Siobhán Murphy

Any ideas for making a hard copy of an Adobe Spark Page?

Hi folks,

I would really like to introduce the use of Spark Pages as Learning Journals for my students in the coming academic year. I think students will find it really engaging. My issue is that under certification standards criteria we must meet, it's an assessment pre-requisite that all digital material be accompanied by hard-copies of that material – even for wholely digital subjects, like HTML etc. I know…

Has anyone come up with best practice for creating hard copies of a Spark Page? I know Spark doesn't support export to PDF or anything, and it doesn't look like a feature that's coming anytime soon. The only thing I can come up with is screenshotting the page at intervals, which seems a little messy.

Any advice welcome. Don't want to let go of using Spark just yet.


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William Oesch

Posted on 10/2/18 10:51:48 AM Permalink

​Hello. If you hit the share button on your Spark Page, it gives an option to print.