Hagos Tewolde
Artist and Animator

How to make animations done in Animate cc (html5 / swf) files work on different web browsers

I have prepared some animations using Animate CC and wanted it to be uploaded into a web page so as to be viewed using different web browsers in a desktop computer. With Microsoft Edge, the swf files can be opened but when it comes to Chrome, it gives you a warning message which says "this type of file can harm your computer". I tried to convert my animation in to HTML canvas and many of the animation features lost. I have some animations done years ago (Macro Media Flash) and I am in the process of converting them in to Animate CC. Is there a way of uploading html5 or swf files done with animate cc in to website so as to be viewed by any browser. Looking forward to hear from experts on this one. Thank you in advance. Hagos T.

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