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User Research

Posted on 11/26/19 by Chaman Sharma Latest activity: 11/26/19

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Hello EdEx Members and Trainers, I am doing a research on User Research Methodolgies, please help me out with the same. What do you guys think is the best case study on user research, also please share the research method that you always find useful in your teaching sessions and other undertaking project goals. I'm seeking to gain insights on the types of user research that you teach, perform or implement in your lives like quantitative, qualitative, etc. I am also here to mentor other learner designers... Read More

Photography sources

Posted on 11/25/19 by Silvia Riquelme Latest activity: 12/20/19

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There are so many sources when you try to upgrade your photographic skills,that Is so difficult to choose Anyways I have found one talking about how to get a good camera for you tube.

Are school children only expected to conform in the classroom and does this mean they are being educated out of creatively?

Posted on 11/20/19 by bronwen Wade-Leeuwen Latest activity: 11/20/19

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During my PhD studies I interviewed 350 pre-service teachers in 3rd and 4th year of their teacher training degree. One of the teachers surprised me with this statement after being on her praxis experience in a school. “My previous classroom supervising teacher wasn't into Creative Arts at all and I can see that in the kids because when I gave them that freedom to create they weren’t able to perform, they wouldn't - they were just lost” (SV-06), 4th Year preservice teacher interview in 20... Read More

How should we color the Button Bar??

Posted on 10/2/19 by Melvin Anthony Latest activity: 10/2/19

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Hi, While designing an app, I had a screen wherein a user could select two states/categories. So the question is, if there are two colours to be used, how should we use them? Do we need to highlight the current state or the other state that the user can switch too? Please share any best practisesor web links to this in the comments below. Thanks & Regards, Melvin

ActionScript 4

Posted on 7/10/19 by Jonathan Moore Latest activity: 7/10/19

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Adobe's plans on ActionScript 4

Student Experience Design / Gave us your feedback

Posted on 6/10/19 by Ares Hovhannesyan Latest activity: 6/10/19

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Hi, We are working on new educational model that is based on UX rules. As I teaching Adobe Products at University and use Flip Learning Model the main goal of these model is improving teaching for Adobe Products (Ps, Ai, Xd, Dn) Please review Student experience Design (SX Design) and gave us your feedback. Thanks .

Using Prelude to code video interviews for research

Posted on 3/19/19 by Erica Walker Latest activity: 3/19/19

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Although I have used other tools in the past, I have started coding some interviews in Prelude for a recent project. My thought process was that it would make for an easier workflow when I shifted from coding to editing in Premiere. One thing I'd like to do is export all the comment notes into a text file so I could look at them in text format. Does anyone know how to export metadata comments from Prelude? I haven't been able to find the answer online (perhaps I am using the wrong terminology...) Thanks!

How to imlement gamification in e-lerning

Posted on 3/7/19 by Juan Pablo Prado Otero Latest activity: 3/7/19

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I would like to learn how to implement gamification in e-learning. Here in Eden Adobe, there are scoreboard, badges and some topics for winning points. I would like to know. 1. How is the criteria for obtaining those points in the different categories? 2. Is possible to design gasification using Adobe Captivate? 3. The Edex Platform is private just for Adobe or is it possible to buy it for applying e-learning? I appreciate if someone can give me a hand, I am researching about gasification in learning.... Read More

K/1st Creating with Adobe Spark

Posted on 2/24/19 by Kristen Brooks Latest activity: 2/24/19

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Which Adobe Spark App is most preferred by our younger elementary students for creating and Why?

Lab Ideas

Posted on 2/16/19 by Rob Fitzgerald Latest activity: 2/16/19

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Hello, We are looking to remodel our Computer Science Lab. We have rows of computers on built in desktops. We want to enter the 21st Century and create a lab that can house 20-40 computers, monitors, lap tops and some desktop machines for bigger projects. I once saw in here a picture of a lab with girls sitting at a small desk used to house their laptop, as up above this area was a mounted screen. This looked really ideal. Can anyone direct me to a lab situation that is working and is ready for today&... Read More

How to make animations done in Animate cc (html5 / swf) files work on different web browsers

Posted on 12/20/18 by Hagos Tewolde Latest activity: 12/20/18

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I have prepared some animations using Animate CC and wanted it to be uploaded into a web page so as to be viewed using different web browsers in a desktop computer. With Microsoft Edge, the swf files can be opened but when it comes to Chrome, it gives you a warning message which says "this type of file can harm your computer". I tried to convert my animation in to HTML canvas and many of the animation features lost. I have some animations done years ago (Macro Media Flash) and I am in the proc... Read More

