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Industry Leaders

Posted on 2/7/20 by Erica Sands Latest activity: 2/7/20

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As a graphic design teacher, I hold a CTE credential. It is important to include work based learning into our curriculum. I was wondering how other graphic design educators connect with industry leaders. Teaching has always been my only profession so I never started in the graphic design industry. Any suggestions would be welcome.

What design platforms are you using, how and why?

Posted on 1/31/20 by Kevin Bradshaw Latest activity: 1/31/20

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At my institution I use a wide variety of digital tools to enhance learning practices and experiences. More the creative my team can be, the more impact we can have with our learners. Use use the following: Video production and editing - Premiere Pro and Media Encoder Visual Design for resources - InDesign, Illustrator, Spark, Acrobat, and Lightroom Audio materials - Audition Organisation - Bridge and Prelude Typography - TypeKit Let me know what you’re using, how and why?

Equipment for Adobe Visual and Video Design Classes

Posted on 1/1/20 by James Miller Latest activity: 1/1/20

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Happy New Year: I am in search of advice on what equipment is used in your Adobe classes. I currently teach the Adobe Visual and Video design classes. I only have Dell computers running the software, but I feel just teaching the student the software is an injustice to them. I will be starting the video design class and would especially like to know how many of you have a studio area/room to make videos, if so what lighting, cameras, etc. do you use? Thank you for any advice or comment you can provide.

Introducing CC to mature learners

Posted on 12/5/19 by Peter Wright Latest activity: 2/21/20

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Hi All, Has anyone got any good links for useful content which is for teaching mature learners as most of my resources are for secondary and sixth form and I've gained an evening community lesson

Ideas for Branding Activities

Posted on 11/12/19 by James Fester Latest activity: 11/12/19

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Hello Everyone, I was wondering what resources there might be to teach students about marketing? Any suggestions for lessons?

Statistics and Adobe

Posted on 10/23/19 by Bhavani Kola Latest activity: 10/23/19

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Hello there, I am a Statistics instructor. I teach basic stats. In our course, we only work with one sample and we teach only z -test and t-test. I would like to see if any of you are teaching basic stats and willing to share their ideas of teaching practices to help students understand better. I am always struggling to keep my students engaged and motivated. Any help is appreciated.

Best Practices for Teaching Animation

Posted on 10/10/19 by Lauren Petiti Latest activity: 1/16/20

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I've had the great opportunity to introduce a class that has solely been devoted to animation. We've been working at it for three years and while I feel there are some great projects I'm doing, I know I can be doing more to teach students relevant content. I'm wondering...what are your best practices for teaching a CTE animation course? I've tried starting to work with Character Animator and Animate, but at this point I feel like the students are becoming more of the experts than I am.

What Photoshop is compatible with windows 10

Posted on 10/9/19 by Shelley Morris Latest activity: 1/7/20

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I have faced lots of problem on Photoshop CC 2018. It's very slow and my pc getting hang. I have to work with my client on the photo retouching. So, I need the best and ASAP solution. Please suggest to me what version(s) of Photoshop work with Windows 10? Thanks in advanced Shelley Morris Offshore Clipping Path LTD

STEAM integrated learning possibilities

Posted on 10/7/19 by bronwen Wade-Leeuwen Latest activity: 10/7/19

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Accommodating 21st century digital literacies and skills in Australian educational programs poses an important consideration for curriculum policymakers. How are STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) integrated approaches being embedded in Australian school curriculums today?

Premiere pro in other languages

Posted on 9/16/19 by steve charlton Latest activity: 12/2/19

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I learned how to change the language by going to console > debug database view, and know French is (hopefully) obviously fr, but is there a vietnamese option? I have two ESOL studenst I'm trying to help. Thanks

Professional Learning Portfolio

Posted on 8/18/19 by Alper Ciftci Latest activity: 8/31/19

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Hi folks, To prepare a teacher professional learning portfolio for the 37 AITSL standards (for Australian teachers), what Adobe solution would you suggest as an alternative to Microsoft OneNote or a PDF portfolio? Thanks Alper

Teaching Illustrator

Posted on 7/23/19 by Caterina Venier Latest activity: 7/23/19

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How do you go about teaching Illustrator? What are the sequential steps?

