Anne C Smith
Teacher (TAFE Queensland)

Social Media: the Balance of the Personal and Professional

I am interested in how people balance their professional and personal lives on social media, as no doubt these will overlap. I appreciate that our ethical commitments mean that we are true to our values across our personal-professional life spectrum, but social media can pose some complications. Any thoughts?

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Craig Daalmeijer-Power

Posted on 8/14/19 12:39:11 PM Permalink

​My personal and professional lives are seperate on social media - FB I have two profiles - one for family and the other for students and professional connections.

Anne C Smith

Posted on 8/17/19 5:14:58 AM Permalink

Yes I agree Craig. At times our organisation would post on Facebook and then ask us to "Like it". But I don't do this because I would be liking it from ​my personal/private account which I want to keep separate from work. It creates a dilemma. My students are adults but I use the 2 year rule post-graduation; although technically many become professional colleagues not long after graduation. When current students find me on Facebook and offer friendship, I decline explaining our Code of Ethics. It can create the risk of an unpleasant experience of "rejection" for the student, but so far it has been fine. Did you have any trouble creating two accounts on social media or do you use different media depending on the focus?