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Face-to-Face training and Online at once

Posted on 7/2/20 by Dimitri Merritt Latest activity: 7/2/20

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The scenario: South Africa is coming out of lock down. We are in this silly phase where the government has partially allowed people to go back to work. It is during this funny time that students can choose to go back to school or to do online schooling. The school to which I send my daughter is trying to do both at once. Problem: The problem with trying to teach children in a class and online at once are: 1.Teacher has to focus on both the online environment and the class… AND… at best t... Read More

Making the real world learning, accessible with creativity (Part 1)..

Posted on 6/22/20 by Teresa Rabago Latest activity: 6/26/20

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Covid 19 transforms everybody tremendously. As an educator, we've been tasked to transform our classroom into the cloud overnight. Most teachers are now staying at home with their family(i have two daughters), have limited time, skills, and experience using digital tools and collaboration platforms for remote/distance learning. Here in the Philippines, While I'm busy working with my Activity Sheets I thought of the kids/teens that are in their homes doing the Tiktok challenges and updating their Facebook... Read More

Online Education for Students with Visual Impairment

Posted on 6/21/20 by Sheryline Bustarga Latest activity: 6/21/20

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I would like to ask if there is an accessibility feature of PDF file. Learners who are blind or low vision use assistive technologies, such as screen readers (NVDA, JAWS) to read aloud the content of the material (written texts and graphics). With the present situation caused by the pandemic, face-to-face is not possible. With this, I would like to send the materials in a PDF file through their e-mails so they can access the resources. Thank you for possible response.

Challenges of elearning

Posted on 5/14/20 by Aditya Vimal Latest activity: 5/14/20

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As per me, there are lots of challenges in eLearning no doubt adobe is trying hard to remove all the barrier to make eLearning comprehensive.

E-learning when the connection's not there

Posted on 5/9/20 by Nora Carrol Latest activity: 5/9/20

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One of e-learning's best features is 'access', but what happens when access is restricted by cost and reliability? How do those restrictions impact adult professionals and business owners in emerging economies, who rely primarily on phone apps, and whose (often) physical isolation limits growth? Their internet access is too intermittent and limited in bandwidth to integrate still graphics, much less animation or video.

Earth Day

Posted on 4/23/20 by Olena Bradford Latest activity: 4/23/20

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How did you celebrate the 50th year of Earth Day with your students? We are all on remote learning now. I really wondered how to help my students be active participants and responsible citizens on this day. So, I've created an Adobe Web page for my little students to watch and learn about this day. Then, I asked them to design their own Earth Day Scavenger Hunt and submit it as a video on their Canvas course. I enjoyed the feedback that I've received from the students. However, I'm interested in finding... Read More

Video Production in the Time of Coronavirus and Quarantine

Posted on 3/20/20 by Amanda Lelliott Latest activity: 4/2/20

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Hi video production teachers, If you have had to move to an online format, what types of products are you asking of your students? Many of my students do not have desktop computers where they can install the Adobe Suite, so for equity's sake, I can't require these tools as part of my instruction. Hoping this creative community might have some ideas. I've been having them use Spark, since they can access that on a Chromebook, but looking for more ideas about digital storytelling in a more limited way. I... Read More

How can I create a plastic wrap effect in Photoshop?

Posted on 3/10/20 by Vinay Ahlawat Latest activity: 6/12/20

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Home » Features » Using Photoshop’s Plastic Wrap Filter Using Photoshop’s Plastic Wrap Filter by Steve Caplin2 Comments Photoshop’s Plastic Wrap filter is great at creating liquid effects of all kinds. It’s also, unsurprisingly, very effective at wrapping an object in plastic. In this tutorial, we’ll see how we can take a toy ray gun and make it look as if it’s mounted on a packaging display of the kind you’d find in a toy store. Along the way we&rsqu... Read More

Free App for teachers

Posted on 2/13/20 by ganesan mani Latest activity: 3/26/20

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We wish you to provide Adobe Education applications to be free. Because, we are working in most remote villages. We are unable to buy your costly products. So, you consider my humble request. That's all.

Techniques for Engagement in eLearning

Posted on 12/18/19 by Chris Lock Latest activity: 12/18/19

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Other than video, what tools and techniques do you use to engage your learners? Do you have access to all the tools you need to bring your eLearning content to life?

