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Retired Graphic Arts teacher assisting other teachers

Posted on Nov 11, 2017 by steven zeichner Latest activity: Nov 11, 2017

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After 26 years, I will be retiring from a high school Graphic Arts teaching position at the end of the current school year. I would like to continue to offer my expertise to teachers creating materials for classroom use. Currently, my school district provides me with access to the Adobe Creative Suite. However, when I retire, I must personally pay for a subscription. Since my plan is to provide free services to teachers, how can I afford to personally subscribe to Adobe Creative Suite if I might only us... Read More

BEST PRACTICES: Student Online Collaboration for Learning "Soft" Skills

Posted on Sep 22, 2017 by Ed Kanet Latest activity: Sep 22, 2017

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I teach three sections of an introductory class (two brick-and-mortar, one online) dealing with communication using graphics. I've had a bit of training on how to help students learn, develop, and practice skills that are most sought by employers: Soft Skills or aka Employability or Life Skills. I do this with a team project or two all sections, but the online class is difficult to do as many of the students seemed disconnected. My job is to connect them with discussion forums, group emails, online webinar... Read More

Skill Builder: Imaging Class Still Open?

Posted on Jun 29, 2017 by Nick Franco Latest activity: Jul 3, 2017

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I have enrolled in the Skill Builder course, but the following message is included in the first project: If you don’t submit before April 21, 2017, you can't graduate from the course or receive a digital credential.

Engaging Learners

Posted on Jun 14, 2017 by Elvir Mandzukic Latest activity: Jun 26, 2017

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Examples of better practices in classroom on how to engage learners with Adobe Creative Cloud

International Chatting

Posted on Apr 18, 2017 by Lori Stammer Latest activity: Jul 1, 2017

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I have students in my ICT classes that would like to talk with other high schoolers around the world. I am wondering if there are other teachers who might have classes interested in having a virtual pen pal. The students can connect via Google hangouts. We all need to follow safe protocols, ie, permissions from administration and parents, but I know it can be done. Please connect with me if you are interested. Reaching out via Adobe Education Exchange seemed like a great place to start this venture beca... Read More

Flash (AS2) to Animate cc

Posted on Feb 10, 2017 by Ludovic Mercier Latest activity: Jun 3, 2017

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... Hello there !... I've been working with Flash (AS2) since 5 years and manage to create hundreds of nice animations, tests... But as you know, swf files will soon be unavailable on the net ?... So I started to convert them in thml5 canvas which for me appears to be a greater challenge than what I hoped... I'm just a teacher, not a programmer !!!... And javascript seems to be very hard as compared to actionscript... So I started with the one-week free animate cc... and manage to create nothing !!!...... Read More

DTP what happened.

Posted on Dec 8, 2016 by Robert Austin Latest activity: Apr 25, 2017

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Pagemaker was the standard for the Industry for years. When was it replaced with Indesign?.

Character Animator Puppets

Posted on Oct 2, 2016 by Courtney Crabtree Latest activity: Jul 7, 2017

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I was wondering if anyone had/knows where to find some cool Character Animator Puppets that I can use to animate to help assist in teaching my students content? I am looking at creating a few different videos to add to my work to have students engaged in learning through video/animation format. My students love video and through it might be a interesting why of providing this video to them but based on content that I have created. Any help would be great! Thanks.

Adobe Audition Team

Posted on Aug 22, 2016 by Charles Van Winkle Latest activity: Oct 29, 2017

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Hello, from the Adobe Audition Team. I'm one of the lead programmers for Adobe Audition, and am exploring Adobe's Education Exchange to see who's teaching Audition as part of their curriculum. Please feel free to reach out to me if you are, or are interested in doing so.

How to Set Up a Space for a Class

Posted on Aug 18, 2016 by Mike Hazlip Latest activity: Sep 21, 2016

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I've been looking for ways to create a collaboration space where my students can upload their work from home and we can view and discuss in class. What is the best way to do this?

Tracking students who are employed

Posted on Aug 17, 2016 by Daniel Donnelly Latest activity: Nov 16, 2016

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I currently track the employment history for many of our students who have graduated or have left before obtaining a degree, I use a Facebook page and am wondering if there is a better way to keep in touch with the students?

