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Flipped Classroom for Teaching Design

Posted on 2/6/19 by Jessica Campbell Latest activity: 2/6/19

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I'm curious what everyone's experiences are with using a flipped classroom model when teaching design. If it's working for you, what are the apps/resources that help your workflow? If it doesn't work for you, why not? And if you don't want to try it, what's the barrier or complication? I've flipped my classroom at various points throughout the last 5 years, and have started again this week with a new system. Thanks for sharing your practices with me as I continue to move forward!

#HASHTAGS for social media

Posted on 1/29/19 by Craig Daalmeijer-Power Latest activity: 1/30/19

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Which #Hashtags do you use when you are talking about the Adobe Education Exchange? is it #AdobeEdex or simply #EDEX? I would really like to know what way you tag your tweets and posts as well on Adobe Spark pages and behance and Portfolio sites. This will help newbies ( and not so newbies) wanting to publicise their achievements within the community to a wider global audience. Place your fav #Hashtags in the replies.

Mixing Photography and Graphic Design

Posted on 1/22/19 by Anna Reed Latest activity: 1/22/19

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I would like to create a collaborative project between photography and graphic design courses that shows the uniqueness of each medium as well as the benefits of collaboration. Is anyone doing this right now?

Question and Answer forum for those working in Adobe After Effects

Posted on 12/27/18 by Jon Taft Latest activity: 12/27/18

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I already have an AE animation, but now I want to have the camera "zoom in" on the upper right quadrant of my screen during the duration of my 4 second animation. Is there a better way to approach this effect, other than, making all my layers 3D, and pulling all the Z axes in closer to the camera as time progresses?

360 video?

Posted on 11/29/18 by Brett Kent Latest activity: 12/17/18

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I am using a Ricoh Theta 360 camera. When viewing the playback footage in Premier or After effects I get a black band/ gap where the ends of the frame are wrapped. What is the setting I need to change to get this to become seamless?

Using Photoshop CC

Posted on 11/21/18 by Joel Dolot Latest activity: 12/12/18

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What is the best technique when editing a portrait photo?

Accessibility in Online Interactive Media

Posted on 10/25/18 by Callista Dawson Latest activity: 10/31/18

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Hello! Having spent the last year or so learning how to build accessibility (screen reader functionality) into interactive media using Adobe Captivate, I'm now wondering if there is anyone else out there who has been doing similar work/research? I've learned a lot so far, but I'm just hoping there are others on AEE who can bounce ideas around. Poojas how-to videos have been helpful, but I'm looking to do more advanced gamification specifically for education purposes. I would love to see examples of what... Read More

Little Known Adobe Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks That You Use All The Time

Posted on 10/20/18 by Gregory Todd Latest activity: 10/31/18

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Even though I've been using and teaching the Adobe suite for 2 decades now, every week I learn some new tip or trick in a program that makes my workflow more efficient. I try to pass these on to my students when I can. The problem is that there are so many Adobe products that it is impossible to be on top of them all. But between all of us on EdEx, there must be a few not well known but incredibly useful techniques.So post any trick/tip/technique/shortcut that you feel might not be widely known. Doesn't... Read More


Posted on 10/6/18 by Russell Cairns Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Some insights from the Deep Learning Site.... Big change is always a function of push and pull with the latter being the more powerful of the two forces. Perhaps the greatest internal push factor in traditional schooling is that it is not engaging to say the least. This is not so much a criticism as it is a confirmation that schooling as it was set up 150 years ago is no longer suited for the present times. https://youtu.be/bljay0yHqfw

Looking for advice about how I can teach graphic design I and II

Posted on 8/28/18 by Catherine Bethon Latest activity: 10/8/18

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This is my first year teaching greaphic Design. I’m slowly learning online as I go through a curriculum I purchase to get me through this year. When I saw my schedule this past week I have Graphics I and II in the same class with each other. Not only is this a new school for me but I barely know how to teach the first level. What can I do for my graphics II students?

Any ideas for making a hard copy of an Adobe Spark Page?

