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Digital Photography in the high school classroom

Posted on 6/6/18 by Taura VanAken Latest activity: 6/6/18

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Do any of you try to get your students on the road to get adobe accolades like badges, certifications? How many use Lightroom in the classroom? I was told by my school that Lightroom is not included in the creative suite. Is that true?

What about a course about managing Images Banks using Lightroom?

Posted on 6/6/18 by juan lopez Latest activity: 6/6/18

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Many individuals and institutions have a lot of images, a valuable resources for publishing, promoting and educations objectives. Many times I face the same problem working in such situations: nobody knows the good pictures are. If there is one... In both cases the problem starts when there is no a responsable person in charge of the pictures and there is no protocols for keeping and managing pictures. In my book making work (publishing?) I have to manage an bank of +200.000 images (pictures in raw and jp... Read More

Excellent video series on Graphic Design basics

Posted on 6/4/18 by Anna Leppänen Latest activity: 6/4/18

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Hi, Was looking for material on graphic design for my students and stumbled on this series (parts 1-6). The animations and presentations are wonderful! They have also been translated to several languages. Beginning Graphic Design

Yearbook Templates, Year Book Club

Posted on 6/1/18 by Geraldine Calvo Latest activity: 6/1/18

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Hello, Our student's class, a new school, has never done a yearbook but the first class in graduating and they are against the clock. Are there any templates out there for yearbooks for the Adobe series? Thank you, Geraldine

Game Design / Animation in High School

Posted on 5/30/18 by Taura VanAken Latest activity: 6/3/18

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Is there other high school teachers out there teaching Game Design and/or Animation? What tools do you use? I would love to hear about your experiance and how your classes are going.

Adobe Curriculum

Posted on 5/18/18 by Kelley Camp Latest activity: 5/24/18

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CTE teachers, What curriculum are you using with your Adobe programs now that Adobe is updating every year? I've been using Classroom in a Book, but I'm not sure how best to keep up with the updates. Pretty much any curriculum goes out of date almost as soon as it comes in! I'm interested to see how Pearson keeps up since the tests are supposed to be live in-app next year. I'm hoping we'll find out more at Certified this year, but it's challenging figuring out how to proceed!

Using Indesign for stage plots in theatre.

Posted on 5/17/18 by Tony Fling Latest activity: 5/17/18

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This is a good article for using indesign to create magic sheets and stage lighting plots in theatre.

Looking for Help with Motion Graphics

Posted on 5/16/18 by Timothy C Gill Latest activity: 5/24/18

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I'd like to to learn how to create motion graphics like the ones in the video (see link) to illustrate technical points in my classes. I'm a graphics novice but pretty tech/PC savvy overall. Any suggestions about what tools are used to generate those graphics? Motion Graphics Example

Looking for a job teaching Adobe Products in Atlanta, GA?

Posted on 5/9/18 by Ashley Wright Latest activity: 5/22/18

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I am in the process of moving schools and my current school in Atlanta, GA, St. Pius X Catholic High School, is looking for my replacement. If you are interested in teaching Adobe CC: PhotoshopAnimatePremiereAfter Effects Contact me at and please attach your resume!

How do you use Adobe products with your college students?

Posted on 4/26/18 by Kristine Adams Latest activity: 4/30/18

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I'm hoping to hear some creative ways that teachers/professors use Adobe products to enhance projects or assessment for their students. Not examples of using Photoshop or InDesign to make posters or things, but how you've incorporated Adobe products into your students curriculum driven projects, presentations, or reflections.

What is the opposite of Creativity (Except non-creative)

Posted on 4/25/18 by shamir yanay Latest activity: 5/7/18

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A research I am working on brought me to search for the Antonym for CREATIVITY. It would be great to have your input and thoughts on this one. A quick Dictionary research yield this: creativity | ˌkriːeɪˈtɪvɪti | noun [mass noun] the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness: firms are keen to encourage creativity. Thesaurus: creativity noun challenging objectives motivate staff and encourage creativity: inventiveness, imagination, imaginativeness, innovation, innovativenes... Read More

Photoshop Tutorials

Posted on 4/19/18 by Photoshop Tuts Latest activity: 5/24/18

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Learn the skills of working with the Photoshop, photo effects, text effects, photo manipulation lessons, free PSD templates, textures, backgrounds, Photoshop bases, tips, and tricks from basic to advanced.

