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I don't know where to start!

Posted on 2/1/20 by Mike Miller Latest activity: 2/1/20

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Hello. I'm a philosophy professor at a small liberal arts university, and I'm totally lost as to how to move my adaptation of technology in my classroom. I'm an avid photographer, and feel comfortable with Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. I taught a creativity class last fall, and have recently developed skills in Illustrator and Character Animator. I know I can take classes to develop my expertise in specific applications, but I honestly don't understand how to get started doing more. I hope to spend... Read More

Design for Social Media

Posted on 11/12/19 by Wendy Landry Latest activity: 11/15/19

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I did not receive my certificate or badge for completing the course that ended October 25th. Could someone please help?

New Photography Students.

Posted on 10/25/19 by Samuel Alcime Latest activity: 11/6/19

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This is my first year teaching photography. My students have really taken to it. As a former athlete I have added a level of competition so students are always striving to be even more creative than their classmates. This makes for a very interesting environment where people are passionate and always striving to be better. Does anyone know of free photography contest that are located in South Florida or conducted nationally online that my students can enter into?

What are Adobe Global Contest and Competition

Posted on 9/17/19 by Shafiq Rehman Latest activity: 9/17/19

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About Discussion My name is Shafiq Rehman from Pakistan I am an Educator This discussion is about (What are Adobe Global Contest Competition) In this discussion I put my search report on discussion and want all of you participate and let us tell what the Adobe Global Competition for students, designers, and educators are and What are the Adobe Global Contest for students, designers, and educators. Please share your valuable information to let world stay informed on Every Adobe Global Contest and Compe... Read More

Digital Arts Competitions

Posted on 5/7/19 by Sara Cubberley Latest activity: 5/10/19

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Art teacher question— Not all art competitions embrace the digital arts, so what are some good digital arts competitions for middle and high school level students? I would love to hear about everything that’s out there, although Illustrator and Photoshop will probably be the most used by our students.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards ( ADAA)

Posted on 3/29/19 by GERMANY VICTORIN Gregory Latest activity: 8/30/19

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Hi everyone, hope you're well ! Here is my first post on Adobe Education Exhange.I wanted to share with you , a great contest made by Adobe to empower young creator who are over the age of 18 to launch their Creative Careers. Find the team on Slack to have notification about this contest and discuss with them about your creativity and get some feedbacks from Lisa Temple and Maksim Starubinski. They help you to submit at this contest and they do the best toapprove your jobs like featured, giveaway and m... Read More

Nearpod Transform 2019

Posted on 1/31/19 by Kim Lewis Latest activity: 2/2/19

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I'll be in Fort Lauderdale in February at the Nearpod Transform 2019 conference. Anyone else in this community going to attend? (BTW- I selected Adobe Spark as the Adobe product that would apply to this discussion for two reasons 1) I think that creating slides in Spark is a way to freshen the design of Nearpod lessons and 2) Spark is the only Adobe program I have used so far other than Adobe Acrobat! )

Adobe's Creative Cloud Summit 2019

Posted on 1/24/19 by Janice Smith Latest activity: 3/8/19

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Adobe has a plethora of workshops, conference available for the Adobe Creative Cloud Summit 2019. The dates are March 24-25, 2019 (Preconference); March 26-28, 2019. Please click the following link to obtain additional information about Adobe's Creative Cloud Summit 2019: Adobe Summit 2019 March 26-28, 2019; Preconference March 24-25,2019

Adobe Premier Pro

Posted on 12/8/18 by Pippa Jokhan Latest activity: 8/20/19

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Hi, Just wondering if anyone had found some great resources that will help improve Adobe Premier Pro skills. Thanks, Pippa

Best Conferences

Posted on 9/20/18 by Christine Monge Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Does anyone have any suggestions for the best conferences for teachers who want to find out and learn more about Adobe products? I went to TCEA last year but I can't be away for that long again this year.

