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Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro ...

As a past user of Final Cut Pro, I have moved over to Premiere Pro after the changes Apple made to FCP.

I'm now looking for advice whether to continue with Premiere and invest my efforts and resources.

What editing software is considered 'industry'? I know 'Deadpool' was edited using Premier Pro.
Do you think this is a trend? Is PP the new FCP?

I don't want this to be an Apple vs PC discussion ... more wanted to know if FCP is still relevant. And/or is Premiere taking it's spot?

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Craig Daalmeijer-Power

Posted on 1/30/19 12:02:19 PM Permalink

Media 100 replaced by Avid in the 90s; FCP Classic looks to be replaced by Adobe Premiere Pro in the 2010s - in the last 7 years we have seen Adobe Premiere Pro go from strength to strength and the large number of features that are edited in Adobe Premiere Pro are increasing with the latest offering of Spiderman in the Spiderverse being done in Adobe Premiere Pro. There are documentaries; short films and festival films that have been cut on Adobe Premiere Pro and this is probably due to the ease of use and the intuitive interface.

As for Apple, they seem to be content for Final Cut Pro X to be used everywhere else but Hollywood. Ease of access via the App store, a relatively low price point, and some really cool editing tools for the novice editor makes it a great tool in an editing toolkit. Do I see it ascending to the level that Final Cut Pro Classic had in Hollywood? No. The industry landscape is different from the early 00’s – the cost of entry across the board has become commodity priced. If you were to maintaining the learning on FCP, it won’t get you much work in feature film or broadcast television. I don’t think Apple minds this – there is much more money to be had outside of Hollywood than in it…and they’re already making money by selling us computers, anyway.

Adobe Premiere Pro, however, as mentioned seems to be trending upward as an editing tool more than anyone else in the industry. Updates are fast and furious, it runs on Mac or PC, and follows the common and comfortable editing paradigms the industry was founded on. Its entire suite of tools also adds added functionality that you just don’t find with other editing solutions, and it’s already installed on most machines due to their complete suite of tools. I would recommend sticking with investing your time and resources getting Premiere savvy.

Craig Daalmeijer-Power

Posted on 1/30/19 11:48:43 AM Permalink​