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Augmented Reality

Today I got a mail from Adobe, and the topic was: Augmented Reality

I visited it, and I found amazing things about it, for example a phenomenal lesson about:

How to edit VR/360 video with Premiere Pro - by Matthijs Clasener

My question is: is Adobe Premiere the only Adobe Application to work in Augmented Reality ?

We should discuss more about this subject, because it is the future Video Editing...

  • Premiere Pro

    Edit media in its native format and create productions for film, TV, and web.

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Dean Utian

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Lisa Anderson

Posted on 10/12/17 2:30:52 PM Permalink

There are several options when it comes to Augmented Reality. I'm not exactly sure what your article said, but Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are not the same thing. Virtual Reality is immersive, where you enter another reality, while Augmented Reality just "augments" your reality, adding to what is already there. Though you can use Augmented Reality to enter Virtual Reality, they are created and used differently.

​For Augmented Reality applications, I've used ​​Blippar​, ​Layar and ​Zappar. If you are using AR in the classroom, you can get an account on Blippar for free, but the license only allows it to be used in the classroom. I have recently switched to Zappar, which has an education license for $247/yr. Their software, Zapworks Studio, is fantastic and has endless possibilities, but most of the functionality uses JS. I use their software to add transparent videos that overlay print publications, such as a professor introducing them to the course or textbook.

I do a lot of VR photography and video as well, and for this I use both Premiere and Insta360Stitcher (for our Insta360 Pro camera).

​Hope that helps!

Kundan Narendra

Posted on 1/13/18 9:37:01 AM Permalink

Thanks a lot, Lisa.

Of course it will help, and I've already visited their Websites, and going to study them better.

Very glad that You shared this tip with me.

Sorry for the late reply.

Wish You Happy 2018.​