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Posted on 7/5/20 by Natachai Kamdee Latest activity: 7/5/20

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Maximizing the potential of Adobe Illustrator in the classroom

Posted on 7/3/20 by Ryan Rodriguez Latest activity: 7/3/20

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Hello everyone, I am hoping to incorporate Adobe illustrator into some of my assignments in order for students do demonstrate knowledge in a different way, reach different learning/memory pathways. What are some of the best practices in incorporating Adobe Illisturator into the classroom?

Amplifying Student Voice with Adobe Education

Posted on 6/24/20 by Michael Drezek Latest activity: 6/24/20

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Hello everyone! New to the Adobe Education Exchange and was looking to level up my learning by connecting with you and your ideas here. Heading into the upcoming school year, I would love to learn some ways, some resources, or some Adobe products that you use to amplify student voice in your classroom or schools. I am a big believer in creation > consumption in education as well as student voice. How do you help amplify student voice with Adobe?

Desktop stations for teaching Film, Television and New Media (Spark, Premiere Pro CC, Creative Cloud etc.)

Posted on 5/31/20 by Nicola Scarrott Latest activity: 6/23/20

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Currently, my students are accessing Adobe platforms using our school's one-to-one laptop program, but I would like to set up a dedicated Media Lab using SSDrives (as a data bank). We have a small cohort (50 media students over four year levels), but we are building interest each year, and I am keen to ensure our survival by making smart choices when it comes to budgets and tech investments. Mac is out of the question (they will not be adequately supported by our IT department and the culture is firmly PC o... Read More

Dynamic Image Sizing (to scale)

Posted on 1/28/20 by Benji Zorella Latest activity: 1/28/20

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Did you know that you can embed images in a unit that dynamically size, according to your page size? This is ideal for embedding images into your Canvas unit that can be viewed on a mobile with no issues. The embed code from the HTML editor will refer to the width and height of the image: https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/courses/22607/files/6877530/preview" alt="Adobe Creative Cloud by application" width="1000" height="1600" data-api-endpoint="https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/... Read More

Self-Sustaining Questions

Posted on 1/12/20 by Christopher Willey Latest activity: 1/12/20

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“There are years that ask questions, and years that answer.” - From Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God While I dearly love this sentiment, perhaps we should actively steer away from answers in 2020. What if the story we tell ourselves about how we teach and the way we assess is wrong? Maybe educators shouldn’t be certain about their solutions or their actions. “There is no such thing as a bad question.” Perhaps educators need to reconsider this phra... Read More

Accessibility - Adobe Spark

Posted on 1/10/20 by Kate Jordahl Latest activity: 1/28/20

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I would like to use Adobe Spark for assignments in my introduction to photography class. My Distance Education Coordinator asked me about Accessibility. • are alt tags possible? • if someone had to interact with the key board is that possible? • are they any other issues I should consider to make my assignments available to all students? • Is there a different adobe tool I should consider in place of Spark? Thanks for any insights and sharing.

Best 3+ Chicago Telugu calendar Free Download

Posted on 1/6/20 by sohan lal Latest activity: 1/13/20

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Chicago Telugu calendar is available here for free download. This is a boon for Telugu people living in Chicago to get the required information of the festivals and other events in their own language. It is obvious that everyone wants the calendar in their own language so that they can understand it well and get the accurate information of the timings.

Any suggestion as to how to approach teaching teenagers the use of Photoshop and Lightroom?

Posted on 12/27/19 by Hani Latif Zaloum Latest activity: 12/27/19

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Hello all First of all I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year I have been teaching and training photographers and graphic designers for many years, and am about to embark on a new educational experience, which is to teach teenagers and young people Photoshop and creativity in this amazing world of digital editing. I have my own ideas but would like to hear from you and thank you in advance for your feedback. Cheers

Best ways to Introduce someone to Compositing in Photoshop

Posted on 11/12/19 by William Herring Latest activity: 11/12/19

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What are the best ways to introduce students new to Photoshop to the idea of compositing? In introducing photoshop I have used: Surrealism to discuss historic art movements related to the conceptUsed the concept of Photoshop Battles in the classroom for a warm up activityHad students draw on transparencies, then stack them together, and have them repeat the activity using Photoshop In all of these lessons I focus on specific parts of Photoshop (layers, selections, and masks) which are what they need to k... Read More

