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YouTube University

Posted on 1/14/19 by Richard Kaer Latest activity: 1/14/19

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I have spent years using YouTube as an educational resource, in fact it was my ability to use YouTube as a learning source that landed me my first Digital Media teaching job. The teacher I was replacing seemed to like my comment when I told him that if I didn't know the software I could learn it in a few weeks using YouTube and I could teach my students to do the same. Since then, I have used YouTube as a direct learning/teaching source. My plan is to some day give back to the community and begin creatin... Read More

Design by oath

Posted on 1/8/19 by Martin anderson Latest activity: 1/16/19

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Doctors take an oath before they begin practicing. This doesn’t ensure they’re all going to behave ethically, but if they’re going to behave badly, they certainly can’t claim ignorance. Now once they take that oath, they can go off and do a variety of things. Some enter private practice. Some go to work in top-of-the-line hospitals serving patients with lots of insurance. Some go to work at free clinics. As developers, we must look to others. When a designer is asked to do those t... Read More

colour and design

Posted on 12/13/18 by ola niyi Latest activity: 12/13/18

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how to identify best colour for a design?

Practice make Perfect

Posted on 10/29/18 by Allniner stevemnm Latest activity: 10/31/18

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I had a hard time with Photoshop at first, but then I just keep on trying then I finally finished my project. So just keep on practicing and you can acomplished grate things!

Enterprise ID

Posted on 10/17/18 by Sharon Paster Latest activity: 10/31/18

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What is the Enterprise ID and what does it require for schools to sign up?

How does your learning entity implement PBL into core curriculum?

Posted on 10/8/18 by 22 smith Latest activity: 10/15/18

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I've been extremely involved with setting up PBL Charter/Private School learning platforms over the past 15+ years and find that it is a difficult task to implement change in the classroom. My main concern is how leadership and faculty work together to start the process of introducing PBL into traditional learning environments. Please share out any insights you might have and I am looking forward to learning from your professional experiences as innovative educators.

Community College Restrictions on Adobe Spark — Advice?

Posted on 8/28/18 by Matthew Sterner-Neely Latest activity: 10/8/18

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At my institution, IT has control over everything. We can’t use any program or application in the classroom that isn’t approved by the IT director. Spark Page for journals is something I want to do, but with most things, they say no. Isn’t this an issue of academic freedom? I wonder if just implementing learning journals would get me in trouble with IT. I teach college and it feels s little like they are babysitting us. Any suggestions? I’d love to share more if you have specific q... Read More

Maximizing Adobe Creative Cloud

Posted on 8/15/18 by RAYMOND MACATANGGA Latest activity: 10/23/18

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What are your suggestion in maximizing Adobe Creative Cloud and integrate them to curriculum in the college/university level?

Photoshop for ALevel Photography

Posted on 7/19/18 by Hayley Simms Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Hello, I need to know what the main skills would be for photography ALevel students in order for them to enhance creatively their work. Any words, tips and advice would be greatly appreciated as I need to also relearn and enhance my own skills for best practise. Many Thanks Hayley

Best basic camera for Premiere Pro

Posted on 6/14/18 by S Lord Latest activity: 7/4/18

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I would like a recommendation on a good, basic, digital camera that can be most easily uploaded and used in Premier Pro

Maker Space Startup Suggestions

Posted on 5/27/18 by Colin Byers Latest activity: 9/24/18

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Our school will be implementing a new maker space in the fall of 2018. What I would like to know is what people recommend having in their space, the essentials (hardware, software, consumables, etc...). My intent is to incorporate Adobe Creative Cloud apps into our process and to record and document everything we create in the space. If anyone has suggestions or links to their maker space, I'd love to learn more about how you go about implementing it in your institution.

Getting Assets for Online teaching

Posted on 4/30/18 by Gary Devonish Latest activity: 6/10/18

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Hello I am considering teaching online , does anyone know where i can get video assets of a short film or documentary to use as assets for my students .Also would adobe allow me to use thier assets on a teaching platform.

Hi, I keep receiving error code 200400

Posted on 4/25/18 by Judith Loeber Latest activity: 4/25/18

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when trying to upload my images into a spark page...Whats up and how do I fix it. It happens both on Firefox, and Google...

Adobe video selections for courses.

Posted on 4/18/18 by Charlotte Ferrell Latest activity: 4/19/18

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I like the way the learning materials are presented for the Train the Trainer course. The videos demonstrate how much information can be given in 1 to 8 minutes. They hold my attention and I can pause them to make notes. The downloadable resources and supplementary links provided as a preview to each week's live course motivate me to use them prior to live course so I can make meaningful contributions. I also have found that I get better information using the Adobe learn materials that accompany the apps th... Read More

Support Adobe MRY NYC

Posted on 4/14/18 by Jose Pause Carrero Latest activity: 12/2/18

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My main topic is how I can I be of support and help to any on any digital project which can range from the course to beyond the course? I have an extended network as a resource in the professional community which are Adobe based from all walks of life around the globe. So I welcome anyone that may be of support instruction or even beta testing on start up projects for teaching and including materials. As well suggestions for lesson plans from digital to live in the field recording and documenting along the... Read More

Best Practice for migrating a site from Muse into Dreamweaver

Posted on 4/9/18 by Brett Kent Latest activity: 10/1/18

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Hello brains trust. What is the best practice for shifting a site that has been created in Muse over to Dreamweaver? There must be a way... Right? I really don't want to have to rebuild all of my sites. Cheers Brett

Audition question

Posted on 2/18/18 by Janet Baker Latest activity: 2/18/18

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Hi to all--do you know how, using Audition 2017 CC, make an audition file the exact length you want it to? Example- to set the length of an audio file so it's exactly 60 seconds? Thank you, Janet Baker

Which After Effect tutorials do you subscribe to?

Posted on 2/6/18 by Dan Ross Latest activity: 10/1/18

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Does anyone have a favorite After Effect tutorial they subscribe to? Here are some of mine: Many are aware of Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot who is also my idol recently discovered 7 Minute AE Tutorials by Jeff Knight've also learned a ton of great tips from Sean Frangella would love to hear you input and check out other videos. Even if they are your own with a... Read More

What do you teach?

Posted on 1/22/18 by Ciera Hall Latest activity: 9/26/18

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I see there are several different types of educators that are members of the AEE. What do you teach? I teach Graphic Communications, let's connect below.

Best Courses on AEE

Posted on 1/22/18 by Ciera Hall Latest activity: 9/26/18

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Share the courses you've learned the most from. How did you utilize the information and resources given within the course? Has it made an impact on your students?

Field Trips

Posted on 1/22/18 by Ciera Hall Latest activity: 9/26/18

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What type of field trips or educational experiences do you take with your students? Please share trips below. (Preferably trips related to the graphic or arts industry.