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Adobe Animate and integration with After Effects

Posted on 12/6/18 by Ayman Raafat Latest activity: 12/6/18

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I can see that there is improvements in Animate and how we import them into After Effects for post processing tasks. Now, Animate streamlines this workflow by providing a plug-in for After Effects. we can import Animate files into After Effects to composite them with a video or render them as video with more creative effects.

Adobe Animate

Posted on 12/4/18 by Shawn P McDonough Latest activity: 12/4/18

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We are looking to teach Adobe Animate to our high school students. Is there a curriculum that Adobe has created along with teaching and learning resources that include hands on projects? Whatever information that is available would be apprecaited as we launch this nerew course in 2019 - 2020. Thanks Peace Shawn

StemShare VR - NSW DoE Teachers

Posted on 12/2/18 by Matt Hankinson Latest activity: 12/2/18

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What is the feedback on the VR kits available through NSW Department of Education StemShare kits? The resources are available now through procurement. Would you recommend these ones?

Teaching Students about Accessibility

Posted on 12/1/18 by Denise Dejonghe Latest activity: 12/1/18

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What are some resources that you use to teach students about accessibility? Unfortunately and surprisingly, Adobe CC InDesign Classroom in a Book includes nothing to help me teach students about accessibility. I use Adobe's Website about InDesign Accessibility and's Creating Accessible Documents Page I just created today for students about InDesign Accessibility


Posted on 11/30/18 by Stephen Martell Latest activity: 11/30/18

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Does anyone know a good source for Adobe promotional posters? I'm wanting some fun, creative posters to put up around my classroom.

Teaching Parents How To Use Spark

Posted on 11/19/18 by Bob Tuttle Latest activity: 11/20/18

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One of my top teaching philosophies is: Learn something, Use something, and then Teach it to others. I have started to do this with students, and it has been working out great. I first teach the students about the three ways to create in Spark. Then I have them do both group and individual projects. The last step is to have then teach their parents at least one part of Spark and then talk about the experience in class. Some of the stories have been great.

How does one become an AET Instructor and run classes on EDEX

Posted on 11/14/18 by Mohamed Moolla Latest activity: 11/18/18

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Hi guys I was just wondering how to get AET and Instructor status and begin holding classes that I could instruct, I have been working for years on AE, PP, PS etc and would love to share the knowledge and experience I have

Looking for a better way to deliver digital lessons. What program/app do you use?

Posted on 11/1/18 by Adrianne Nix Latest activity: 12/6/18

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I'm looking for a digital program or app that I can use to share digital lesson plans with my students. I've tried quite a few but I'm just not happy with any of them because they either have limitations in what I can post, files sizes limits, brings students outside of the site to view items, etc. I'm looking for somewhere that I can house you tube links, webpages, google documents, and student examples.

Infographics using InDesign

Posted on 10/28/18 by Lisa S. McLeod-Simmons Latest activity: 10/31/18

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Infographics seems like a great way to develop informative and visually appealing educational materials that can both teach students as well as challenge them. And InDesign is an intuitive and easy way to create an infographic. In my field of Political Science (university level), infographics can be used to display basic information such as the types (with examples) of Presidential powers to more complex issues like the Presidential Selection process.

Looking for professional thoughts

Posted on 10/21/18 by amy cannestra Latest activity: 10/31/18

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Hello, I am currently teaching in the graphic design program at a University in Wisconsin. We have been talking about how to update our curriculum so our design students are better prepared for the professional world. Are there any working designers/art directors/creative directors/etc out there able to provide some guidance? What are you looking for from a recent grad? What are things they should know? What are things that will put them a step above? What are most recent grads missing? Would love to... Read More

Illustrator or InDesign Training for an Undergraduate-level Typography Course

Posted on 10/11/18 by Keenan Sultanik Latest activity: 10/15/18

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For an undergraduate-level college course on typography, would you recommend teaching Illustrator or InDesign to the students? I only have enough class time for one of them in addition to the rest of the typography-specific instruction that I want to include. InDesign is great for teaching page layout while Illustrator is great for teaching typographic composition and typeface design. I would appreciate the thoughts of other educators on the topic as I develop my curriculum.

XR - VR/AR/MR - impact on learning

Posted on 10/7/18 by Dean Utian Latest activity: 10/25/18

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I'm currently working on a learning and teaching event poster on VR and empathy - both in designing the experience with empathy for the user and to have empathy as a learning outcome. I thought I'd start a discussion on the impact of these immersive technologies on learning. First, to define the terms in basic terms VR - Virtual Reality - an immersive experience that is all in a computer simulated reality. AR - Augmented Reality - a live overlay of digital to a real-world environment. MR - Mixed Reality... Read More

Train the trainer course?

