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Visual Design: Mock test Q&As

Posted on 11/6/19 by Chris Mark Prins Latest activity: 11/7/19

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Hi All, I'm looking for mock test Q&As on the basics of Graphic/Visual Design. Can anyone point me in the right direction or does Adobe have something listed on their site? Any advice is welcomed. Thanks. Mark


Posted on 9/26/19 by Dani McLernon Latest activity: 9/26/19

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Hi all, Sorry if this has been asked before, but just wondered what everyone uses to collect student work? Do they submit via USB, shared folder, etc.? What has been most efficient and effective for you?

Adobe Spark for Universities

Posted on 7/23/19 by Sarah Grayston Latest activity: 9/7/19

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Hello, I work for the University of Stirling. I was wondering if anyone here was using Adobe Spark in HE? I have been trying to find out what the options are for a site licence for Adobe Spark. However, the educational options seem to only apply to schools, and there appears to be no discounted option for universities. I was wondering if anyone on here is using it in a university or college? If so, what type of licence do you have? We would like to make it available to all our students, specifically... Read More

Visual creativity

Posted on 5/13/19 by ROSEMERE D BARD Latest activity: 5/13/19

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I would like to know how can we assess visual creativity. What would visual creative be and what is the criteria to assess it?


Posted on 1/17/19 by Ray Cooper Latest activity: 1/17/19

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I am looking for a generic rubric that I can use for multiple 3D modeling projects? Anything that you can share will be appreciate. Thanks, Coop

Online Assessment Tool

Posted on 1/14/19 by Ahmed Ali Moselhi Latest activity: 1/14/19

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I am creating a sheet for jurors to evaluate the final project of my students, basically it is a printed sheet and i am calculating the average of total marks manually. because i don't have an IT background to develop a system like this. Do you know any simple way to do this? Spark Link

Academic Art Portfolio Review Ideas

Posted on 10/17/18 by Renée Smith Latest activity: 10/17/18

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Hi, At the end of every semester, my department has art portfolio reviews with students at different academic levels. Our student enrollment has increased dramatically in less than 2 years. I am trying to get ideas on how to do portfolio reviews with a large group of students in a small department. We have a total of 70+ students and 6 faculty members. Any advice is appreciated!

Assessment portfolios with Spark

Posted on 4/24/18 by Carol Haggerty Latest activity: 11/5/18

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Can anyone show me examples of student portfolios created with Spark? Can you offer any pros/cons? I currently have my students creating portfolios and blogs on several different platforms and am considering Spark for next year.

Tutorial Exercise Auto Detection Step By Step Marks

Posted on 8/23/17 by Izyan Mahmod Latest activity: 11/5/18

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I just wondering is there any system that can detect the required step or techniques that need to be done by students in completing their tutorial exercise so that marks automatically given.

My journal on SPARK

Posted on 6/22/17 by Georges Van Cauwenbergh Latest activity: 3/8/19

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Here is the link: If you like it please follow me on Adobe Education Train the Trainer. Thanks Georges

What is Creativity

Posted on 4/15/17 by Shafiq Rehman Latest activity: 11/5/18

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Q1: What is Creativity ? Q2: What skills are becoming most essential for new hires process in the modern digital world ? Q3: Hoe can we gain creativity ?

Specialize in gaming goal help.

Posted on 2/16/17 by Christopher Phan Latest activity: 8/23/17

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What tool, learning opportunities, training, etc... should I do to specialize in gaming? I'm thinking about being a graphic designer specialize in gaming. Please point me in the right direction. Also, How can I be Adobe Certified?

Are Randomized Assessments More Effective?

Posted on 1/7/17 by John Weisenfeld Latest activity: 3/23/17

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I believe my students are able to demonstrate their learning better using a randomized assessments. I build these in Acrobat and here is a video of my process. A Physics Quiz that Changes! What do you think of this concept? Do you know anyone else doing something similar?

Does anyone use Adobe Portfolio for student use?

Posted on 4/19/16 by ben necochea Latest activity: 11/5/18

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I have been looking at Adobe Portfolio as a possibility for hosting student portfolios for my graphic design class, but I am confused as to how the cost works. Does anyone use it for students?

Guiding questions for assessing knowledge

Posted on 3/18/16 by virginia cameron Latest activity: 11/5/18

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I am very new to teaching. I prompt my students to brainstorm their options in many learning scenarios. When they are at a loss for any thoughts, like the "jeopardy/or I want be a millionaire games", they can ask a friend for assistance. Virginia

Assessments for Premiere Pro CC 2015 & Dreamweaver CC 2015

Posted on 3/2/16 by Shawn P McDonough Latest activity: 6/1/17

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I am looking for assessments for Premiere Pro CC 2015 & Dreamweaver CC 2015 applications.  Students primarily show their understanding by creating projects based on a rubric given in the class.  I would like to know if other educators have created assessments that would evaluate students knowledge of techniques / skills in Premiere Pro CC 2015 & Dreamweaver CC 2015.  Any ideas would be appreciated. The AAE Team has been very helpful in suggesting ideas for this discussion.

Simply Explain a Project Beyond Curriculum Buzz Words

Posted on 1/20/16 by Claire Richards Latest activity: 6/3/19

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It is great having a creative task linked to a curriculum framework but sometimes it is good to be able to quickly answer a question from students or parents 'What is the aim of this project'. This arrises if a project is particularly abstract and focuses on soft skills rather than technical skills and rote knowledge.

how do I delete an assignment ?

Posted on 7/18/15 by Dhanaraj Keezhara Latest activity: 10/10/18

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how do I delete an assignment ? I misplaced my assignment . How can I delete that one and upload original assignment. Please help me! 

Project-Based Learning

Posted on 7/18/15 by Rosemary Rizk Latest activity: 10/31/18

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For those teachers who hand out the assignment before teaching the skills. I was wondering what your views were on Project Based Learning where students learn on the go and your teaching is synchronised with the assignment requirements. Does it work or have you tried more effective approaches.

Personal Creativity Standards

Posted on 6/23/15 by Adobe Education Latest activity: 11/5/18

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What are the creativity standards you use to assess student work processes and outcomes? This discussion post is part of the Adobe Education Exchange Professional Development Workshop, Creativity in Today’s Classroom: Assessing Creativity in Today’s Classroom. 


Posted on 6/22/15 by Temple Salas-Yoshii Latest activity: 11/5/18

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What LMS's use Speed Grader? How is it available?

Adobe Presenter quiz in Adobe Connect Reports

Posted on 3/25/15 by Dana Moat Latest activity: 8/14/17

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What are best practices for integrating Presenter Quizzes in Adobe Connect? Also, best practices for maximizing quiz reporting features. 

Assessing the Visual Design: Foundations of Design and Print Production

Posted on 9/6/14 by Carley Ezell Latest activity: 8/29/16

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I am using the Adobe Visual Design: Foundations of Design and Print Production curriculum and lesson plans for my classroom. I am a first time teacher and am working through the activities and projects with my class. Many of my students are first year design students and I'm wondering if anyone else is using this curriculum and if you could share examples of some of the projects - Collages and Photography, Logos, Business Cards, etc. It may be helpful for the students to see what they are working towar... Read More