Is it important to define your creative process?

Posted on Jul 25, 2016 by Derek Cooper Latest activity: Jul 25, 2016

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Greetings,  A few weeks back I decided to create a tool for creative professionals and learners alike, and in doing so, I came up with the term/hashtag #howdoyoucreate?  I think this is an interesting subject and question because I think that it is important for an individual to define their creative process. We as creatives can be all over the place, and having a defined process could mean an improved workflow, a path to development, and a renewed way to approach your projects.  So... Read More

Downloading PSE 11

Posted on Jul 7, 2016 by Mustafa Malik Latest activity: Sep 1, 2016

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Hello, I purchased and have been using Photoshop Elements 11 in for Mac in 2013 and have been using it ever since. The app is missing from my computer and I was trying to download it. But each time I try to download PSE 11, I get PSE 14, which obviously doesn't recognize Serial Number. Could anyone help me download PSE 11? I'd much appreciate it. Mustafa  

Formatting tools

Posted on Jun 25, 2016 by julie collins Latest activity: Aug 29, 2017

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The  formatting tool is not working well on the discussion forum.

Adobe Tools and Scholastic Journalism

Posted on May 16, 2016 by David Smith Latest activity: Sep 10, 2016

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Hello! I am taking over a broadcast journalism and a yearbook program next year at my high school in a large urban district in Ohio. I was wondering if anyone out there on the exchange is also teaching scholastic journalism or student publications and using Adobe tools. I would love to collaborate with anyone who is interested. Cheers! David Smith

Install a free trial of an adobe tool on a system that currently has a functional Adobe Master suit CSS5

Posted on Mar 8, 2016 by vongurdy . Latest activity: Mar 19, 2016

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If you are planning to install a free trial of any of the adobe tools be aware that it can disrupt any functional adobe software on your computer. I tried it once on a Windows machine. I currently have the Adobe Master suit Css5. The new software installation can change your license and computer registry. You will find yourself re-installing the software that you currently have.Does anybody knows if its possible to upgrade to the latest version using the same license?

Reflection Ramona's video

Posted on Mar 8, 2016 by virginia cameron Latest activity: May 3, 2017

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After watching the video of Ramona, it demonstrated the effectiveness of collaboration of people in the senior center assisting with bringing Ramona back to where she is today. In the center, the staff and other patients had hope and faith in her getting better.

Vector creation

Posted on Jan 4, 2016 by Celestine Ndah Latest activity: Jul 22, 2017

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Hello Friends! I will like to know how to create vectors using Adobe Photoshop Celestine Ndah

My Game is really shiny

Posted on Dec 10, 2015 by Wyatt Bills Latest activity: Dec 11, 2015

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Everything in my game is really reflective. Any way to adjust this?

in Unity I can not take over the action of my new Fuse character

Posted on Dec 7, 2015 by Bruce Matthews Latest activity: Dec 7, 2015

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Not sure what I am missing. I imported my fuse character into Unity, I positioned it over the character I had in there, I changed the setting of the sprite, but when I play the scene it just has the original Unity character running around?

Keen to share resources for Design classes/Collaborate to create more..

Posted on Nov 9, 2015 by Rachael Stokes Latest activity: Mar 14, 2017

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I thought I would start a discussion and see if there are any other teachers/lecturers out there who would be interested in collaborating together to create some resources for a upper high school Design class using mainly Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Would be handy to make connections with others all around, and very interested to see what others have been up to!  Keen as! 


Posted on Sep 4, 2015 by Anna Seo Latest activity: Nov 9, 2015

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Do we post only Adobe related questions on this site?

Innovative ways to showcase student work?

Posted on Aug 8, 2015 by Andrew On Yi Lai Latest activity: Dec 4, 2017

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Hello All! I was hoping to seek ideas, opinions and strategies with regards to innovative ways to showcase student work (digital media productions). What has worked for you in the past? How did you engage the target audience? What was the audience response? What were the WOW factors that made it work? Best regards, Andrew