Posted on 10/3/18 by Paul Walsh Latest activity: 10/8/18

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HI all, Can anyone tell me when the train the trainer course will be starting again please? Cheers!

Using Creative Technology in the Classroom and in the Field

Posted on 9/24/18 by Lisa McLeodSimmons Latest activity: 10/8/18

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In Higher Education, students often move from the classroom to the field on various projects. I'm interesting in the ways that Adobe products can facilitate this practice, but in a creative way, such as using Spark to create on the fly presentations in the field and brought back to class and shared. Student resources would consist of a smartphone, Adobe Spark, and perhaps Adobe Photoshop Express and Photoshop Fix and Mix. The types of field work could range from biology and environmental science, to sociol... Read More

Film making

Posted on 9/22/18 by David Cornford Latest activity: 10/8/18

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I find teaching the techniques of film making to year 7 students at times a difficult concept for them to grasp and complete to a good standard. Has anyone got a success story they would like to share that was successful to the younger students. maybe resources etc

Sharing Libraries (without student access to full CC services)

Posted on 9/21/18 by Dale Cremone Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Hi! Does anyone have the ability, or know of the ability, to share resources directly within Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc... without the need for CC libraries access? My school has CC for a few labs, and my room specifically has 24 PCs running the full suite of CC apps - however - the students do not have cloud access. We simply have PC licenses, not user specific ones. I'm looking to have a library for the students to be able to pull from easily (right now, they can use files on a server tha... Read More

Resources and Reasons to Start Offering Adobe Classes

Posted on 9/21/18 by Edye Blencowe Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Our high school has been deficient in its offering of electives for several years. I'd like to convince our school and district that we need to start offering classes that feature the use of Adobe Creative Cloud products - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects, Spark, Dreamweaver, etc. Our school district and school are somewhat behind on technology. I have my principal's ear, but I'm having trouble finding published information or presentations on "why" we should offer these... Read More

AP/Dual Enrolled visual arts with Adobe

Posted on 9/20/18 by Brian Dumm Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Hi, I will be looking to get visual arts AP courses approved at my district in the coming year. I'm looking for any tips or information that may have helped integrate Adobe products into this process for others. Integrating technology is typically a focus for current curriculum and I'm also wondering if anyone utilizes any special Adobe education packages for their school. thanks, Brian

Help with spanish speaker

Posted on 9/7/18 by Michael Dickerson Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Second year teaching need some help with a Spanish only speaking student. Looking for help in translating or resources or where I can find resources. Thanks for any help.

Anyone having trouble getting Spark to load?

Posted on 8/22/18 by Adrianne Nix Latest activity: 10/8/18

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It seems like every time I go on Spark it takes forever to load or it won't load at all. I've tried different browsers, different times of day, different internet connections with no luck. I'm trying to work on creating presentations for my classroom but if the site isn't consistent then that will be a problem.

How would you implement Adobe tools into your school context? Share your ideas below.

Posted on 8/20/18 by Rose Duggan Latest activity: 10/8/18

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These are just a few ideas that I have come up with..... Please share yours below! Creating geometric patterns in Mathematics using PhotoshopUsing Adobe Premiere Pro to create videos in English Using Photoshop to create collages for school displays Creating posters for school events in Photoshop Creating infographics in Illustrator for Science Using Animator to create animations of historical events for SOSE

Interactive Multimedia Career and Technical Lab

Posted on 8/13/18 by William Oesch Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Hello. I wanted to share a link to my career and technical lab. It is an 11th and 12th grade program that specializes in graphic design, video productions, product development, 3D modeling/3D printing, beginning game design, web and app development, and animation. We will be sharing their work throughout the school year. It would be great if you could visit and like the page and follow us on Instagram. It is my hope that as our Facebook and Instagram grow, the students will be able to get feedback from one... Read More

Adobe Illustrator Book Cover in progress 101 Days of Empowerment Vol 2

Posted on 7/11/18 by DTM creativegenius Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Adobe Illustrator Book Cover in progress 101 Days of Empowerment Vol 2 I created Vol 1 cover years ago and I wanted to keep the same theme going but with a fresh art look.I started by sketching out some ideas on paper and digitally, I can't show you my terrible ideas, but these two are the best ones that showed some potential. I jumped on Adobe Illustrator and started to experiment with the figures and I quickly found the idea that was going to work.Creating an illustration in Adobe Illustrator is e... Read More