Technology in the Classroom

Posted on 7/5/19 by Kammie Starry Latest activity: 12/2/19

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As a future first grade teacher, I was wondering if anyone would share with me what technology has been successful in their classrooms. Specificaly lower elemenatry and technology that invovles communication with parents of your students.

Support for Vocational School

Posted on 6/26/19 by David Sellers Latest activity: 6/26/19

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Hi! I work for a vocational school that is beginning to offer professional online Adobe training. We are looking for student software assistance and recognition, but it looks like the only current option is the AATC path. Is there another way to come alongside Adobe in our training efforts? Thank you!

Badging and Mastery Based Learning

Posted on 6/11/19 by Erin Petry Latest activity: 6/11/19

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My school is transitioning to mastery based grading. My district still requires letter grades at the end of the course. I'm working on a badging system for my graphic design classes next year. Anyone out there use a badging system in their classes? One of my main concerns is converting the badges to a final letter grade. Help!

Posted on 5/28/19 by Erin Petry Latest activity: 5/28/19

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In the past, Graphic Design programs in our county have made available to students to supplement classroom instruction. Since LinkedIn has purchased Lynda, this it is no longer available for students under 18. Are there any other similar products out there that are "student friendly"?

Barry Mabillard

Posted on 5/23/19 by Maxim Gorki Latest activity: 5/23/19

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What happened to Barry Mabillard's videos? Can't access any of them.

Plagiarism in Digital Design

Posted on 5/6/19 by Michelle Roberts Latest activity: 7/25/19

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I am fairly new to teaching middle school, recently moved up from elementary school to teach Business Education. I am having issues in particular with my 8th grade students with plagiarism. Mostly in my Adobe Illustrator class. They like doing tutorials which is fine while they are learning the tools and the techniques at the beginning of the year. However at this part of the year I feel like they should have enough working knowledge with the tools and techniques to start designing pieces on their own. The... Read More

H.264 - Great, but what does it mean??

Posted on 3/30/19 by Carly Manhart Latest activity: 7/1/19

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It's time I learn about video file formats. When you export videos in Premiere, there's like a zillion options for formats. I have been told by many people to ALWAYS use H.264. Why? What is H.264 anyways and why is it the best? What are all the other file types? I haven't had a student question me yet about H.264, but I know someone will someday and I need to know the answer.

Integrating various Adobe Products in the classroom

Posted on 3/7/19 by spiridion fernando Latest activity: 4/1/19

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Hello everyone, I am currently a high school teacher and I have been looking at ways to integrate various Adobe products in the classroom. My school has PBL and I have the opportunity to teach Technology at school. What are some of the Adobe products you use in conjunction to each other to create high quality projects? I am looking to integrate Adobe animate + character animation to create an interactive game that educates primary school students. Any thoughts on this? any other ideas? Appreciate it in ad... Read More

About Photoshop

Posted on 1/30/19 by BENEDICT CONTEH Latest activity: 3/30/19

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How to easily remove noise in Photoshop?

Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro ...

Posted on 1/30/19 by Michael McPherson Latest activity: 1/30/19

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As a past user of Final Cut Pro, I have moved over to Premiere Pro after the changes Apple made to FCP. I'm now looking for advice whether to continue with Premiere and invest my efforts and resources. What editing software is considered 'industry'? I know 'Deadpool' was edited using Premier Pro. Do you think this is a trend? Is PP the new FCP? I don't want this to be an Apple vs PC discussion ... more wanted to know if FCP is still relevant. And/or is Premiere taking it's spot?

Adobe Photoshop 2019 version - Liquify issues

Posted on 1/30/19 by yvette Worboys Latest activity: 2/2/19

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Hi there everyone, Does anyone know a fix to the artifacts issues in 2019 version of Photoshop when using the Liquify tool, other than stepping back to 2018? Any advice welcomed.

YouTube University

Posted on 1/14/19 by Richard Kaer Latest activity: 2/12/19

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I have spent years using YouTube as an educational resource, in fact it was my ability to use YouTube as a learning source that landed me my first Digital Media teaching job. The teacher I was replacing seemed to like my comment when I told him that if I didn't know the software I could learn it in a few weeks using YouTube and I could teach my students to do the same. Since then, I have used YouTube as a direct learning/teaching source. My plan is to some day give back to the community and begin creatin... Read More