Multiple Adobe Spark Accounts

Posted on 4/17/18 by Jose G Escapa Latest activity: 4/18/18

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Suppose I'm a freelance teacher who wants to give multiple students access to adobe spark without open an account. How can I get a teacher permissions to do that? Thank you

Graphics Course Materials for Secondary and University Students

Posted on 4/13/18 by Judith Kay Wilson Latest activity: 4/13/18

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I have published course materials for complete semesters for university students in four different classes. These contain instructor samples on assignments including sliced web pages, photo editing, video creation, branding, forms and estimation, camera raw, file structure and organization and much more. This material ranges from freshman to seniors in Graphics Technology. Each course comes complete with syllabus and agenda. Some of you were saying you needed samples. You are welcome to use my materials be... Read More


Posted on 4/12/18 by Juliette Bentley Latest activity: 4/18/18

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I have been using Adobe Spark in my teaching resources and am really interested in how others might be leveraging the technology to make more engaging materials and build creativity. P_lease feel welcome to share best practice or productive failures.... we all need to stuff up to learn resilience and creative problem solving.

Adobe Spark for Education is Here!

Posted on 4/9/18 by Ben Forta Latest activity: 5/3/18

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Today we announced the availability of Adobe Spark for Education, the same Adobe Spark that you know and love (and like Adobe Spark, just as free), but adapted to better suit the needs of our younger users. What is different about Adobe Spark for Education is how it gets deployed and installed. An Adobe Spark for Education deployment adds functionality that is critical to schools, including: Enhanced data privacy: can be deployed consistent with children's data privacy laws (e.g. COPPA).Easier login: Abi... Read More

Digital Portfolio Samples

Posted on 3/29/18 by Wesley Conwell Latest activity: 4/3/18

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I am interested in creating a digital portfolio and viewed the Adobe "Create A Digital Portfolio" [] workshop. However, links to sample documents are no longer available. I would greatly appreciate the help if someone could post sample docs for the following: teaching portfolio, professional portfolio, and course (class) portfolio. Thanks!

Becoming a Campus Leader

Posted on 3/20/18 by Brandon Sohier Latest activity: 4/23/18

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Hi, Does anyone know what is involved in becoming an adobe campus leader? It would be great to hear some tips shared by other campus leader, their experience and what's involved. Thanks!

Asset files with lessons

Posted on 3/1/18 by Brent Polinsky Latest activity: 3/2/18

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Do others feel the need to give the students a printed piece of paper for a project? I fell as if I only send students digital instructions, they don't get the big picture.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Posted on 2/24/18 by Guy Stoil Latest activity: 2/27/18

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Hello, I'm new to this site and think it's great! I do have a quick question.....In the Creative Cloud I found "Premiere Pro Curriculum Assets," (basically stock footage and project files) these have specific lesson plans or projects that go with them? Thanks in advance for any light someone might be able to shed on this subject! Guy

Teaching Lab vs. one-to-one Laptop Management: What works for you?

Posted on 2/23/18 by Karen Hellyer Latest activity: 3/12/18

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Greetings all, We are feeling some tension between laptop vs. teaching lab Mac management and I'm wondering how your school "does it"? Currently, we provide students their own PC laptop for the duration of their high school career. The site licensed Adobe CC software is installed on their machines. Additionally, I teach in a Mac Lab with 27" iMacs, and have multiple user accounts configured so students in different classes have their own user account on the Mac. Our tech office hasn't figure... Read More

Using Adobe Audition for Music Production Class

Posted on 2/20/18 by Tony Fling Latest activity: 2/20/18

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We current have a 21 computer lab that is used for a Music Production class and we currently use Cubase Elements 7 for this class. Over the coming months we are going to have to change software due to an OS change. I am looking at Audition and was wondering if anyone has used it for a Music Production class specifically for multi-track recording?

Adobe Lessons

Posted on 2/13/18 by Shelly Wheat Latest activity: 5/21/18

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Where can I find Lessons in Spanish for my students. I do not speak or read Spanish and I do not know where to locate the documents in Spanish of a document translator that works. I can not proof read translation to verify.

Creating Font

Posted on 1/27/18 by Tanya Lillie Latest activity: 1/27/18

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Seeking technical advice on how to take student hand drawn calligraphy and convert it into a font for use in Adobe CC applications. My students have created hand drawn calligraphy and turned it into vector art in Adobe Illustrator. I don't know how to get that into a font for them to use in their Photoshop and InDesign projects. Thank you in advance for your support.

New Accessibility Law

Posted on 1/18/18 by Kendra Barker Latest activity: 4/20/18

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Just a reminder that the 508 Refresher law takes effect today, January 18, 2018 That means that all online products must meet WCAG 2.0 level AA. Here are a couple of websites to help you: Color_Contrast_Checker WCAG_Overview