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Help with spanish speaker

Posted on 9/7/18 by Michael Dickerson Latest activity: 9/7/18

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Second year teaching need some help with a Spanish only speaking student. Looking for help in translating or resources or where I can find resources. Thanks for any help.

Anyone having trouble getting Spark to load?

Posted on 8/22/18 by Adrianne Nix Latest activity: 8/22/18

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It seems like every time I go on Spark it takes forever to load or it won't load at all. I've tried different browsers, different times of day, different internet connections with no luck. I'm trying to work on creating presentations for my classroom but if the site isn't consistent then that will be a problem.

How would you implement Adobe tools into your school context? Share your ideas below.

Posted on 8/20/18 by Rose Duggan Latest activity: 8/20/18

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These are just a few ideas that I have come up with..... Please share yours below! Creating geometric patterns in Mathematics using PhotoshopUsing Adobe Premiere Pro to create videos in English Using Photoshop to create collages for school displays Creating posters for school events in Photoshop Creating infographics in Illustrator for Science Using Animator to create animations of historical events for SOSE

Interactive Multimedia Career and Technical Lab

Posted on 8/13/18 by William Oesch Latest activity: 9/13/18

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Hello. I wanted to share a link to my career and technical lab. It is an 11th and 12th grade program that specializes in graphic design, video productions, product development, 3D modeling/3D printing, beginning game design, web and app development, and animation. We will be sharing their work throughout the school year. It would be great if you could visit and like the page and follow us on Instagram. It is my hope that as our Facebook and Instagram grow, the students will be able to get feedback from one... Read More

Adobe Illustrator Book Cover in progress 101 Days of Empowerment Vol 2

Posted on 7/11/18 by DTM creativegenius Latest activity: 7/11/18

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Adobe Illustrator Book Cover in progress 101 Days of Empowerment Vol 2 I created Vol 1 cover years ago and I wanted to keep the same theme going but with a fresh art look.I started by sketching out some ideas on paper and digitally, I can't show you my terrible ideas, but these two are the best ones that showed some potential. I jumped on Adobe Illustrator and started to experiment with the figures and I quickly found the idea that was going to work.Creating an illustration in Adobe Illustrator is e... Read More

​Flat Vector Art - Face Logos, Selfie Game Strong!

Posted on 7/11/18 by DTM creativegenius Latest activity: 7/11/18

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Flat Vector Art - Face Logos, Selfie Game Strong! Sketch drawing with pencil on paper for fun then imported to Adobe Illustrator because it looked like a good idea.Will update the steps at Follow on social medias @DeltaTangoMike official website Music Tracks by @DJO2isMrTCArt by @DeltaTangoMike watch on youtube:

​From Mobile Game Storyboard to Background in Adobe Illustrator Part 1.

Posted on 7/11/18 by DTM creativegenius Latest activity: 7/11/18

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From Mobile Game Storyboard to Background in Adobe Illustrator Part 1.The game intro requires over 10 background images, this is the first one. All Pen Tool and some shapes to create the elements and build the composition. This step is just for the line work and testing within the mobile game, two screen sizes are considered in the layout to make sure the background fits the game play. Storyboard drawing started in Sketchable App and Microsoft Surface Pro then imported to Adobe Illustrator.More to co... Read More

Online Teaching Tips

Posted on 7/3/18 by Say Dempsay Latest activity: 8/17/18

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With the online education securely surrounding us, I would like to start a discussion on some of your best techniques to help students learn. What do you do to make the material presented "sticky"? What else do you do to create a community and have them keep coming back for more? Have other helpful ideas that you would like to add, please do. Here are a couple ideas I use: In my visual classes, I create audio/video critiques of student work. I will bring the submitted file into Photoshop/I... Read More


Posted on 6/30/18 by melanie cavazos Latest activity: 6/30/18

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Does anyone have any good STREAM projects to share using Adobe? If so what Adobe products do you use for STREAM?

Teaching a lesson on Graphic Design for High School class

Posted on 6/30/18 by Magenta Diaz Latest activity: 6/30/18

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I am a High School Art teacher in Texas. My school recently purchased creative cloud for my classroom and I want to use it to start teaching an introductory lesson of Graphic Design that will be six weeks long. Does anyone have advice on which program I should start with first? I was thinking about starting with Photoshop and then continuing to Illustrator, and then ending with inDesign. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. - Thank you

Grade illustrator assignments on an iPad Pro?

