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Accessibility and Adobe Acrobat

Posted on 9/9/19 by Charlotte Morris Latest activity: 9/9/19

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Recently I started designing learning materials with a focus on storytelling. Most of these materials are created in MS Word or PowerPoint and converted into PDFs. I am seeking insight on if anyone has experienced accessibility issues using Adobe Acrobat Pro, particularly as it pertains to alt images. Many thanks for sharing your experiences or advice. ~ Charlotte

Using Digital Tools in the workplace.

Posted on 5/8/19 by Katherine Rodriguez Latest activity: 6/22/19

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There are numerous digital tools available today which offer opportunities for teachers to collaborate with the other teachers. Do you think that digital tools make us more or less productive at work?

Citation of others work...

Posted on 4/10/19 by Jason Reagin Latest activity: 4/22/19

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I am curious how other educators tackle use (or inspiration) of others work in their students projects. How do your students provide evidence of their work being original?

Seeking Advice

Posted on 4/4/19 by jackie carpio Latest activity: 4/22/19

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Hello, I am just starting my journey with Adobe products. I love it! Currently a professor, I would like immersion into the Adobe communities with the possibility of landing a job once I am Adobe certified. This will be my second career; and I cant wait to see what evolves. Suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.

MoMo challenge?

Posted on 3/1/19 by Michael Ha Latest activity: 3/1/19

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Has anyone come across this at their school? https://www.businessinsider.com.au/what-is-momo-viral-challenge-2019-2 How are you tackling it with staff, students, and parents?

Laptop Swaps - Respecting Adobe Licence - Advice Sought

Posted on 2/23/19 by Anne C Smith Latest activity: 3/5/19

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Hi Everyone, this is really a help query. I note that you can have Adobe Creative Cloud on two computers, but only use one at a time, understandably. On accessing my plans I am showing as having 3 computers connected (but only have 2). I have removed my work laptop as it is not as good as my personal laptop and I do most my lesson planning at home. That leaves 2 laptops, but this really is the same laptop with different dates: Asus on WINDOWS_64Asus on Windows I am tempted to deactivate the older da... Read More

Is to use user userfriendly?

Posted on 2/2/19 by Susanne Tamir Latest activity: 2/2/19

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As a Designer, I Refuse to Call People ‘Users’ Interesting Article that i would like to share and ask what you think about user and user friendly. I did not think about it and this way is one that gives an other sight on how to design for others. From the article by Adam Lefton Saying “user” strips a person of their circumstances… it eliminates context and reduces people to a single act.... Without the U-words, I can start the hard work of redefining how I think about des... Read More

Obtaining Adobe Products for Schools in Cusco, Peru

Posted on 10/3/18 by Steve Hobby Latest activity: 10/8/18

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I am working with a School in Cusco, Peru, I have obtained free online, and cheap installable Apps for Microsoft and was wondering if the same is available for Adobe.

Adobe Spark for Education for students under 13

Posted on 4/9/18 by Rosa Sterk Latest activity: 4/18/18

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I would love to us the Apps for Adobe Voice and Adobe Spark for the middle School students that are under 13 years old. I heard that Adobe Spark for education will be available for students under 13. Please let me know when it will be available for users under 13 years old. Thanks, Ms. Sterk

Image and Video Resources & Responsible Use for students

Posted on 1/16/18 by Lisa Douthit Latest activity: 5/20/18

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In today's environment of rapid information at our finger tips, google images & media, social media sharing, memes, gifs and so forth, it can be a challenge for students to realize the importance of responsible use. I am also a firm believer that Digital Citizenship and Responsibility must be taught in context rather than as a separate subject in order to connect and have a lasting impact with students. How are educators integrating responsible use of digital content into "real world" creat... Read More

Respaldo de las Instituciones a los Trainers

Posted on 5/30/17 by Carlos Calla Huayapa Latest activity: 9/26/18

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Apreciada comunidad, ruego comenten cómo les va en vuestras instituciones con el licenciamiento para estudiantes y profesores, es Lifetime o durante el contrato (profesor) o durante se estudie (alumni) Agradezco vuestros comentarios, saludos.

How to Make Most From Adobe Behance

Posted on 4/23/17 by Shafiq Rehman Latest activity: 8/16/17

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Adobe Behance is the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. The creative world updates their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies explore the work and access talent on a global scale. Behance is part of the Adobe family. In the Discussion focusing on 1: Why to use Adobe Balance 2:Why its important for a any kind of designer to showcase there work on Behance 3: What advantages you gain on maintaining Adobe Balance frequently 4: What are Balance... Read More

How do I let my students under 13 use Spark? Your documentation says to use a teacher account but is there a class account that can be made?

Posted on 4/18/17 by nelson chan Latest activity: 10/17/17

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I'm excited to use Spark, only to find that my students in grade 45 cannot access or create their own account because they are younger than 13. Your documentation says that we can use a teacher account but do you suggest we share our teacher account? That would not be possible in our school board because we use google and it would be impossible to let my students use my account. Is there not a way to make a class account? We can change the age but those who tried before we knew the age of 13 are now locked... Read More

Funding programming to foster workforce ready skills

Posted on 12/25/16 by Marilee Mason Latest activity: 12/25/16

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I'm currently at a public Math and Science based school. I would like insights to increasing funding for advances in acquiring funding to expand access for students to advances in technology. I fervently believe in STEAM and feel its gathering momentum. However, funding is a roadblock. Any thoughts out there in education or industry? Thanks, Marilee

Teaching Digital Citizenship - Resources

Posted on 12/11/16 by Joy May Latest activity: 9/27/18

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I am a 3rd grade teacher participating in a 1:1 program. I am curious what resources other elementary teachers are using to teach digital citizenship to their students.

Adobe's Price War Against Small Schools!

Posted on 7/14/16 by Vince Campi Latest activity: 8/21/17

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I want to start off by saying I love using Adobe Software! But my small arts high school paid $8,500 for a 250 seat perpetual site license for Adobe CS5.5, we used it for three years, and 45 students earned their Adobe Associate Certification, and as a result most are studying digital art in college, or working in the fields of graphic design and photography. Now, Adobe wants $11,800 every year for 60 seats, so over three years, it'll costs more than our iMac computer lab! I don't know what to do! Adobe m... Read More