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Craft Proficiency vs. Teaching Method Proficiency

Posted on 3/25/20 by Alicia Quan Latest activity: 3/25/20

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What are the pros and cons to someone highly developed in their craft to switch over to full-time teaching? For example, a scientist becoming a teacher or an artist stopping their full-time pursuits to teach. What are the pros and cons of the reverse--a teacher changes subjects and begins teaching a subject that they are learning as they go. For example, a science teacher becomes an art teacher and enjoys learning the craft as they go in the first year and beyond.

Dreamiest Graphic Design/Illustration Projects

Posted on 3/2/20 by Meghann Harris Latest activity: 3/2/20

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I have a fun question for all us teachers out there: what was the dreamiest graphics project that you either were assigned when you were in school or that you have assigned to your students now? I'm considering having my illustration students design Dixit cards next year (has anyone played that game?) and thought this might be a fun question to ask online.

Learning Resources for Students

Posted on 2/21/20 by Amy Hardin Latest activity: 2/21/20

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Hello! I am teaching Adobe for the first time ever to my high school students and I am searching for resources. I am trying to find the best learning resources for my students. I do not have any experience and will have to teach myself the programs as well. We will be working with Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Any advance that you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

Color Picker Issues in Photoshop 2018

Posted on 2/11/20 by Lauren Petiti Latest activity: 2/11/20

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This is something that's come up with my students several times recently. In 2018, some students will try to sample colors for work. Instead of the sample color going to the foreground color, it goes to the background swatch. I can't find any recent fixes online (most are for CS6 or earlier). Has anyone had this issue and found a solution for it?


Posted on 1/10/20 by Mandy Evans Latest activity: 1/10/20

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What are some innovative ways you have had success with in teaching digital photography to beginning high school students?

Music,Adobe Premiere Rush, Language Learning

Posted on 12/6/19 by Victor Gonzalez Latest activity: 12/30/19

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Hi, I am recently working with Adobe Premiere Rush and I find it fascinating. My project involves filming a music band that merges language and sound here in Bremen, Germany. I have used Rush to put up together a video merging their use of language (German and Spanish) and editing it with relevant music. Three subjects in one final bundle. We will be presenting this in various language workshops in Spain and Germany as well.

Changing email address means losing access to work done in courses...?

Posted on 12/1/19 by Khyiah Angel Latest activity: 12/3/19

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Has anyone been able to change the email address for the Enterprise Agreement of the institution with which they work? I have a new job at a different university so I will lose access to my current university email address. I don't want to lose access to all the Spark Learning Journals I have created for the various courses I've been doing as I upskill with Adobe. I want to be able to use these resources in my teaching at my new university. It seems counter-intuitive not to be able to access them as I conti... Read More

Photoshop interface for Learners with additional needs

Posted on 11/24/19 by Dominic McCall Latest activity: 11/24/19

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Photoshop is a industry standard programme with so much functionality. I work in a school where we use CS6 and this has some options to change in Window and you can edit these individually. I wonder if there is a way to download other settings for example I would love numbers next to the tools (visual icons are great but can be overwhelming initially to students) A simple numeric so instruction fifth tool down the left hand side bar etc could initially help advance learners more efficiently. Currently I des... Read More

Adobe Animate Help! Inserting Code...

Posted on 11/18/19 by P. James Bryans Latest activity: 11/18/19

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Hello Everyone, I have a Year 9 Digital Technologies class that have been using Adobe Animate this term. Last term we were coding in Python.I have been trying to link the two with the following video tutorial (created in 2017).I have tried several different ways of inserting the JavaScript code into the Adobe Animate file, even asking my IT crew to help. No success!Everything is great when testing until the moment I insert the code, then all i get is a blank br... Read More

Creating Video Promotion

Posted on 11/15/19 by SITI NURUL MAHFUZAH MOHAMAD Latest activity: 11/24/19

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A promotional video can be used to tell your customers about your products and services. When creating a promo video for your products, it important to bear in mind a few different things. This will ensure that your promotional video is an effective way of attracting customers.

Best courses for learning Spark

Posted on 11/8/19 by James Fester Latest activity: 11/11/19

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Hey everyone! I was hoping to get some recommendations on the best courses for teaching middle school students Spark?