2019 National Poetry Month Poster Contest for high school students

Posted on 9/11/18 by Rhitt Growl Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Here's a contest yours students may be interested in participating in. Click the link for contest details and guidelines. 2019 National Poetry Month Poster Contest for students The paragraph below has a few details and came from the contest's website: The Academy of American Poets, the originator and organizer of National Poetry Month, invites students in the United States who are in grades 9 through 12 to enter artwork to be considered for the official April 2019 National Poetry Month poster. For the fi... Read More

Regional Level Multimedia Competitions

Posted on 8/15/18 by LILIBETH CUISON Latest activity: 5/25/19

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Could a regional wide competitions boost interest among the students? Will Adobe partake in this kind of initiative to reach provincial market.

Competitions in Canada

Posted on 5/31/18 by Alex Budgell Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Does anyone know of any Photoshop or photo editing competitions in Canada for 2018?

Adobe MAX

Posted on 5/18/18 by John Rodgers Latest activity: 11/7/18

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Will there be a session for AEL at Max in LA this year. If so would it be before or during the conference? I'm trying o book tickets and flights.

Master Class by Bert Monroy -Digital Painting And Illustration - Mastering Photoshop (Malaysia 2018)

Posted on 4/8/18 by Benjamin Yeoh Latest activity: 4/30/18

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Bert Monroy is an American artist best known for his skill in using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Bert Monroy is THE name in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator world. He is one of the pioneer for digital art. Throughout his life, Monroy have been a digital artist, early Photoshop adopter, educator, writer and many more. His pool of clientele include well known cooperation such as the Apple Computer, Adobe System, Disney, SONY and American Express. With his vast knowledge, he has published sev... Read More

SEA Connect The Creative Conference 2018 (Malaysia) in conjunction with ACA CHAMPIONSHIP MALAYSIA 2018

Posted on 4/8/18 by Benjamin Yeoh Latest activity: 11/7/18

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SEA Connect - The Creative Conference, excitingly gathers approximately 1000 local and international creative industries’ talents and key figures to keep up to date on the global trends on creative and commercial content. The conference serves as a platform to connect the creative industries of South East Asia (SEA) countries and it is envisioned that eventually through this initiative, Malaysia will be the SEA creative hub, on par with other major countries across the world. We welcome participation... Read More

CapEd Credit Union 8th Annual High School Video Contest - Submission Deadline April 2 -- Prize Money & Adobe Licenses for Winners.

Posted on 2/28/18 by Todd Christensen Latest activity: 11/7/18

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Idaho Creative Educators and Passionate Supporters, We want to share that the submission for CapEd Credit Union's 8th Annual High School Video Contest is April 2, 2018 at 11:59pm. Submission will be reviewed and the top 15-20 will be selected to be shown on Wednesday, April 18, 6:00pm at Overland Park Cinemas (Boise). This is a festive opportunity to highlight student creative and production talent! This is for all Idaho high school students. More information on the contest and prize can be found at ww... Read More


Posted on 2/6/18 by Dan Ross Latest activity: 10/1/18

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This is just a fun question. Does anyone else share their Adobe Education Exchange status or badges on social network? I know it's silly and teachers use the same sort of award system to motivate children but I am a sucker for Leveling Up! Happy Sharing! Dan

Conference Session Thoughts

Posted on 2/5/18 by Diana Bidulescu Latest activity: 11/7/18

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Hi everyone! I am introducing Edex tomorrow at TCEA, and I wanted to hear your thoughts on the 5 things you consider essential for a new user to know off the bat about using the learning and teaching modules. After using it a while, there is so much to share, but I want to be mindful of the time limit (50 min) and the oversharing. Appreciate your thoughts!

Teacher Competitions

Posted on 1/22/18 by Ciera Hall Latest activity: 9/26/18

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Are there competitions for educators that teach Graphic Design? If so please list or share links..

Favorite part of Adobe Max 2017

Posted on 10/20/17 by Nathan Moxley Latest activity: 10/17/18

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What was your favorite moment, keynote, software update, etc.? I really enjoyed the interview with Jon Favreau.