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Adobe UX course

Posted on 9/20/19 by Peter Nortje Latest activity: 9/30/19

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Hi, I cannot upload my file due to size - my bad, did not see that it was getting so big. Please advise how to proceed Regards Peter


Posted on 9/10/19 by chvarun kumar Latest activity: 9/10/19

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Learn how to enhance and creatively transform images and photographs with our online Professional Diploma in Photoshop. Offering Photoshop tutorials to help you explore a range of techniques that can enable you to effectively illustrate your ideas in Photoshop, our diploma course is available for beginner to advanced level learners. Teaching you the fundamentals of the world’s most powerful image editing tool are our team of industry experts and Photoshop veterans. Teaching you how to use Adobe Photos... Read More

Blog for Adobe analytics

Posted on 9/4/19 by Nithya V Latest activity: 9/8/19

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Hello All - A blog containing discussion on adobe analytics and the full spectrum of Adobe tools used for data science projects -

Technology in Math Classrooms

Posted on 7/6/19 by Erwin Alvarez Latest activity: 9/7/19

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Technology in the classroom has become an important tool for lesson reinforcement. It exposes students to a vast amount of information and gives them hands on experience on a skill that will be used in the future in college and in the workforce. It is safe to say that basic computer skills are a must for a successful career. Adobe is no longer just a program in which to access or edit PDF files, but it has evolved to providing programs that will help a small business or a classroom. As a future middle schoo... Read More

I have a product question about using best fit for compiling third grade work and presentations

Posted on 7/5/19 by Ann White Latest activity: 7/5/19

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Hi, I'm Annie White . I'm in the MAC Program K-6 Education. I have a little experience with Adobe Spark. I like Adobe and Adobe Spark. I put together a Movie Trailer once to introduce a children's book by using Adobe Spark. Is Adobe Spark a good vehicle or is there a better product to help third graders implement pictures from their cell phones of a community project and pieces of their Power Points or Google Slides and other work to compile a combination of work for a Scrapbook or Scrap board Portfolio?

Learning Management Systems

Posted on 5/18/19 by Mike Victorio Latest activity: 9/7/19

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Many vendors are endorsing their own LMS. Among them who is the best or will be appropriate for a Learning Institution?

Teacher as a Vlogger

Posted on 5/17/19 by Mervin Go Latest activity: 6/4/19

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Is it OK to film your lectures and publish it online as a form of a vlog?

Gamification Learning

Posted on 5/17/19 by Mike Victorio Latest activity: 6/29/19

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Learning thru gamification is one of the new trends in e-learning to consider. Learners tends to be motivated and always at the edge of their seats in class.

Mixed Reality E-Learning

Posted on 5/17/19 by Mike Victorio Latest activity: 5/18/19

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A combination of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is Mixed Reality. Another means of interactive learning.

To be, or not to be:

Posted on 5/16/19 by Mervin Go Latest activity: 7/13/19

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Should design studio facilitators in Architecture schools be more receptive in the use of computer applications in their classes?

The revival of print in educational resources

Posted on 4/10/19 by Philip Saldais Latest activity: 4/19/19

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Hi folks It's recently come to my attention in the classes that we have, that print may not yet be dead. Our resources are designed to reflect that which is why we made the decision to develop all of our resources through InDesign rather than a purely online platform. This enables any of our content to be printed on demand, but also embedded into our LMS as well. What experiences have you had in the classroom, and what do you find is the happy medium between interactive resources and giving the students t... Read More

The use of 360 degrees video foodage in the training

Posted on 4/4/19 by Henni Stalknecht Latest activity: 4/4/19

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Hello all,At the moment I am working on an assignment to use 360 degrees video within a production environment and use a standard 360 degrees 4k camera for this. To get everything in the picture, the employee receives a harness with the camera mounted. Is this a handy solution or do you use other options that you want to share.Regards,Henni Groomsman


Posted on 3/14/19 by syafiq hasan Latest activity: 4/11/19

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Posted on 3/13/19 by Arun Mohan Latest activity: 3/13/19

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I like to learn about to use mask in these software (Photoshop, illustrator & indesign) because I'm a self learning person

Photos to video

Posted on 3/1/19 by Michael Ha Latest activity: 3/30/19

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Hi, was wondering what's the best (simplest) program to use to add ~100 photos with multiple soundtrack , transitions, and text layovers?

Email links not working

Posted on 1/28/19 by Roberto Neuberger Latest activity: 2/2/19

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Hi, I've been trying to contact Adobe to report that the links included in emails when somebody comments on my assignments are taking me to the edex home page and not to the comment itself (as stated on the emails). However, adobe doesn't make easy to be contacted unless the support is specific to their software. Where could I report this annoying issue? Thank you,


Posted on 1/24/19 by Jordan Winters Latest activity: 1/24/19

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Hi all. My name is Jordan Winters and I am taking a few of these Adobe Exchange courses. My goal is to connect with likeminded creatives and professionals in hopes of increasing my technical skillset as well as my LinkedIn network. If anyone would like to add me on LinkedIn, my offer is that at the complete of each course I’ll be able to get an endorsement for the course topics on my LinkedIn profile. In exchange I will provide endorsements as well. Feel free to add me on LinkedIn and at course compl... Read More

How come my Adobe RUSH videos show red boxes with " ! " sign - and no video!

Posted on 11/23/18 by David Evans Latest activity: 10/4/19

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Hi Everyone, I've recently completed the EdEx course on Adobe Rush. I made a short vid yesterday and uploaded it to YouTube, where it's working fine. But when I go into the original Rush project, all the video sections are showing as solid red boxes with an ! over them. When I play it back, the Rush Text and Transition elements are still in place, but as the time line passes, each video is just pure red with ! AAaggghhh! Any ideas, please? Is this because I uploaded it to YouTube - is it no longer ava... Read More

How do i start with creativity

Posted on 11/7/18 by Abraham Okpo Latest activity: 12/12/18

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My question is how do i installed the app on my desktop. And also how do start using it for creativity. I welcome hearing from you. Thanks.

What do you look for in an interactive e-Book? What engages you?

Posted on 10/18/18 by Kevin Cummins Latest activity: 10/31/18

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I am currently putting together an interactive e-book on teaching STEM and Computer Science in indesign. I was a complete novice two months ago, but now feel pretty competent with it thanks to a lot of vids, tutorials, forums and the like. I want to release it as an interactive e-pub on Amazon, Apple books and the like and was wondering what elements would you be looking for in an interactive e-book to make it worth your while? Obviously I have, videos, hyperlinks etc, but I was wondering if there were t... Read More

More video tutorial would be very helpful

Posted on 9/13/18 by mehedi Hasan Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Lot of people want to learn Adobe namely Photoshop . Easy way to learn is video thats why we start looking for video tutorial . we need more resource for this .

Virtual Reality

Posted on 9/2/18 by Matt Hankinson Latest activity: 10/8/18

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I'd be interested to hear great ways to engage elementary/primary students with their learning through the creation or use of virtual realities or augmented realities in the classroom.