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This forum is to bring together like-minded educators who are using Adobe tools to infuse creativity into their teaching practice. Share your successes here—no matter how small! We want to hear your story.

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Posted on 2/14/18 2:53:57 PM Permalink

Teachers can have students create graphs in order to solve math problems or summarize historical events in poetic verse. Introducing the arts into the classroom can breathe new life into banal subjects.

Jose Pause Carrero

Posted on 1/25/18 2:50:27 AM Permalink

Hello, I hope all is well as for myself I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts. I have been using the Adobe Spark to produce but not on the level of encouraging students to use in the classroom. I did have the idea if I wanted a platform to help the children begin the process for the digital integration it would be Adobe Spark. I have experimented with my son and homeschooling which I notice marginal improvements in research as well expressing his thoughts digitally. I always suggest creating a draft of brainstorms at least 20 minutes with the pencil and paper. Tackling a consequential thinking method would ensure part of the trial and error process explored. I think and feel this is the stepping stone for my students entering the digital transition in the classroom. Thank you and please stay blessed.