certified Associate is currently available in eight different Adobe tools, each of which is aligned with a different digital career or industry. Choose to pursue one or more Adobe Certified Associate certification based on your interests, talents and career goals.

Certifications are valid for three years after the date of issue. All certifications listed above are offered for Adobe Creative Cloud products. Certification in previous product versions are also available for a limited time, but are not recommended due to being out of date with industry trends.

Level Up: Earn an Adobe Certified Associate Specialist certificate

More and more, careers in top creative industries require mastery of more than one Adobe Creative Cloud tool. That's why we've created the ACA Specialist certificate. Earning a Specialist certificate allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise with the most common skills required for a specific industry:

  • Creative Cloud
  • Creative Cloud
  • Creative Cloud

For further details on the ACA Specialist program, visit Certiport.