Posted on 6/21/18 by Veleta Vancza Latest activity: 6/21/18

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I'm wondering if anyone here can help me with this issue. My dean offered to get me an iPad Pro instead of a laptop. The purpose of the laptop request was so that I can do grading away from school. I mainly am grading Adobe Illustrator files (occasionally photoshop) and need to see all the layers. I essentially "deconstruct" their drawings when they hand them in to me. Is there an app for iPad that would allow me to grade illustrator files? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!

Digital Photography in the high school classroom

Posted on 6/6/18 by Taura VanAken Latest activity: 6/6/18

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Do any of you try to get your students on the road to get adobe accolades like badges, certifications? How many use Lightroom in the classroom? I was told by my school that Lightroom is not included in the creative suite. Is that true?

What about a course about managing Images Banks using Lightroom?

Posted on 6/6/18 by juan lopez Latest activity: 6/6/18

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Many individuals and institutions have a lot of images, a valuable resources for publishing, promoting and educations objectives. Many times I face the same problem working in such situations: nobody knows the good pictures are. If there is one... In both cases the problem starts when there is no a responsable person in charge of the pictures and there is no protocols for keeping and managing pictures. In my book making work (publishing?) I have to manage an bank of +200.000 images (pictures in raw and jp... Read More

Excellent video series on Graphic Design basics

Posted on 6/4/18 by Anna Leppänen Latest activity: 6/4/18

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Hi, Was looking for material on graphic design for my students and stumbled on this series (parts 1-6). The animations and presentations are wonderful! They have also been translated to several languages. Beginning Graphic Design

Yearbook Templates, Year Book Club

Posted on 6/1/18 by Geraldine Calvo Latest activity: 6/1/18

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Hello, Our student's class, a new school, has never done a yearbook but the first class in graduating and they are against the clock. Are there any templates out there for yearbooks for the Adobe series? Thank you, Geraldine

Game Design / Animation in High School

Posted on 5/30/18 by Taura VanAken Latest activity: 6/3/18

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Is there other high school teachers out there teaching Game Design and/or Animation? What tools do you use? I would love to hear about your experiance and how your classes are going.

Adobe Curriculum

Posted on 5/18/18 by Kelley Camp Latest activity: 9/7/18

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CTE teachers, What curriculum are you using with your Adobe programs now that Adobe is updating every year? I've been using Classroom in a Book, but I'm not sure how best to keep up with the updates. Pretty much any curriculum goes out of date almost as soon as it comes in! I'm interested to see how Pearson keeps up since the tests are supposed to be live in-app next year. I'm hoping we'll find out more at Certified this year, but it's challenging figuring out how to proceed!

Using Indesign for stage plots in theatre.

Posted on 5/17/18 by Tony Fling Latest activity: 5/17/18

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This is a good article for using indesign to create magic sheets and stage lighting plots in theatre.

Looking for Help with Motion Graphics

Posted on 5/16/18 by Timothy C Gill Latest activity: 5/24/18

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I'd like to to learn how to create motion graphics like the ones in the video (see link) to illustrate technical points in my classes. I'm a graphics novice but pretty tech/PC savvy overall. Any suggestions about what tools are used to generate those graphics? Motion Graphics Example

Looking for a job teaching Adobe Products in Atlanta, GA?

Posted on 5/9/18 by Ashley Wright Latest activity: 5/22/18

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I am in the process of moving schools and my current school in Atlanta, GA, St. Pius X Catholic High School, is looking for my replacement. If you are interested in teaching Adobe CC: PhotoshopAnimatePremiereAfter Effects Contact me at and please attach your resume!

How do you use Adobe products with your college students?

Posted on 4/26/18 by Kristine Adams Latest activity: 8/6/18

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I'm hoping to hear some creative ways that teachers/professors use Adobe products to enhance projects or assessment for their students. Not examples of using Photoshop or InDesign to make posters or things, but how you've incorporated Adobe products into your students curriculum driven projects, presentations, or reflections.

What is the opposite of Creativity (Except non-creative)

Posted on 4/25/18 by shamir yanay Latest activity: 5/7/18

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A research I am working on brought me to search for the Antonym for CREATIVITY. It would be great to have your input and thoughts on this one. A quick Dictionary research yield this: creativity | ˌkriːeɪˈtɪvɪti | noun [mass noun] the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness: firms are keen to encourage creativity. Thesaurus: creativity noun challenging objectives motivate staff and encourage creativity: inventiveness, imagination, imaginativeness, innovation, innovativenes... Read More

Photoshop Tutorials

Posted on 4/19/18 by Photoshop Tuts Latest activity: 5/24/18

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Learn the skills of working with the Photoshop, photo effects, text effects, photo manipulation lessons, free PSD templates, textures, backgrounds, Photoshop bases, tips, and tricks from basic to advanced.