Student e-Portfolios

Posted on 10/16/19 by Ty Naylor Latest activity: 1/18/20

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Our University just completed a session with 30 of the largest employers of our recent graduates. We asked them what is one thing they want to see out one of our graduates that would help them get hired at their business. Unanimously it came down to a portfolio of work. They wanted to see what they could do with the education they received at our institution. Right now we do have Adobe CC for all Faculty, Staff, and Students for the next 5 years. We are beginning to design best practices for e-portfoli... Read More

Texture, Clarity, Sharpening

Posted on 10/1/19 by Amy Caterina Latest activity: 10/1/19

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Hello! What is your experience with the Texture slider in ACR and LR? What are your best practices for fine detail and edge sharpening?

First year teaching Adobe Illustrator

Posted on 9/29/19 by Cliff Collins Latest activity: 9/30/19

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Hello, I am not proficient with Illustrator but am familiar with it. I have four, one hour classes a day teaching beginning Graphic Illustration. I am looking for basic lessons to start off. I would appreciate any and all input. Thanks, Cliff


Posted on 9/24/19 by Karthick Cricketer Latest activity: 9/24/19

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Hi Adobe Team Please add notification feature for getting the update (comments and certification completion). Users will easily know when enter into Adobe Education Exchange. Thanks Karthick B

Design Thinking

Posted on 9/7/19 by Alper Ciftci Latest activity: 9/7/19

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Hi, In a design thinking session, my best practice was based on post-it notes, pen and butcher paper for ideating. Did anyone have a digital experience with Adobe for a design thinking sprint? Thanks, Alper

CNC Routers and Illustrator

Posted on 9/1/19 by Jonathan Dunbier Latest activity: 9/1/19

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Having had a bit of experience using Roland CNC Routers and Adobe Illustrator, I have found these two products to work well together. But I am always interested to learn about how others use this kind of stuff... What kind of projects do people find get the best out of these two being paired up? And, how do you ensure the students get to be hands on with the tech?

Vinyl Cutters and Illustrator

Posted on 9/1/19 by Jonathan Dunbier Latest activity: 11/25/19

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Having had lots of experience using Roland Vinyl Cutters and Adobe Illustrator, I have found these two products to work well together. But I am always interested to learn about how others use this kind of stuff... What kind of projects do people find get the best out of these two being paired up?

3D Volumes of rotation

Posted on 8/25/19 by Alper Ciftci Latest activity: 11/23/19

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Hi, Did anyone have any experience with 'Volumes of Rotation' (An advanced maths topic) with Adobe products? I'm interested in a platform which you can easily transfer a function into an Adobe application and then rotate it around either the x or y axis. And animate this for students to comprehend easily. Many thanks, Alper

Workshop ideas on Integrating Technology

Posted on 8/20/19 by Alfonso Mangubat Latest activity: 9/8/19

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Hello everyone! I've been leading workshops on integrating technology where I would usually present the SAMR and TPACK model in a traditional (nearly death by PowerPoint) way with a little hands on activities at the end. My question is, how can I also do this workshop in a creative way where participants learn SAMR and TPACK creatively? Many thanks in advance!

Activities for an online service-learning program

Posted on 7/25/19 by Jan Michael Garcia Latest activity: 9/7/19

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I am teaching a service-learning course and deal with experiential learning. Most of my work deals with facilitating interactions between the community and students. One aspect of this is preparing digital content. The material must be able to simulate the experience of going to a community and elicit reflections as well as feasible project proposals that focus on an intervention for specific community needs. Has anyone used any Adobe product to this effect? Previous suggestions to me included the use of... Read More

software for the training

Posted on 7/7/19 by Blay Bobby Miezah Latest activity: 7/13/19

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Please are they going to send the software for us to do the training, how is it going to be. Thank You.

Adobe Spark for Presentations?

Posted on 7/6/19 by Elizabeth Bouse Latest activity: 9/22/19

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Hello everyone! I am a pre-service secondary English teacher preparing for my first year in the classroom. I have been exploring the many tools that Adobe has to offer educators, and I am curious as to how Adobe Spark performs in the classroom. I have seen some instances of it being used for presentations instead of more common tools, such as PowerPoint or Prezi. I’m interested in hearing your opinions and experiences on using Adobe Spark in your own classrooms. Have your students enjoyed using Adobe... Read More