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Professor in Sexualities and Genders: Health & Well-Being

How come my Adobe RUSH videos show red boxes with " ! " sign - and no video!

Hi Everyone, I've recently completed the EdEx course on Adobe Rush.

I made a short vid yesterday and uploaded it to YouTube, where it's working fine.

But when I go into the original Rush project, all the video sections are showing as solid red boxes with an ! over them. When I play it back, the Rush Text and Transition elements are still in place, but as the time line passes, each video is just pure red with !

AAaggghhh! Any ideas, please? Is this because I uploaded it to YouTube - is it no longer available in Rush? Looking forward to your replies.


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Jason Katsoff

Posted on 10/4/19 2:28:33 AM Permalink


Your resource on HIV/SAI is a great example for nursing and health sciences students.

No replies to your concern "red box" issue sooner? So sorry! The issue you describe is a syncing error. It is not related to the history of the finished video upload to YouTube. Usually it resolves itself once you're connected to the internet on the device you're running Rush. Has it been remedied? With subsequent versions of Rush this occurrence has become far less frequent. Keep creating great content. --Jason