Adding To Your Creative Reading Library

Posted on 12/20/18 by Jeremiah Baumann Latest activity: 1/17/19

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Hey All, Over the next couple weeks I hope to catch up on some creative inspirational books. My favorites so far have been Creativity Inc and Creative Quest. What are some of your go to creative inspirational books that I can add to my library? Feel free to share/comment and then I can put together a full list! Thanks! -Jeremiah

new features With Animate CC

Posted on 10/18/18 by Ayman Raafat Latest activity: 11/29/18

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Asset sculpting Create new poses faster for vector and raster content using handles on a shape to change the mesh. No need to redraw assets on every frame — just tween between poses and create animations. Better control of layers Animate between poses easily by organizing your assets in parent-child layers. When an object on the parent layer is moved, the child layer automatically moves with it. Improved integration with After Effects We’ve streamlined how you import animations into After E... Read More

Design thinking material

Posted on 7/18/18 by Héctor Adolfo Bernal Sandoval Latest activity: 10/8/18

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I'm looking for material and resources that are design thinking to adjust to the dynamics program that occur in the university I work, what I'm trying to do is make a model that integrates the processes of design thinking with praxeological practices . I would appreciate your collaboration

Lessons from Developing Countries: Self Organized Learning Environments and More

Posted on 6/19/18 by Cindy Kringelis Latest activity: 10/3/18

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I stumbled across this controversial, disruptive, inspiring article and TED talk tonight and had to share. Mitra's new pedagogical method responds to student questions like "how can I...?" with "I haven't the foggiest idea. And anyway, I'm going away...." And yet, result he found were amazing. His approach to education is broadband + collaboration + encouragement & admiration (where remote Skyped-in grannies from the "Granny Cloud" say "wow, how did you do that?&... Read More

Premiere Pro vs. Final Cut - What's the difference and why is FC chosen over Pr in the production industry?

Posted on 5/18/18 by Daniel Day Latest activity: 7/4/18

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I completely understand that we're all using Adobe products, considering the fact that we're all here. :) So try to be open when portraying your opinions! Going through my multimedia courses back in college, I've always been taught that Final Cut is the ultimate tool; especially if you're going in to the production business. Even Hollywood is using Final Cut over Premiere Pro and for the life of me, I can't figure out why. I love and own FC, but from the moment I discovered Pr, I literately "NEVER&qu... Read More

I'm looking for an article/infographic

Posted on 4/19/18 by Julia Borkosky Latest activity: 11/7/18

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I came across a report and infographic on creativity not being taught in the classroom. Educators from the U.S. and three other countries were interviewed for the article. The jist of the report was schools are spending too much time on testing, and schools are lacking appropriate technology. I would like to share this report/infographic with my fellow teachers and administration. Could someone share the link to this story?

Vectors AI

Posted on 3/2/18 by Jeff O'Brien Latest activity: 11/7/18

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I am working on animations for After Effects and looking for free vectors so students can animate them? Where is a good website to find free pictures and vectors for animations?

Gifted Education and Females

Posted on 10/4/17 by Michelle Hansen Latest activity: 11/7/18

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I am currently completing my Masters in Educational Leadership and have to create a research project on a topic of choice. I have a keen interest in gifted education, particularly girls and how they get on. I am a Maths and Science Secondary School Teacher in Australia and have noted the lack of presence of females in areas such as Chemistry, Physics and Specialist Mathematics, in the schools where I have taught. I am particularly keen for anyone to share any noted articles or research that they are aware o... Read More

to make a movie

Posted on 9/28/17 by MANZI Fred Latest activity: 1/23/18

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I like to ask how to make a movie in 3D style in adobe photoshop.

I have created a prototype for an app promoting informal and formal volunteering for my Masters project and want some feedback.

Posted on 9/26/17 by Rebecca Stocks Latest activity: 11/7/18

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The prototype has been made using Adobe XD, although it is not entirely finished I am looking for any feedback regarding layout, functionality, design, usability etc. The app is aimed to advertise volunteering opportunities near where you are situated and also offer a good deed for you to undertake that day to create a friendlier community and World, any feedback is appreciated. Link to prototype found below

Adobe Spark for Engineering PhD Research Proposal Presentation

Posted on 9/12/17 by Wesley Conwell Latest activity: 11/7/18

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I am preparing a presentation for my PhD research proposal. Most of my peers are using Powerpoint. I am considering using Adobe Spark. What are your thoughts regarding usage of Adobe Spark for an engineering PhD Research proposal presentation?