Teaching creative collaboration in an online studio environment

Posted on 11/20/19 by Deann Garcia Latest activity: 11/21/19

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The reality of the creative industry today requires graduates to be able to hit the ground running with skills applicable to serving clients and collaborators who may not be operating in the same location as the designer. As such, the AIGA has highlighted the ability to collaborate via digital and asynchronous means as a crucial skill for what they call "the designer of 2025". This is a reality that higher ed's traditional studio model has not yet caught up with. I'm curious if anyone out there h... Read More

ADOBE Aero is here (Augmented Reality)

Posted on 11/4/19 by Russell Pritchard Latest activity: 1/22/20

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Just to remind everyone that the ADOBE Aero app is finally here.! After being lucky enough to Beta test this App it runs beautifully and we have easily been able to develop interactive learning spaces for Medical Students here at Monash University. It’s clear that AR is going to play an increasingly large and central role in medicine and medical education in the years to come. Devices like the HoloLens and Oculus Rift are hitting their stride as they become more affordable and as developers provi... Read More


Posted on 10/28/19 by SPOORTHI REDDY Latest activity: 10/28/19

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Our Diploma in Adobe Illustrator introduces students to the basic concepts of design and teaches how to create artwork with the Adobe Illustrator application. Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphic editor and design tool and can be used for logos and typesetting, among many other designs. Illustrator works in conjunction with Photoshop & InDesign as a part of the “holy trinity” of graphic design. In this course, you will learn the skills and knowledge you need to design and create image... Read More

Adobe UX course

Posted on 9/20/19 by Peter Nortje Latest activity: 9/30/19

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Hi, I cannot upload my file due to size - my bad, did not see that it was getting so big. Please advise how to proceed Regards Peter


Posted on 9/10/19 by chvarun kumar Latest activity: 9/10/19

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Learn how to enhance and creatively transform images and photographs with our online Professional Diploma in Photoshop. Offering Photoshop tutorials to help you explore a range of techniques that can enable you to effectively illustrate your ideas in Photoshop, our diploma course is available for beginner to advanced level learners. Teaching you the fundamentals of the world’s most powerful image editing tool are our team of industry experts and Photoshop veterans. Teaching you how to use Adobe Photos... Read More

Blog for Adobe analytics

Posted on 9/4/19 by Nithya V Latest activity: 1/12/20

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Adobe analytics is an analytics solution that enables your team, and ultimately your company to become data driven.Adobe analytics allows you to collect data almost from any device connected to the web.It can be a website, a mobile application, online kiosks and screens. It can consume video and audio content as well. You can onboard any offline data as well. Adobe analytics can be integrated with third party platforms as well.You may have an inhouse CMS or a direct marketing platform at another vendor, a... Read More

Technology in Math Classrooms

Posted on 7/6/19 by Erwin Alvarez Latest activity: 9/7/19

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Technology in the classroom has become an important tool for lesson reinforcement. It exposes students to a vast amount of information and gives them hands on experience on a skill that will be used in the future in college and in the workforce. It is safe to say that basic computer skills are a must for a successful career. Adobe is no longer just a program in which to access or edit PDF files, but it has evolved to providing programs that will help a small business or a classroom. As a future middle schoo... Read More

I have a product question about using best fit for compiling third grade work and presentations

Posted on 7/5/19 by Ann White Latest activity: 7/5/19

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Hi, I'm Annie White . I'm in the MAC Program K-6 Education. I have a little experience with Adobe Spark. I like Adobe and Adobe Spark. I put together a Movie Trailer once to introduce a children's book by using Adobe Spark. Is Adobe Spark a good vehicle or is there a better product to help third graders implement pictures from their cell phones of a community project and pieces of their Power Points or Google Slides and other work to compile a combination of work for a Scrapbook or Scrap board Portfolio?

Learning Management Systems

Posted on 5/18/19 by Mike Victorio Latest activity: 6/20/20

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Many vendors are endorsing their own LMS. Among them who is the best or will be appropriate for a Learning Institution?

Teacher as a Vlogger

Posted on 5/17/19 by Mervin Go Latest activity: 6/4/19

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Is it OK to film your lectures and publish it online as a form of a vlog?

Gamification Learning

Posted on 5/17/19 by Mike Victorio Latest activity: 6/29/19

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Learning thru gamification is one of the new trends in e-learning to consider. Learners tends to be motivated and always at the edge of their seats in class.