Self-paced Courses

Self-paced Course

Augment Reality with Your Students

Learn and teach the fundamentals of augmented reality with Adobe Aero.

Self-paced Course

Create Digital Images with Your Class

Learn and teach the basics of creative imaging with Adobe Photoshop.

Self-paced Course

Design Fun Apps with Your Students

Learn and teach the basics of user experience design with Adobe XD.

Self-paced Course

Make Posters with Your Students

Create beautiful digital posters with Adobe Spark.

Self-paced Course

School Branding for Teachers

Create and develop engaging school branding with Adobe Spark Premium.

Self-paced Course

Certifying Adobe Skills in Your Classroom

Learn the basics of incorporating ACA accreditation into your curriculum.

Live Courses

Live Course

Exploring Graphic Design with Your Students

Starts Jan 13, 2020

Create impactful digital graphics and illustrations with Adobe Illustrator.

Live Course

Creating Video Promos with Your Students

Starts Jan 13, 2020

Create engaging promotional videos with Adobe Premiere Rush.

Live Course

Create the Impossible: VFX with Your Students

Starts Jan 20, 2020

Create stunning visual effects with Adobe After Effects.

Live Course

Integrating App Design into Your Curriculum

Starts Jan 27, 2020

Design and create innovative user experiences with Adobe XD.

Featured Teaching Resources

Digital Asset

The Ultimate Adobe CC Keyboard Shortcuts List

An absolutely amazing resource for CC users from Jamie Spencer. It cov…

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Motion Graphics and Animation Curriculum

A motion graphics, animation and video curriculum that utilizes After…

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Lesson Plan

Working with clients

In design and video production business world, students can expect…

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Food Truck Challenge

This assignment is for an advanced course. In this assignment, students…

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Lesson Plan

Planning a portfolio

Portfolios communicate accomplishments, works in progres…

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Adobe Design Basics

This book gives a path to beginning student to learn the basics of Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Xd. Like tutorials, it presents 'working lessons'. For use with Creative Cloud 2019 versions of the applications. This version is current as of January 2019. Learning Muse is also included.

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Top New Teaching Resources

Lesson Plan

Field Trip Journal

Students will create an Adobe Voice project that provides a journal of a f…

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Lesson Plan

Poetry Videos with Adobe Premiere Rush

In this short project you will use a poem as the story for a short video…

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Lesson Plan

Creating DVDs with Encore

Adobe Encore is a DVD authoring tool that allows users to create DVDs, W…

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Technical Tutorial

Photoshop Ninja Moves 9: Filter Liquify

For the reluctant to intimidated Photoshop novice, I recorded these…

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Elevating Your User Experience Design Courses

In this recorded webinar, hear about the amazing work Cord Bowen and…

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Character Animator Saved My Screen Capture Project

While i was enrolled in a course (Train the Trainer) which required voice overs for a screen capture tutorial, I had some technical difficulties and my computer could not detect the mic during a screen capture, thus I was unable to explain what i was doing on screen. I tried so many different ways to capture audio but nothing was working. Then i got the idea to use Character Animator! So what i did was the following: 1) i did the screen capture of my tutorial without audio 2) then I launched Character Animator and ran the screen-captured video in the background while i captured a new audio with CA. 3) I had to combine the two in Premiere, and tweak the two source files so that what i was verbally describing matched what was happening on the screen Here is my tutorial video if you want ...

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"The AEE has taught me more than my 4-year university degree.
The courses and resources help make my classroom full of fun, colour and creativity!"

Tim Bateup
Technology Teacher, Caloundra State High School