Shelby McNutt
Computer Graphics Instructor

DSLR Camera Purchase

I am in the process of deciding which camera to upgrade to for my next purchase. I am an avid user of Photoshop and Lightroom Classic and I want to take my photography to another level. I currently own a Nikon D7100 with an 18-200mm zoom lens. I teach a Digital Image (Photography I) course and an advanced Digital Media (Photography II) course where most of my students own DSLR cameras that are more advanced than mine. I currently am looking at the Nikon D500 and the Nikon D750 full frame cameras. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Shelby McNutt

Posted on 11/20/19 7:39:47 PM Permalink

I finally chose the Nikon D500 and could not be happier! The camera has allowed me to push my photography skills to another level. There has been a steep learning curve, but well worth it!​

Shelby McNutt

Posted on 4/5/19 5:55:07 PM Permalink

Cheriss, thanks for your comment. I have been looking at full frame cameras and am leaning towards the D750 from Nikon.​

Tony Martinez-Malo

Posted on 4/8/19 4:42:55 PM Permalink

I started with Nikon, but switched to Canon for various reasons, regardless a good lens to consider for your sports class is the Sigma70-200mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Sports Lens for Nikon F. It is a solid lens and great for portraiture as well. Something else we have had great success with is instead of buying the stock lenses we buy the Sigma17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM Lens for Nikon F. We use our cameras both for photography and video. The 17-50 has been a serious workhorse.

Hope this helps.

Cheriss May

Posted on 4/5/19 5:43:00 PM Permalink

​Hi Shelby, it sounds like you started an investment in Nikon equipment. I definitely recommend you look at purchasing a full frame camera. Once you have this, focus on your lens purchases as you add equipment. Great glass will be one of your most important purchases to focus on.

Shelby McNutt

Posted on 4/3/19 12:16:22 PM Permalink

Carly, thanks for the information. I did not mention in my original post that I also work with students doing sports action photography, school play performances, small children at school, and lots of landscape and building photography . Will the D750 handle all those types of photography?

Carly Manhart

Posted on 4/3/19 4:40:14 AM Permalink

​I think it is definitely a good idea to pursue a full frame camera (depending on your budget) especially for teaching students the difference between full frame and crop sensors. However, if the 18-200 mm lens is the only one you're working with, I would also consider purchasing some different lenses. For instance, I find a ton of value in prime lenses, especially for portrait photography. Prime lenses are fast and allow for a wider range of apertures. The D750 would be a good choice for camera body. I would also recommend looking into the D610.