I have a product question about using best fit for compiling third grade work and presentations

Hi, I'm Annie White . I'm in the MAC Program K-6 Education. I have a little experience with Adobe Spark. I like Adobe and Adobe Spark. I put together a Movie Trailer once to introduce a children's book by using Adobe Spark.

Is Adobe Spark a good vehicle or is there a better product to help third graders implement pictures from their cell phones of a community project and pieces of their Power Points or Google Slides and other work to compile a combination of work for a Scrapbook or Scrap board Portfolio?

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Ann White

Posted on 7/5/19 9:30:52 PM Permalink

Hi. The Sy product is for older children. This is a 3rd grade classroom, a Health and Science course.

Any other products? Or, is Adobe Spark the best way to go?


Ann White​