Integrating Adobe Tools In Language Learning

Posted on 11/8/19 by Victor Gonzalez Latest activity: 12/30/19

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How can we integrate Adobe tools in language learning? What type of activities do you offer in your classroom when merging Adobe software and teaching languages?

Best Software for Creating Digital Books

Posted on 11/7/19 by Lauren Petiti Latest activity: 11/23/19

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Both myself and some of my students are interested in creating digital books (think children's books). I understand the concepts of creating the designs in Illustrator and/or Photoshop, but we've been thinking about how cool it would be to be able to digitally turn pages and have the artwork interact with the reader in some way. Does anyone know of any ways that might happen?

Graduate Teachers

Posted on 11/1/19 by Matthew Ross Latest activity: 1/29/20

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The first years of teaching can be very overwhelming. What tools and resources have you/did you find the most helpful for the beginning if your career? There is so much out there it is diffucult to know where to start.

Zooming in screen

Posted on 10/22/19 by Ayman Raafat Latest activity: 12/18/19

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Some students may suffer from reading or viewing the projector screen in the computer Labs specially the ones sitting far from it. So I suggest using the following options for Mac desktop or Windows desktop if needed, it will be very helpful as you can configure it to “zoom in” or “zoom out” your Mac screen , or windows screen . this zoom features and draw, moving around while zoomed etc.. will help our students a lot , as many default font sizes, icons and tools are too small. 1-... Read More

Student Film Festivals

Posted on 10/10/19 by Lauren Petiti Latest activity: 10/11/19

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For those of you who have organized or participated in some, how has the experience been? I know there are a couple of ways I want my students to experience film festivals. One is through possibly participating in one locally; the other way is by organizing an on-campus one. Most of my students are animators, although we do have video production classes on campus. I'm wondering...for those of you who have organized them, what has been your process in doing that? What kinds of categories do you include, ho... Read More

File Formats in Photoshop

Posted on 10/8/19 by SITI NURUL MAHFUZAH MOHAMAD Latest activity: 11/13/19

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There's a few file format in Photoshop. Out of the 25 file types found in Photoshop's "Save As" dialog box, there's really only a handful of them that most of us will ever use. Discuss and eloborate with your team members about all the formats.

How to have students create VR/AR product

Posted on 10/7/19 by Graeme Breen Latest activity: 10/8/19

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I've been trying to find tools that will allow my students (creatives, not coders) to create AR/VR content for playback on web/Rift/Vive/Go/Quest/cardboard+smartphone/anything really. I had hoped to use Tour Creator and Poly to have students create Google Expeditions but our school system does not allow students to have Google accounts and blocks the sites in question. I then thought I would have the students use Adobe Captivate 2019 which appears to have support for VR/360 images/360 video (I'm not sure... Read More

Is the culture of risk aversion stifling creativity?

Posted on 9/30/19 by Jason Carthew Latest activity: 11/1/19

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Walking along the harbour (Sydney) I noticed the wharves had a safety fence lining the entire edge to the water in a way where you could not get close enough to see in the water. It made me consider what is the impact of our current risk aversion culture having on student creativity?

Overlooked Artists

Posted on 9/22/19 by Sara Cubberley Latest activity: 9/26/19

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An art teacher recently mentioned the work of Thom Pastrano as an inspiration for graphic design classes. I had not seen his work prior to her mention, which leads me to ask.... who are the overlooked or emerging artists you teach that other teachers should definitely look into?

High School Photo Class Camera Storage

Posted on 9/16/19 by Ryan Hayes Latest activity: 9/16/19

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I have been teaching graphic design and video production for a long time. This year I am teaching photography for the first time. I don't have any storage for photography camera and gear, so I need some suggestions. Video cameras are larger and in large bags, so I just have heavy duty shelving for the video gear. Photography cameras are smaller and if we are shooting during class a lot I don't need the cameras to always be in bags. I am looking for a solution to store cameras sans bags (or bags next to them... Read More

Recommendations for mouse/tablet for students with disabilities

Posted on 9/11/19 by Adrianne Nix Latest activity: 1/20/20

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I am looking for a recommendation for a mouse or tablet that would be suited for students with disabilities related to motor skills. I get several students each semester in my graphic design courses who struggle with using a standard mouse or tablet.