Brian O'Dell
Digital Media Instructor


I had an assignment I posted for everyone to use with the original film clips for the first Lord of the The Rings. I had a drop box link with all the files in it. My computer was wiped out and I lost all the files. Is there anyone out there that has the files would be willing to share them back with me so I have them? Then I will put them back in drop box for all to enjoy. HELP!!!

Thanks Brian O'Dell

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Dan Ross

Posted on 2/15/18 11:45:01 AM Permalink

​Got'em. Thanks!

Dan Ross

Posted on 2/8/18 1:34:01 AM Permalink

Thanks! Can't wait to try this!​

Gary Leite

Posted on 2/1/18 3:04:35 PM Permalink

Here is a link to the assets Brian!


Brian O'Dell

Posted on 3/21/18 3:43:18 PM Permalink

Oh man you are a savior. Thanks so much!​

Wesley Garnett

Posted on 7/19/18 7:26:23 PM Permalink

The dropbox links seem to keep dying after a while, this one is dead. Any chance we can get another one? Hate asking but this would be really useful. Maybe google drive would work better.


Posted on 8/26/18 5:41:48 PM Permalink

I too can't seem to get the link to work. I'm really interested in this project. If you're able to repost the files, I'd be grateful.​

Gary Leite

Posted on 8/26/18 10:17:33 PM Permalink

Hi Rob, I've uploaded the original clips again to dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/axnhni27ljxx5rp/AAD31_...

Just a heads up, they will have to be transcoded into .mp4's as it looks like .wav files are no longer directly ingest-able to premiere. Took about an hour with Media Encoder. Any questions or problems let me know.


Posted on 8/26/18 11:27:05 PM Permalink

Thank you!​

Gary Leite

Posted on 2/1/18 1:56:13 AM Permalink

​Hi Brian, I have the files. I'll send them to you. My classes loved the project! Thanks so much for putting it out there originally.

Jarod Rogers

Posted on 1/16/18 7:58:57 PM Permalink

​Did anyone ever get back to you on this? I am going to be out of the classroom for a few weeks this spring and this would be a phenomenal project to have the students work on.

Thanks for all you do!

Brian O'Dell

Posted on 3/21/18 3:42:58 PM Permalink

I have to get the files out of dropbox. Thanks so much. I will be back in class tomorrow and can put it back up. Gary thank you sooo much!​

Gary Leite

Posted on 3/21/18 11:11:19 PM Permalink

No problem, I'm glad I could help. Thank you for putting this lesson on here! My students learn so much working on it​