Posted on 8/21/18 by Siobhán Murphy Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Hi folks, I would really like to introduce the use of Spark Pages as Learning Journals for my students in the coming academic year. I think students will find it really engaging. My issue is that under certification standards criteria we must meet, it's an assessment pre-requisite that all digital material be accompanied by hard-copies of that material – even for wholely digital subjects, like HTML etc. I know… Has anyone come up with best practice for creating hard copies of a Spark Page? I... Read More

Creative Minds for Best Practices

Posted on 8/19/18 by JOJO ALVIEDO Latest activity: 9/27/18

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The most simplest idea that comes from an imagination may bring in the best practices to improve life long learning. Research proposals has been an activity for almost all educational institutions, However, to propose for project that is simple, creative, useful and practical and which are implemented may classify as best practices. Your ideas which constitute a creative mind, is solicited in all.

World Cultures

Posted on 6/30/18 by Donna White Latest activity: 10/8/18

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What tools tend to be more engaging when teaching Social Studies on the Middle School level?

Adobe products that can be useful.

Posted on 6/27/18 by jessica martinez Latest activity: 10/8/18

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I am not too tech-savvy, I mean I know the basics such as word, excel and have recently started using google for slides, docs and I even created an online classroom there. I am not too familiar with many Adobe products or tools, as a matter of fact, I have only ever used adobe reader. So my question here is what other Adobe products or tools can I use in an online classroom that can be helpful and beneficial to my students.

Creative Cloud & Theatrical Arts

Posted on 5/30/18 by Colin Byers Latest activity: 7/4/18

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I'm starting new projects that infuse multimedia content into theatrical productions using AfterEffects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Do you work with Multimedia productions and use Adobe applications to create content for your shows? What do you use? How do you use it? I'd like to share thoughts, ideas, and best practices regarding multimedia in theatre. Feel free to contribute!

What is the best method to deploy Adobe Spark for Education - in a Google School?

Posted on 5/8/18 by scsc media Latest activity: 5/8/18

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Our students all use Chromebooks and I would love for them to use the Google login to authenticate to Adobe Spark. I have followed the setup guide for SSO, but am still not understanding the process. Can students click (use Google account) to login to Adobe Spark? What if a student already tried with their Google account and it is now blocked because they were younger than 13? How can they get their account unblocked? I appreciate and and all help. Perhaps this article can be a help for others. Tha... Read More

Video Production Lab

Posted on 4/11/18 by BRAD BUSCHER Latest activity: 4/13/18

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We are putting together a small video production lab at our High School. My question is Mac Pro or HP I'm looking for two computers one of which would primarily be the render machine. Thanks

Flipped Learning using Adobe Products

Posted on 4/10/18 by Steven Kolber Latest activity: 11/27/18

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I am a flipped educator, but I have never met anyone who exclusively uses Adobe products to create their learning resources. Let me know if you are one of these people and how you go about it! I await patiently for a response!

Using Spark in Primary Grade Levels

Posted on 3/7/18 by Majo Mora Latest activity: 10/17/18

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I started to use Spark Video and Spark Post with Kindergarten kids in iPads, and Spark Video with Grade 1 and 2 students in Chromebooks, and students and teachers are completely excited with the products! Kids have written stories about aliens, created their characters and settings with different materials in the Makerspace (which I manage), and then took pictures to be used as illustration of their digital stories using Spark Video. I would like to have more ideas on how to use Spark in the classroom!... Read More

Should you use Motion Blur in After Effects?

Posted on 2/14/18 by Dan Ross Latest activity: 10/1/18

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The answer isn't that "clear". I was reading an interesting article this morning on the "School of Motion" blog today about the benefits and drawbacks of motion bur. Then, I became curious to as to how other instructors introduce it in their classrooms and what their thoughts are on it. Here is the link to their article. I am in no way affiliated with the School of Motion. Motion blur was introduced to help mimic the blur found in cameras when things moved to quickly. In televisions... Read More

Illustrator Tutorial

Posted on 11/27/17 by Someone Someonov Latest activity: 1/27/18

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It was a great experience to me. There I could learn some basic tricks useful also for a big projects. Thanks for instructors!